Taking care of unfinished business

Looks like some things are finally going under way. Our group accomplished alot on CSC318, and am almost done part 4. Good copy should be finished by tomorrow.

CSC301 I finally figured out how to get the canvas element to work with CAKE, and apparently zoom is fixed as well, so looks like there’s hope for us after all.

Finally, I thought of an idea for a wordpress proposal and will type up the rough draft tomorrow, I also emailed several mentors hoping they could back up my ideas. As you will notice, every time you reload this page (the blog page), the header image should change. That’s because I wrote a dynamic php script that’s embedded in the sidebar to change themes every time the page is loaded. That is one of the things I want to incorporate into my proposal, dynamic themes and fully functional theme frameworks. As times goes on, these dynamic themes should be switchable by users to customize their look and feel of the site, as well as different functionality.

More on this later, I need some sleep and there’s one economics question that my math can’t seem to solve and is bugging me. Grr. =/.






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