the truth about plastic surgery rumors… This story is so sad. Some of you may have heard of a story that had a photo of this beautiful girl and handsome guy married but their kids looked ‘ugly’ and it was designed to spread the nonsense that if you married a woman who had plastic surgery then your kids could possibly look horrendous.

Here are some facts:

-This story is fake. The woman in the picture was a model and the kids faces were photoshopped.
-just because a woman got plastic surgery does not mean they were ugly before. In fact most of the ones I know that got it were quite attractive before. There’s many reasons why someone would get plastic surgery – least of all because they were ugly before
-beauty is not inherited. It is random. You can have ugly parents with beautiful kids and vice versa.
-20% of Korean women between 19-49 have had plastic surgery. Note that the definition of plastic surgery in Korea includes: lasik surgery, laser hair removal, and other minor things. By far the most common is double eyelid surgery. Only a small percentage have done major facial reconstruction surgery like what people think ‘plastic surgery’ is.
-The reason why Koreans look similar is far more than just plastic surgery: its similar makeup, clothing styles, hairstyles and small genetic variance.
-pictures with before/after that you see at plastic surgery clinics are designed to make the after pic look much better. In the before pic the woman does not have makeup on and in the after pic the woman has makeup on; it is designed to fool people into believing that plastic surgery can change everything when in reality – makeup makes more of a difference.
-Criticizing people with plastic surgery and worrying about the appearance of your offspring is ironically more shallow than the people who chose to do surgery in the first place.

A lot of people have been spreading these plastic surgery rumors online because they were jealous of how beautiful Korean women were and had to make up stories to make themselves feel better. Just realize that these rumors are completely false and made up, just like the rumors about [Koreans believe ___ is part of their culture].