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What will it take for KPop to overtake American pop music?

Kpop will never overtake American pop music.

  1. Patriotism factor – Americans will support American artists over Korean artists
  2. Korean artists don’t speak English well. This is a massive barrier. No American is going to listen to some song where they don’t understand the lyrics. And no, most Americans are not crazy BTS ARMY fans who will google translate all the lyrics either
  3. Korean artists usually don’t sing. They mostly dance. You see with American musicians, a lot of them actually play instruments. Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Bruno Mars etc yes I realize Beyoncé and Ariana Grande dont play instruments but they sing a heck of a lot better to compensate for it, *in addition* to dancing. In kpop groups there’s one girl or guy that sings and the rest dances. It’s more similar to JabbaWockeez than Rihanna tbh. And that’s why I hate the comparison to the Beatles, a band that sold 600 million records, revolutionized their industry and all played their own instruments. A better comparison would be N’Sync or Backstreet Boysor Spice Girls.
  4. Korean culture is different than American culture. Kpop boy bands look way too effeminate for Americans. Kpop girl groups look like strippers and are strongly anti-feminist in the way they project themselves (they are selling themselves as sexual objects). They dance in groups rather than solo. American pop music is mostly solo artists. It’s unlikely to go over well in mainstream America.
  5. The songs all sound similar. It’s EDM / hip hop based. American pop music has way more variety than that. An Ed Sheeran song sounds quite different from a Sam Smith song or a One Direction song or a Maroon5 song or a Jonas Brothers song. Kpop groups.. could you really tell a Red Velvet song from a BlackPink song if I didn’t show you the music video and you didn’t know already who came out with it?

Is there any good audio equipment still made in the USA?

Audio is actually still one of the sole remaining industries of which a significant portion is still made and/or assembled in America, especially the high end brands. The List – American Made Audio

In addition to alot of the good answers here about home and portable audio, I would also like to add that as a guitarist, a significant chunk of high end guitars and amps are still made in the USA as well. Fender’s American made guitars, Gibson’s guitars, Gretsch, Guild, G&L and boutique brands like PRS, Suhr are all made in USA. Fender, Mesa Boogie and some boutique brands like Two-Rock, Swart, Milkman (What I personally have), Tone King, Greer, Matchless etc are all made in the USA.

Guitar pickups especially the handmade guitar pickup industry (giants like Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio and smaller ones like Lindy Fralin, Lollar etc) are all made in the USA sometimes by just one guy in his home, somewhere.

Boutique guitar pedals are all made in the USA as well. Wampler, Keeley, JHS, Earthquaker, Xotic, etc

So I’d say if you really want to buy made in USA products, the high end or boutique audio/guitar industry is a good bet.

What are the similarities between the product of America and China?

Majority of American products are made in China. but there’s a difference between designed in America (i.e Apple) and designed in China (Huawei).

As far as I can tell, the quality difference between top Chinese brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and American brands that are made in China like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP etc is minimal. What separates them is that American designed products tend to be more innovative and Chinese products more derivative. Often you pay a markup (in the case of Apple a big markup) for that American designed product.

There is a big quality difference between “no-name” Chinese brands that you find in Wal-mart or Amazon versus American brands. But that’s hardly a fair comparison, you are paying a fraction of the price for those Chinese brands.

Lastly, there are American brands that are actually designed and made in America. These tend to sell at a very high markup – Gibson guitars, made in America Fender guitars, Shinola watches, Klipsch speakers, etc they do seem to be better quality than any Chinese made product but usually the high premium you pay for “made in USA” is not worth the marginally better quality you get. Usually people pay this premium because they want to support the American economy, that’s why.