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  • Is feminism needed in South Korea?

    Yes. South Korea is one of the most gender unequal developed societies right now, and part of the reason is the deep pervasive influence of Confucianism which is inherently gender unequal. The women are traditionally tasked with more responsibilities such as taking care of the baby, cooking, taking care of her husband, her husband’s parents, […]

  • What are biggest misconceptions about South Korea and South Korean culture?

    That South Korean women all had plastic surgery and are not as naturally beautiful as other girls. I’ve heard this comment SO many times. It’s actually the first thing people tell me when I mention Korean women are pretty. “Yeah but they had plastic surgery” “yeah but they aren’t naturally beautiful” etc ‘Didn’t you read that one […]

  • Why do so many Chinese girls have princess syndrome, or ‘公主病’?

    Well, first of all there has to be a disclaimer here that every country has at least some proportion of girls with ‘princess syndrome’ ie. spoiled – that exists everywhere. But yes, it does seem to be more common and more frequently occurring in China. Why are there so many spoiled princesses in China? well […]

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