Tired but almost finished

Stayed up whole night yesterday to finish CSC301…I’m pretty proud of the progress we made actually. It is at revision 99 right now.
List of full features:
-Search for any node
-Highlight node for info
-Edit node for info
-Upload photo for each node
-Zoom and Pan
-Cool layout complete with penguin banner =)

Buggy features:
-Adding node in complex cases (such as adding a child to an existing family or marrying off a child)

Lots and lots of bugs…good thing Firebug fixed alot of these for me.
Presentation and code is on Wednesday…still need to fix those bugs and do the robustness diagram.

CSC318 presentation is tomorrow…need to look at scripts today.
GE phone interview today. Environment Canada interview on Wednesday. CIHI next Tuesday.

And then….study for exams and be merry =). I will find out my GSoC status on Apr. 20th. Still no PEY job offers =/.