In your opinion, what numbers should each NBA team retire?

There are obviously teams with numbers I think they should retire and numbers that they retired that I don’t agree with. So that said, here’s my listing of each NBA team and the numbers I think should be retired for that team, in my opinion Oklahoma City Thunder: #0 – Russell Westbrook#1 – Gus Williams […]

If you had to construct all time NBA teams based on certain skills (scoring, rebounding, assists, 3PT, defense etc) what would they be?

All time scoring team PG: Oscar Robertson (26 PPG) SG: Michael Jordan (30 PPG) SF: Kevin Durant (27 PPG) PF: Karl Malone (25 PPG) C: Wilt Chamberlain (30 PPG) All time rebounding team PG: Magic Johnson (7 RPG) SG: Clyde Drexler (6 RPG) SF: Elgin Baylor (13.5 RPG) PF: Bob Pettit (16 RPG) C: Bill […]