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  • If you could rank your top 10 favorite watch brands, what would they be and why?

    Iā€™m going to have divide this into two sections – watch brands that I admire (but cannot afford), and watch brands that are affordable to me, that I personally own (< $3k) that I like. Watch brands that I admire (but cannot afford) (1) A Lange & Sohne absolutely gorgeous design, beautifully decorated, very very […]

  • My fashion style

    People who know me, know that I love to talk about fashion, so yeah today I’ll talk about my shoes preferences. Why not. I have said that for most things in my life, like technology, phones, clothing etc I have no brand loyalty whatsoever, and tend to get whatever is the best value or best […]

  • Comparison of Luxury watches

    I’ve always thought a classic mechanical watch is better a smartwatch; it lasts longer, has more sentimental value and if its automatic, will probably never need charging. Plus they look unique. There’s hundreds of thousands of styles compared to just one black AMOLED screen for the smartwatch. I have the same complaint about modern smartphones […]