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  • Which is the better TV show, Seinfeld or Friends?

    I think both are good, in different ways. I grew up with Seinfeld and Friends, they are two of my favourite sitcoms of all time. Thing is both shows are good at different things. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each: Seinfeld’s Pros It’s an all time situational comedy. The story writing in […]

  • What’s the most underrated tech brand?

    The most underrated tech brand is Sony. Many people have this image of Sony as being a company that was once innovative, but has since fallen from grace and is now mostly known for gaming (Playstation), Music (Sony Music) and Movies (Columbia Pictures), the latter two not particularly related to tech. Let me explain why […]

  • I’m a gadget freak (May 2013)

    As people who know me may find out, I really love gadgets. An example is my purchase of the Sony HMZ-T1, which I reviewed Here. I love the quirky, niche gadgets and here’s a chronicle of my gadget obsession since I was young. In case you’re wondering btw, these recollections are all from memory, so […]