Goal finally achieved – and 2015: Year in Review

First of all, some updates:

-Fallout 4, Starcraft II Legacy of the Void, and Just Cause 3 are amazing games (and Hearthstone league of explorers to a smaller extent). I beat the campaign in all of them.
-PS Vita games Persona 4 Dancing All night and Steins Gate were two of my favorite stories yet! Yeah I know right, how can a rhythm game have a good story? Well Atlus never fails to deliver. Steins Gate is probably my favorite visual novel yet, involving time travel, an old IBM computer, conspiracy theories, and John Titor. Kept me hooked throughout my Eastern Europe trip. I really enjoyed the anime too, it was fantastic!
Yakuza 5 man, its finally out!! I played Yakuza 4 back in 2012 and it was one of my all time favorite games, so really was anticipating the Western release of Yakuza 5, unfortunately PSN only.
Undertale, pretty cool retro RPG style game that has a lot of twists in it as well. Its one of the highest rated RPGs of all time.
-Star Wars the Force Awakens was kind of disappointing. I mean, yes it IS better than the first and second prequels, arguably better than the third one (Revenge of the sith) and/or Return of the Jedi. But for me, its not as good as them. Why? Because the plot was wayyy to similar to Episode 4 A New Hope. I mean, you have the secret plans for something being stored in another droid (BB8 instead of R2D2), Han solo playing Ben Kenobi’s role this time, Luke playing Yoda’s role, Kylo Ren playing Darth Vader’s role, Poe/Rey/Finn playing varying aspects of Luke’s role, and a third death star… yes they re-used it yet again. How the First Order managed to build it in 30 years without the New Republic knowing it, and somehow get destroyed in like a minute is really a letdown. I know they were paying homage to the old trilogy and all but – wayyyy to similar for me.
-I recently discovered the fantastic “bad movie” The Room and read The Disaster Artist which was hilarious. Glad to see they are making a movie about this weird human being known as Tommy Wiseau.
Wilt: Larger than Life. A great biography of the great NBA player Wilt Chamberlain. It leads you to believe just how dominant Wilt was as an athlete, an absolute incredible physical specimen right up to his 50s. After watching Kareem: Minority of One as well, I am still debating over who really was the better player, but one thing is for sure, Wilt had the more outgoing personality. He was definitely the nicer more considerate guy overall, whereas Kareem tends to be more introverted and apathetic towards people. They are both arguably the GOAT, MJ notwithstanding.
-I moved to a new place. Smaller, cheaper, but simpler and cleaner. Its an “officestel” which is an old office converted into a condo type of place near Seoul university. Plus, utilities are all included, and there’s a gym as well! sweet. Heres a pic…

new officestel
new officestel

And finally the big one…
I finally found a Korean girlfriend!! Yes, after one year of searching, and literally 2 days before I went back to Canada I found her, and finally my goal for this year has been accomplished (albeit 2 weeks before the year ends). Sweet, gentle, kind, nice, beautiful, loving, caring, I can’t say enough.. I found the perfect woman. Its a shame I had to leave her so soon, as I already booked the ticket back to see my family though :(. But wow… what a relief. I was afraid that I would have to tell my parents I failed. Now I just hope I can maintain this relationship for a while. I’m so tired of meeting people…

Now onto the review…

-I found a gf!! yay!! finally…
-My Korean has improved to the point where I can talk to people (like my gf) entirely in Korean only
-I was able to find a new place to move to by myself
-Two of my American friends (both from California) moved to Korea around the same time as me, so I’m grateful to have them to hang out with for most of the year, although one of them moved back now.
-Eastern Europe trip was fantastic!

-Didn’t learn that much at work so far, wish I could’ve learned more ReactJS
-Didn’t establish alot of connection with co-workers due to remote work
-Working at nighttime still kind of sucks even though its Korea because work hours for most businesses is still 9-6ish
-I spent too much money this year on collecting useless gadgets
-going back and forth between the US, Canada and Korea all the time (4 times this year) takes a huge toll on my body and this year my body’s sleeping schedule has definitely not been normal, which affects my health.
-My stocks took a huge beating this year. My losses this year are about $3000~ in the market.
-I met ALOT of new people and Koreans at meetups due to focusing on finding a gf for much of this year, and sadly, didn’t connect with most of them. I scrolled through most of my conversations and realized most of them are pretty useless just a few texts and alot of girls who ignored me.
-I got rejected by 10+ girls this year… which sucks. I thought I would never find a girl who likes me until just a few days ago.

