What horrible video game trend just won’t go away?

Online multiplayer

this is the worst video game trend. Here’s what you needed to play a game with 3 friends back in 1997:

-An N64


-A copy of Goldeneye 007

-4 controllers

That’s it! And you had split screen multiplayer and a LAN party was born. Super Smash Bros? Sure. Halo 2? Good times. Call of Duty 2? Oh yeah thats the stuff.

Now in 2018 here’s what you need to play a game of Battlefield / COD / Destiny / etc with 3 friends:

-4 PS4s/Xboxes/PCs

-4 TVs/Monitors

-4 copies of Battlefield/COD/Destiny/etc

-4 controllers/keyboard sets

-4 subscriptions to Xbox Live / PS Plus for consoles


See how much more expensive that is?

And its not only that. We can’t play in the same room anymore. Well unless they lug over their system + TV. Why is playing split screen in the same room important when you can do online chat? Well, how about not dealing with latency issues? How about sharing the same physical space as each other so you can see each other’s reactions in real time? How about grabbing a bite to eat while gaming? How about sleepovers and LAN parties? How about not being forced to pay for microtransactions and DLCs just to play the same game as each other at the same level?

Yup, all that is gone now (save for a few Nintendo games, thank god)… online multiplayer killed off all of that and forced us to pay more money in addition to that.

That’s why me and my friends mostly stick to pre-2005 games whenever they come over to my place. All my post 2005 games (except Nintendo games) I don’t bother with the multiplayer at all.

Note: I’m talking about removing local multiplayer in favor of online multiplayer, not saying all online multiplayer should go away


Who is the greatest all-time NBA trend changer?

Here’s my take for most influential NBA players

George Mikan – credited for numerous NBA rule changes like the shot clock, goaltending, etc the first NBA superstar

Bill Russell – the first black superstar in the NBA, and the first black coach in American sports history

Wilt Chamberlain – also caused rule changes in the NBA, like you can’t dunk from free throw line for example

Oscar Robertson – the Oscar Robertson lawsuit led to higher salaries for all NBA players

Julius Erving – The main reason why the NBA decided to absorb the ABA was for this man, and he elevated dunking or “slam” dunking to a respected move whereas before it was looked down upon

Rick Barry – Rick Barry’s decision to sit out instead of play for the SF Warriors led to free agent contract changes in the NBA; now free agents have much less restrictive terms

Spencer Haywood – Spencer Haywood caused the NBA to changed which players can be drafted after high school; previously you had to go through 4 years of college before being drafted, but now you can be drafted right after high school, like Moses Malone (and later Kevin Garnett and others) did. It’s likely that Kobe and Lebron’s careers would be different if they were forced to play 4 years of college.

Larry Bird / Magic Johnson – “Saved the NBA”. The NBA had a drug problem in the 1970s and was seen as a black person’s game, didn’t get good ratings and the Finals were on tape delay. Bird and Magic revived the sport in America.

Michael Jordan – took the NBA global. Magic/Bird saved it in America, and Jordan took it international.

Stephen Curry is the poster child of the new NBA era – which is all about 3 point shots. Gone are traditional centers, gone are traditional midrange shots, now everyone plays small ball and shoots 3 pointers.