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  • What celebrity has aged relatively well?

    1980s Madonna 1990s Madonna 2000s Madonna 2010s Madonna: 2020s Madonna She’s 64 years old. Also have to give credit to Vera Wang She’s not showing her full face because it’s obvious she has some wrinkles now, but believe it or not.. she’s 73 years old. and black people always age really well. Here’s basketball hall […]

  • Conjunctions (so, and, but, or, because, well, anyways)

    Ok, now let’s learn some Korean conjunctions. Conjunctions are used to connect sentences together. Here are the most common ones. Examples 친구랑 만났어요 그리고 저녁을 먹었어요. = I met a friend and also ate dinner. 친구랑 만났어요 그런데 저녁을 먹었어요. = I met a friend but ate dinner. 친구랑 만났어요 그래서 저녁을 먹었어요. = I […]