Didn’t feel like I made alot of progress in my life this year. The majority of it, I spent working, but didn’t learn that much at work. Met alot of new friends and alot of girls, but didn’t talk much to most of them, and most girls rejected me. Only had a lasting connection with a few friends I met this year. Until just a few days ago, I was very depressed and frustrated because I felt like I wasted alot of time this year doing nothing and getting no results.
And the more time moves away from 2012 and 2013, the more I want to go back to those times. Where I met good friends all the time, and traveled a lot, and was with my best friends in SF. Alas, I can’t go back. I realized that at the time 2013 I didn’t appreciate that year as much as I should.
In retrospect, 2013 was a great year. I went to alot of parties, met alot of friends, went to Korea for the first time which was amazing and changed my life, and of course 2012 was the year I will always hold in my heart as my favorite year of my life so far; the people I met that year I still continue to keep in contact with to this day.

I felt like I was cursed for the majority of this year not to find a girlfriend.. I did everything go to meetups, search on online websites, blind dating, use apps like Tinder and OKC, be really considerate, buy gifts, pay for them, etc nothing worked. Even when I felt like I had a really good conversation with them, I never got a second date which really depressed me.
So, now that I met my gf recently, I feel that this curse has finally been lifted, and next year, will be the year which this year should have been. This year was essentially just leading up to this moment. A year of preparation basically. But I can’t say that this year has been as good as 2012, 2013 or 2014 for me. Its more like 2011 in the sense that I moved someplace new and had to adjust. An adjustment year if you will.

Holiday cheer…


I have DJI Phantom 3 drone now. Check out this nice video I took in Seoul at night:

Rehashed alot of my old videos for this homage to my old California life (2011-2014). I miss my old house parties.


I still have a bunch of videos waiting to be uploaded but I can’t due to Youtube’s ban on me from my copyright violation back in July. I have to wait until end of Jan to upload videos longer than 15min which sucks.


Work, gaming, Paris attacks

Well, I haven’t seen sunlight in about 2 weeks. Seriously, I may be becoming a vampire now.
I’ve been working pretty hard lately, fixing bugs late into the night. Just a few days ago, I worked 14 hours and fixed 13 bugs in one day. I’ve learned alot about using AngularJS, and specifically dealing with promises and promise handlers, using the Angular $q library (which is different than Kriskowals Q library), not using the $q at appropiate times, and dealing with error and success handlers in the service vs controller layers. This is kind of saddening because we are transitioning to using the Facebook React framework instead and its completely different. I admit it looks pretty daunting and about half of it is because ECMA6 is just so different than ECMA5, it has a bunch of new functional notations which I am not used to at all.

That aside, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 and Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void with the little free time that I do get, and I love those games. Seriously, I bought the collectors editions for both. That’s only something I do with games I really like. I have the collectors editions for SC2: Heart of the Swarm, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, Blazblue Chronophantasma, Persona 4 Dancing all night… and thats pretty much it. I did unboxing videos on youtube for all of these, and will do for F4 and SC2 LOV as well next time I get back to San Francisco. Oh, and Hearthstone (now with the League of Explorers expansion), which I always play in short bursts. Oh, and Star Wars: Battlefront and Assassins Creed Syndicate aren’t bad either, though I play them slightly less than SC2 and F4. Is this a blockbuster gaming holiday season or what?



I have been in Korea for almost a year now, which is crazy. I never thought it would pass by this fast. I will put my thoughts on this year overall in my end of year review, but for now I have to look for a new place, cause the current place I’m living now is too expensive. I also had thoughts about moving back to California, or someplace else given that I could work from anywhere, but the pros-cons of the situation came down to this: Korea has cheaper cost of living, better nightlife, considerably more beautiful women, and fast convenience for everything. The cons is that I don’t speak the native language well, its hard to make friends/lasting relationships here, and my working schedule is nocturnal here. The pros of the US/Canada is that I have the convenience of speaking English having more accessible healthcare, my friends there are more free and have more time to meet, and California weather is definitely better (but not Canada’s). Though, in the end my primary concern is making friends and relationships, and thats pretty hard anywhere as I found out, and not that much easier in California/Canada either as I experienced last year. I might be lonely in Korea, but I was also lonely in California last year. So… continue for one year more in Korea and then I will re-evaluate the situation again next year.

And the other thing that went on recently is the Paris terrorist attacks, which is all over the news and Facebook. I commented on this in Facebook, and being the type of person that doesn’t always post positive opinions on everything, I said:

Guys, while the attack on Paris is surely terrible, these kind of terrorist attacks happen all the time in the middle east, pakistan, and just a few months ago in Tunisia. In fact there was one that happened right before Paris at Beirut! I don’t think those ever get as much coverage as attacks on Western countries. Listen, I know people losing their lives is awful, but I don’t believe that anyone losing their life in Paris is *more* awful than someone losing their life somewhere else.

