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  • Who is the most overrated point guard in NBA history?

    Steph Curry. Now I’m not saying he’s not deserving of his accolades and respect, but a lot of modern fans have recency bias and are putting Curry as the #2 PG all time and a top 20 player all time. This may be jumping the gun a bit given his short career. Here’s the problem […]

  • Trump wins the election! against all odds…

    I’m still reeling from shock of Trump winning the election. Up until Election night, I was 99% sure Hillary would win, because I believed all the polls, all the forecasts, all the betting websites and prediction websites, and boy were they all wrong. Let me assure you that 2016 is the year that taught me […]

  • March 2016 updates… wow year is 1/4 gone already…

    Some minor updates to give out these days: -Currently dating a wonderful Korean girl 🙂 the only regret I have is that I’m not sure how much time I have with her before I leave Korea… -The Golden State Warriors are hot hot hot! on pace for a record season that will probably surpass the […]