Why do Koreans like plastic surgery?

Super competitive culture especially on appearance. Unlike China and America, Korea doesn’t have multiple standards of beauty. They have ONE standard. Why is that? Because they are a single race country with a limited gene pool that also happens to be really small, that’s why. Now combine that with a super stressful culture where everyone is trying to be the best, and that’s why plastic surgery is so popular. It’s often used to get a leg up on other people, especially with regards to dating or getting a job.

But I especially dislike it when people talk down on Korean women because they got plastic surgery. First off, as I said it’s not really their fault, but rather due to their high competition society that many women feel insecure and end up getting surgery.

Secondly if they want to enhance their appearance why criticize them for that? I don’t criticize girls for wearing makeup, waxing, doing their eyebrows or painting their nails even though those are all artificial ways of enhancing their appearance, so why would I criticize them for plastic surgery? It’s no different.

Thirdly, the plastic surgery stereotype is often exaggerated. The statistics show about 5% of Koreans have done them. The reason why it *seems* like every Korean has done it is because of its prevalence in famous models/singers/actresses and the advertising for it which is everywhere, and might I add a bit of confusion between makeup and surgery. A lot of people think some girls did surgery when really its just makeup skills.

Fourthly, the touristy spots like Gangnam, Jamsil, Sinsa, Itaewon and Hongdae are full of plastic girls. Outside of these areas, its not that common, but since tourists don’t go to say.. Gwangju or Gyeonggi-do, they get the impression that all korean girls are like the ones in Gangnam, but that’s not true.

Fifthly, the definition of ‘plastic surgery’ in Korea is very broad and includes lasik surgery and laser hair removal. By this definition, I have done ‘plastic’ surgery as well. The majority of the remainder is simply double eyelid surgery. True ‘invasive’ surgery like what you see in the before/after advertisements is very rare, yet people just assume that’s what most Korean girls do which is not true.

Sixthly, We have no right to judge them as foreigners for caring about their appearance or being ‘shallow’ no more than they have the right to judge us for dressing too casually, not wearing makeup everyday, caring about designer brands too much, being vegetarian etc. It’s part of their culture. Korean culture is different from other cultures. We should respect it.

My 2 cents from having a lot of Korean female friends.


Differences between racism and stereotypes

 I think people confuse racism with stereotype.



  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

“We don’t hire Asians because we need diversity in our company. We already have too many Asians.” is a racist policy. It’s discriminatory.

Meanwhile, a statement “All Asians play piano and are good at math” is not racist, it’s a stereotype. There’s no discrimination there. This is a racial stereotype about asian people, and stereotypes do come from truth, that’s how things become a stereotype in the first place.

The problem with stereotypes is that you are making a generalization about a broad group of people that might not apply to everyone. While that might be truth to a large portion of Asians it’s not true for all of them, of course. This is why stereotypes bother some people (although I personally do conform to a stereotype because that’s who I am).

So before we call someone racist, let’s be clear on what is racist and what is a stereotype.

Btw, the same thing applies for sexism and misogynist. These words get thrown around so much these days people forget what they mean.

“Misogynist” means you are a person who hates women. So something like “Playboys are misogynists because they sleep with a lot of women” is totally false. Playboys actually love women, they don’t hate them.

Sexism means you are discriminating someone based on sex. So “We don’t hire women because we think men are better at programming ” is a sexist policy.

Whereas, “women are better at taking care of children and cooking” is a gender stereotype, not sexist.


What are some things that are very ‘Korean’?

-bowing before you meet someone
-constantly checking your appearance with a pocket mirror whenever you get a chance
-getting shocked when you see a dog with a height > 30cm
-having a fridge just for kimchi
-you carry a toothbrush with you to brush your teeth with after a meal with alot of garlic or kimchi in it
-you strongly dislike wearing glasses especially if you are a girl
-mixing soju with various things – somaek if its with beer, Cojinganmaek if its with beer/coke, milkis, cider etc
-making a drinking game out of literally everything
-asking someone’s age as a matter of courtesy
-getting shoved like sardines into the subway when its rush hour ‘hell subway’
-plastic surgery ads are as common as the video game or cellphone ads
-finishing work on time at 6pm is considered “early” “Kal-twae”
-StarCraft and LoL are things that everyone around you knows
-people play video games at a PC bang or PS bang instead of having a console at home
-Going to 3 or 4 different restaurants/karaokes a night because everything is open late in Korea
-Having a dinner with your boss and coworkers and being forced to drink soju
-consequently seeing passed out ajeossis in the subway after a ‘hwae-shik’
-buying a heater for the winter because the ondol isn’t good enough and a fan in the summer because the airkon isnt good enough
-stripping naked and bathing with other ajeossi who are washing their kids in the jimjillbang is normal
-if food delivery doesnt arrive within 30 min you get worried and angry – even at 2am in the morning (everything does delivery in Korea from McDonalds to small mom/pop jokbal places)
-wearing couple shirts and doing couple poses are really really cute, and not cheesy at all!
-you have a different pair of slippers just for the bathroom and you don’t own a bathtub
-you don’t own an oven (because all Korean food can be made using the stovetop, which is a fun fact)
-You have different garbage bags for compost (eumshik mul) and everything else (seulaegi)
-driving for more than an hour anywhere is a ‘very long road trip’
-when you were young, you could wear school uniform with short skirt and thin stockings in the winter with no problem, but now a slight breeze makes you feel cold
-wearing shorts so short you can’t even see them is totally ok and normal, but showing a bit of your shoulder is way too sexy to do
-the only strangers that talk to you are the ones that ask you to believe in Jesus
-you know that DVD rooms are not really for watching DVDs
-You know to avoid the karaokes with heart symbols on them because they arent really karaokes
-everything in your home is made by either Samsung, Hyundai or LG
-you are used to having buttons to call service in restaurants
-you don’t really know what house keys are because everything uses keycodes
-you are shocked whenever you see any restaurant or cafe closer earlier than 2am
-everyone you know own smartphones that are at least 2x the size of their hands
-you are used to the local shops closing down and changing every 2 weeks
-you expect to wait at least 30 minutes for taxi rides at night in popular places
-you have pet lockers to keep your < 30cm dogs in when you go shopping
-every shop that isn’t a department store can be haggled
-you think girls who don’t wear red lipstick are weird
-also, you think guys who have hair longer than their shoulder or have any facial hair are ‘gangsters’
-skincare and bb cream for guys has their own section in shops
-people who own an actual house and not an apartment, are rich
-every guy served in the army but havent experienced any actual combat
-you find it weird to use chopsticks that aren’t metal
-kimchi is always always free as a side dish. take note western Korean establishments!
-also, you don’t know what tipping culture is
-ajummas will always find a way to the subway seats. always
-You are expected to remember that theres a different ‘couple day’ 14th of every month
-sexy/cute kpop girls will randomly appear in some locations and dance for you
-if you have a friend of the opposite sex, prepare for them to blackhole and disappear from your list once they get into a relationship and re-appear once they breakup
-You don’t know any gay people or even heard of them existing, and even seeing tomboys is quite rare
-you wear shirts with english with such sayings as ‘I’m a bitch and I’m proud of it!’ without knowing what they mean
-Also it’s totally normal see stores or products with weird english names – like Pizza School or Skin Food