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  • What is the biggest what-if scenario in NBA history?

    What if Bill Walton stayed healthy and played for the Trailblazers his whole career? What if Arvydas Sabonis played his prime with the Trailblazers? what if Maurice Stokes never got paralyzed following the injury he had in 1958 and teamed up with Oscar, Jack Twyman and Jerry Lucas? What if the ABA never existed? Connie […]

  • Top 10 what-if? careers in NBA history and unluckiest NBA franchise

    Top 10 NBA (hall of fame) what-if careers: 1. Bill Walton 2x champion, 1x mvp, 1x finals mvp, 2x all star, 2x first team. What if Walton was healthy is the biggest what if in hall of famer history because he only had 2 healthy seasons when he was in the NBA. during those 2 […]