Why are some people hating Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

-Luke Skywalker fundamentally changes his character. The Luke that thought that Vader was redeemable somehow thought that his nephew Ben Solo was worth killing, if only for a moment.
-Luke dies a hermit instead of going out in a blaze of glory. I felt this was in poor taste and disrespectful to Luke. Also, if force projection kills you then why didn’t it kill Snoke when he does it?
-There’s no one on one lightsaber battles at all.
-Snoke and Rey are random beings who are randomly powerful without explanation. Snoke dies quite easily and quickly. This makes even less sense when we consider how Rey was built up in the Force Awakens. Like how did Maz find Luke/Anakin’s lightsaber? Why did Rey get visions? Where’s the Knights of Ren? What about that vision of Rey’s parents flying away? makes no sense.
-How does Rey an untrained force sensitive beat Luke freaking Skywalker in combat?
-How does the First Order have so many more resources and able to construct things like Starkiller Base? At the end of ROTJ the Galactic Empire had been defeated. Oh yeah, and it’s unoriginal. Try Centerpoint station or World Devastators or Sun crusher or heck the ECLIPSE star destroyer for originality.
-No original new ships? You’re telling me in 30 years they didn’t build anything new? They just re-used the same X-wings and TIE fighters? Geez. At least in the expanded universe we got cool new stuff like the TIE defenders and E-wings and Howlrunners.
-Finn doesn’t know how to pilot in TFA but knows how to pilot just fine in TLJ.
-Leia floats back to the ship and no one says a thing. (this makes even less sense when you consider Ebony Maw from Avengers Infinity War dies from the space vacuum despite being 100x more powerful than Leia)
-Force ghosts can now call down lightning – umm that’s pretty unfair don’t you think? And why didn’t other force ghosts use the same thing? Sure would have helped in the prequel/original trilogies.
-Hyperspace is now a weapon so don’t bother actually using big ships because small ships piloted by droids can now destroy all of them
-The fuel.. why can’t the First Order just go faster and catch up to the Resistance? One ship is out of fuel and the other isn’t. One cannot go faster and the other can. If this is anything like a car chase… just go faster!
-Prank call at the beginning went on for too long.
-Rose falls in love with Finn in less than 12 hours. They both should have died when their speeders crashed. And the walkers should have killed them while they were making out.
-The codebreaker they were supposed to get is in a brief scene but never mentioned again.
-The replacement codebreaker is never seen or heard from again either. Also, he can do the exact same thing the ONE guy in the galaxy can do according to Maz?
-Why did Admiral Holdo not tell Poe her plans causing a mutiny? just.. why?
-Captain phasma is useless (actually she had some badass moments but this was in a deleted scene).
-They went to canto bight to free some animals basically.
-Apparently gravity exists in space.
-Luke milks some space aliens for some reason.
-Luke throws away his dads lightsaber without even blinking.
-Luke never reacts to Hans death (actually he does, but this is in a deleted scene).
-Porgs are completely useless.
-Rey went down a dark hole and.. nothing happens.
-Why don’t all spaceships just use a droid to pilot it and use lightspeed to ram it through capital ships?
-Rose tells Finn he is selfish for trying to abandon the Resistance at the beginning but selfishly crashes into Finn’s speeder later on because she has a crush on him, endangering the Resistance survivors
-Kylo ren has a brief moment where he could become good but then goes back to bad again.
-Leia is never killed off even tho Carrie is dead.
-Admiral Ackbar dies off screen while a new character we see for 10 min gets sacrificed instead.

Those are just few grievances. This movie has all the action and cast but it doesn’t do the right things with them… thankfully I did watch a much better sci-fi sequel a month before (Blade Runner 2049) so not all my childhood scifi franchises were destroyed

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Why I hate the Hangover part 2

Today is going to be another one of those days where I hate on Hollywood for making horrible movies. And the Hangover part 2 is one of them. Why do I hate it? Here are the reasons (contains spoilers):

1) It’s not funny

Why is this guy such a douche bag?
Why is this guy such a douche bag?

If the Hangover was supposed to be a comedy movie, then why isn’t it funny? Is it funny to cut off someone’s finger? Is it funny to put a bunch of random animals together in one scene? Is it funny to be shot by Russians? What about Alan? Why does he have to be such a dickhead in the movie? And having sex with a transgender is funny? This is just one of those movies which has pure stupidity and 12 year old humor in it. It’s not worth your time.

2) Racial stereotyping of Asians

Is this guy representative of Asian males?
Is this guy representative of Asian males?

One of the things that really offends me about this movie is that it has an obnoxious effeminate Asian guy in it, playing somewhat of a role. He was in the original Hangover too. Who does this character appeal to? White college kids? Who at Warner Bros decided to put an ugly obnoxious Asian guy with a heavy accent in there? Is that supposed to be funny? I mean, god forbid Hollywood actually decide to cast a handsome Asian guy with no accent, because according to them, they don’t exist. And what about the Asian girl in the movie? The one that Stu (the main character who is coincidentally white) is marrying? How come she is good looking and has no accent? Hmm so yeah, lets have double standards for Asian guys and Asian girls in a film… what a joke.

3) It’s unrealistic

Do you want this guy to marry your daughter?
Do you want this guy to marry your daughter?

Yeah, so the plot involves the ‘wolf pack’ going around Bangkok trying to find Stu’s wife’s lost brother Teddy. When they finally find him, his finger has been cut off (thanks to the gang), and Stu and the rest of the gang ‘borrow’ a boat to crash into the island where Stu’s family is staying. However despite all that, and her family not liking Stu, after one crap line about how he loves her, all is forgiven, and he is allowed to marry his wife with good blessings. How stupid is that? Is it realistic that after all the trouble Stu and his friends have caused, including causing Teddy’s finger to be cut off, that her traditional Asian parents will allow Stu to marry her without saying anything? What a bunch of BS. And not to mention, even on the drunkest of nights you wouldn’t do what these guys did. Its not even possible to do all that in the span of one night. Another reason why you shouldn’t take this film seriously.

So that’s why I hate the Hangover part 2. One of the worst movies ever (it represents everything wrong with Hollywood), and I hate the fact that it made a lot of money. Maybe that’s why Warner Bros keeps making them. Maybe stupidity, Asian stereotypes and unrealistic plot makes for a good draw at the box office. Oh Bruce Lee, if only you knew that 40 years later, Asian stereotypes have only gotten worse.

In other news, I had my cell phone stolen last weekend. I was getting on the bus in Japan town and this black dude comes out of nowhere, takes my phone out of my front pocket and takes off. I was too surprised to react much. Definitely a shock to me. Good thing he didn’t erase my data (my phone auto logs in). Now I’m without a phone, and AT&T is going to charge me $500 for termination of contract + new phone + new 2 year contract. Geez. And iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2? Hmm not sure yet, but if I’m going to get a tablet someday, I want my phone and my tablet to have different OS. So either Galaxy S2 + iPad or iPhone + Galaxy Tab. I don’t know yet. But I do want to develop some Android apps for tablet (given there aren’t that many Android tablet apps yet).

I also recorded a jam of New Deep a few days ago. I used a Boss RC-2 Looper and created my own backing music, and then added some drum beats in, and improvised on top of that. Enjoy.