Is Trump petty and small for rejecting plans for the White House staff plans for a statement praising John McCain?

John McCain is one of the few Republicans I respected.

McCain appears to criticize Trump in farewell message to the nation

He was willing to break with his own party, and attack Trump for his policies. He also served his country whereas Trump dodged the draft.

John McCain was a true American hero, and respected by both liberals and conservatives. Trump is a man who feels that anyone who has wronged him in the past (Hillary, Obama, George W Bush, McCain etc) deserves to be thrown under the bus. He is deeply insecure about himself.

FYI: Trump’s refusal to honor John McCain eerily reminds me of how Mao Zedong refused to honor Zhou Enlai after he died a few months before Mao did, due to Mao’s similar pettiness and insecurity.

Trump is a deeply insecure man who cannot tolerate anyone who’s better than him at anything. Jeff Bezos – richer than Trump so Trump has a feud with Amazon. Obama – more respected than Trump, so Trump has to undo everything Obama did. John McCain – a true war hero whereas Trump dodged the draft, so Trump has to make fun of his PoW status and not honor him. How Trump continues to have such high support amongst Republicans is beyond me when he treats other members of his party with such disrespect.


Why are some liberals so condescending toward Trump supporters?

The question in itself is part of what irks me. the fact that people think that if you are against Trump, you must be a liberal. Why? I am not a liberal, but I certainly don’t support Trump either. Why group everyone into two black and white categories? us vs them mentality? People have a wide range of political opinions. Because some of us choose not to support a guy who is borderline unhinged (see the recent Fox interview) doesn’t make us a liberal necessarily.

I read comments on Fox News that say things like “Trump must be doing a good job because all the liberals hate him and he’s getting the fake mainstream media all worked up! MAGA!” When you hear something like that its hard to not to respond because the comment openly provokes people. The thought that this person supported Trump because Trump pisses off people he doesn’t like bothers me.

You are supposed to support a politician based on his policies, not because of some personal partisan vendetta. And when I pointed this out in the response, the comment made back was “Go back to your muslim Kenyan master, you Marxist Commie!”

At that point, I decided not to respond anymore. When you are trying to hold an intellectual conversation with these people and they respond with those kind of insulting comments, what do you expect?

I think the problem with a lot of Trump supporters is they think that whoever is against Trump must be a liberal. This is false. I am not a liberal and I don’t support Donald Trump. Most of the world doesn’t support Trump, are they all liberals? See there’s a difference between being liberal and having common sense.

Having reasonable gun control is common sense. Not going bankrupt when you need a surgery or have life threatening injuries is common sense. Not supporting a misogynistic, racist, egotistical megalomaniac is common sense. This is not a liberal or conservative issue. a lot of Americans don’t understand this when they say ‘you liberals/libtards’ in fact they are saying ‘you people with common sense’. Because that’s the majority of the world, a lot of which aren’t liberals. They just have more common sense than Trump supporters do.

-from a Canadian conservative


updates on my life…

Checking back in again on my monthly status report here.. not much has changed, SF is boring as usual. But there is no shortage of things I have to do.

1) I can’t get a home equity loan due to not being a US permanent resident (strangely I was able to get a mortgage tho?) so I have to rely on making a deposit for my Canadian home using cash instead. I have about $30k CAD in my bank there already so I need roughly $100k CAD ($75k USD) more saved up to get enough deposit for a $600k home in Vancouver. That means I need to save up quite a bit well into next year.

2) My company said I’m performing quite well enough to transition into full time, but while I think being a contractor means I lose out on PTO and stocks, I find the hassle of getting a visa very annoying. It took me 3(!) tries to get my visa last time when I crossed the border. such a hassle… not sure if its worth it.

3) I have to get the insurance company to reimburse me for my rental car accident which I got while driving to the DMV to get my license renewed.. its another big hassle

4) I have to get Walmart to reimburse me for the corporate credit card charges that I filed an expense report for back in January… Citibank keeps calling me, and yes its another hassle.

5) Everytime I take time off work as a contractor it hurts me. But I’ve been having breathing problems recently and had to go see the doctor and again.. its a hassle

6) I cancelled my chase rewards trip which I booked using points because I wanted to transfer the points somewhere else so that I could get a better deal on the trip – it cost me $100 to cancel and the rewards wont be refunded for 2 months. in the meantime I need to book a trip to Korea still so I had to pay that in cash since I’m not going to get the points back in time. So yes.. another hassle

7) I realized that Comcast has been charging me $10 a month to use their modem(!) for 3 years I’ve had to pay that insane fee thats $120 a year. So I have to get a new modem and send theirs back and make sure they dont bill me anymore for that! another hassle

8) I have to get my Google Pixel fixed because I dropped it and cracked the glass on the screen and it interferes with my camera – now you see refractions on the camera so thats another thing to do.

9) I tried transferring some Bitcoin into Bovada to be able to bet on the NBA games that I wanted but it seems that my transfer made it through but they still haven’t deposited that money into my account yet. So thats something else I have to talk to them about to make sure they get my money on time so that I can bet. Another hassle.

10) I have to transfer my webdomain over to a google domain so that I can host my website (this one) on my synology DS instead of using SiteGround so that I can save $100 a year on that.

11) Of course I still have to find a Korean girlfriend to marry, and right now I have only 2 weeks of vacation to go back to Korea. If I can’t find a girl to bring back during that 2 weeks, I’ll have to see who I can find when I move to Vancouver. This is easily the hardest thing to achieve on this list.

In other news.. Bitcoin / Ethereum are at all time highs and I have a little bit of each as hedges. I made back all the money I lost last year from gambling ($8k) with BTC/ETH so that seems great so far! Although I missed opportunities to make more. Stock market is also at all time high so I’m a little wary. I am bullish on TSLA, AMZN, NFLX, NVDA, BABA and FB though. But waiting for good time to get in. Trump’s ongoing antics have been crazy and I think its just a matter of time before he gets impeached. Its been 5 months in and he’s already had a ton of scandals. And finally.. I went on a little bit of a spending / selling spree, sold my Gretsch White Penguin and my old drone and bought my friends Macbook Pro (2016) and the new Phantom 4 Advanced. The camera lens is amazing! see below:

Got the DJI Goggles and DJI Spark working too…

and the Nintendo Switch as well… (was finally able to get my hands on it)

Oh and watch me assemble my guitar in fast time its pretty cool

and a lesson in guitar…