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  • 고,도,만,며 (and,also,too,only)

    Let’s learn about three very commonly used particles: 고, 도 and 만. V + 고 When we are talking about the same subject and want to connect two sentences together, we can just append -고 instead of using 그리고. It’s very simple to use this construct, just change the ending ‘다’ of the verb in […]

  • Emphasis words (너무,진짜,정말,조금)

    Here are some words that deal with how much we do something. In general, you use them before a verb to express how much you do that [verb]. Examples: 한국어를 얼마나동안 배웠어요? – How long have you been learning Korean? 진짜 맛있어요! – This is really delicious! 너무 너무 좋아요! – So good! 한국어 조금 […]