Everyone’s death is equally awful. It was the same when the Boston marathon bombings happened, and a Chinese earthquake happened around the same time which killed 10,000 Chinese. Which one got more coverage? Oh right, the 3 people that died in America. We should strive to get equal news coverage of these events, not just the events that happened in the “more important countries”. I don’t think thats fair.

Right now, people around the world are ‪#‎prayingforParis‬ and changing their Facebook pics if something like this happened in China or India do you think people around the world would ‪#‎prayforChina‬ and change their profile pics to communist red? I don’t think so.

And I stand by that statement. Its ridiculous that people are all changing their profile pics to french colors. What does that do? It doesn’t bring back anyone who died, and it serves no purpose other than the fact that ok, you read the news and you feel for the people who lost their loved ones. Ok, well that just means you didn’t care about all the other times people lost their loved ones in other terrorist attacks that happened in the world. Cause you didn’t change your profile pics those times. But this time is special right? Cause it happened in an “important country”, like USA, UK, France, Germany, etc this just validates my belief that people care way more about media events in Western countries than other countries in the world. Everyone deserves equal coverage.

General Tech

Updates – Korean, NAS storage, UMPCs, reviews

Ok I haven’t formally updated for a while (just made lists of NBA players and gadgets) so here’s whats been going on:

I’ve been increasingly irritated these days, but not sure of the exact reason. Ever since I came back from Korea, I’ve been depressed and thinking about it everyday and wanting to go back.

I’ll finally get my chance to go back this weekend (finally!). But I’m not sure why I’m so moody these days. I’ve been getting into a lot of arguments with my friends over silly things and swearing a lot more and its just not like me.

I think I really started getting irritated from the beginning of this year, when my iPhone5S was stolen by a douchebag while I was sitting at a bus stop (I chased him down with my parkour skills but the phone was broken). Ever since then, I’ve not only been more paranoid, checking around me all the time, but also have more of a hatred towards American society. I can’t stand the way Americans do things anymore, I can’t even listen to English unless I’m at work anymore. This has caused me to be more irritated at life in general, just because I’m stuck in America and want to go to Korea.

This, and all the stress at work with my micro-managing co-worker. You can tell I really need a break.

I haven’t been studying Korean as much as in Feb/March which is sad. I blame this on Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls [shakes fist at game]. And I finished my second semester at Sejong Institute (where I had to sing and rap CNBlue at the ending presentation and take a quiz show).

And also working on my Korean app. The main blocking issue for that is now I have to upload an Apache configuration snippet up to my server which required me to switch to a VPS for Bluehost so I have to pay $300/mo but on the plus side, this site should be more stable. I have to upload that Apache snippet because my Korean app is using AJAX for everything and thus Google won’t be able to crawl it unless I make the server return escaped fragments via So yes working on that…

Tech stuff
I bought a NAS storage! A NAS storage is basically a networked array of hard drives that can serve as your personal “cloud” storage, if you will. Anyway I bought a Synology DS412+ and filled it with 4 3TB WD Reds so now I have 12TB of total storage that is networked and RAIDed, so 6TB of RAID 1 storage.

Synology DS412+ w/4 WD Reds
Synology DS412+ w/4 WD Reds

I had about 5 external hard drives I was using before, and now I just put all the data onto my NAS server now so it has everything on it :). And its also DLNA compliant so I can hook it up with my WDTV Live and BAM! I get to stream all my videos, movies, shows, etc from my NAS!

WDTV Streaming from the NAS
WDTV Streaming from the NAS

Oh and did I mention the Synology Linux-based OS is awesome? There’s video managers, photo managers, music managers, iTunes integration, a Torrent download client(!), and can be also used as a web server too. AND you can also access it from anywhere! Amazing purchase.

Synology OS
Synology OS

Yup! I got more gadgets to review again! I got a Sony P-series VAIO (came out in 2009) and a Sony UX-series VAIO (2006) for review, and also I did a little bit of hardware mods: First I modded my HP Envy 14, replacing the 6GB of Stock RAM for 8GB of Corsair Vengeance, then replaced the 500GB 7200rpm HDD with a 250GB Samsung EVO SSD, so it runs alot faster now :). Also I modded the UX VAIO I just got as well, replacing the 40GB 4200rpm HDD with 1.8″ 60GB MX Nano SSD. Not bad. It was a hell of a time dis-assembling it though, and given that it only accepts PATA ZIF connectors instead of the standard SATA/mSATA/PCI-e connectors, it was tough to find and replace. Here’s my handiwork:

HP Envy mod
HP Envy mod
Sony UX mod
Sony UX mod

I have a lot of reviews! I try to do at least one music video or review per week.

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