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  • Goal finally achieved – and 2015: Year in Review

    First of all, some updates: -Fallout 4, Starcraft II Legacy of the Void, and Just Cause 3 are amazing games (and Hearthstone league of explorers to a smaller extent). I beat the campaign in all of them. -PS Vita games Persona 4 Dancing All night and Steins Gate were two of my favorite stories yet! […]

  • Work, gaming, Paris attacks

    Well, I haven’t seen sunlight in about 2 weeks. Seriously, I may be becoming a vampire now. I’ve been working pretty hard lately, fixing bugs late into the night. Just a few days ago, I worked 14 hours and fixed 13 bugs in one day. I’ve learned alot about using AngularJS, and specifically dealing with […]

  • Updates – Korean, NAS storage, UMPCs, reviews

    Ok I haven’t formally updated for a while (just made lists of NBA players and gadgets) so here’s whats been going on: Life… I’ve been increasingly irritated these days, but not sure of the exact reason. Ever since I came back from Korea, I’ve been depressed and thinking about it everyday and wanting to go […]