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  • Basic Korean Verbs

    Ok, it’s time to learn some basic Korean verbs. These are 50 verbs that you will commonly use in Korean. Sometimes multiple verbs have the same meaning in English, or vice versa. You’ve already learned two verbs. 이다, which means ‘to be’, and 있다, which means ‘to have’, or ‘to exist’. All Korean verbs end […]

  • Irregular Verbs (ㅂ,르,ㄷ,ㅅ)

    Now it’s time to learn about irregular verbs. Irregular verbs don’t follow the regular present tense conjugations. There are four different verb endings you should be aware of: ㅂ,르,ㄷ,ㅅ. 1. If a verb ends in ‘ㅂ’, first if the vowel before the ㅂ is 오, then we remove the ㅂ, and add 오, else if […]

  • Basic Korean Adjectives

    Ok, now let’s learn some basic adjectives (descriptive verbs). Here a list of some basic Korean adjectives that you might find helpful. COMMON ADJECTIVES WORD TRANSLATION 크다 TO BE BIG 작다 TO BE SMALL 넓다 TO BE WIDE 좁다 TO BE NARROW 높다 TO BE HIGH 길다 TO BE LONG 짧다 TO BE SHORT 무겁다 […]