How do you rate South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and China in terms of most to least friendly towards foreigners?

Need some clarification on what means ‘friendly’, like do they accommodate foreigners well, do they speak a lot of english, do they have friendly overall people or what is it? I’ve been to all these places I guess I’ll rank it in order of how convenient it was for me as a foreigner to travel […]

Which place is better to live in, China or Taiwan?

The answer Annie gave is very biased I think, so let me give a more unbiased answer: it depends what you are looking for. Taiwan has more GDP per capit than China. People on average earn more money, its a more “free” country, very developed infrastructure, you are allowed to visit any website, you are allowed […]

If Korean music is popular in China/Taiwan, why isn’t Chinese music popular in Korea?

It should be pretty obvious why Chinese music and dramas aren’t as popular worldwide as Korean music/dramas; the CCP censors everything deemed too ‘creative’ and sexual, and China seems to turn a blind eye to fostering the entertainment industry in general. I saw some kpop group on a video ad on the Seoul subway promoting […]