Using Facebook…

Everyone has a different purpose when using Facebook. Some people have told me they don’t like the way I use Facebook. I post too much. I complain too much. I rant too much.
My question is – is there a set rule on how to use Facebook? Do I have to use it in a way where I only post happy status updates, upload happy pictures with my gf, with my dog, travelling and food all the time?
That’s what other people do. That’s fine for those people.
But that’s not me. I don’t think keeping things to myself is who I am. I believe that people on my Facebook are people I trust, who are my friends, and who are not bothered by whether or not I complain or rant too much. If you want just happy photos and dog/cat pics and food pics then I’m sorry – I’m not that person. I post negative status updates sometimes.
Because that’s what life is. It’s not all cat videos and honeymoon pics. I’m not always happy. If I only post the happy “good” parts of my life, I feel like I’m not showing the real side of who I am to my friends. And if that bothers you, then feel free to ignore what I posted. Just scroll past it. Just my 2 cents on the whole social media thing…