Is Shanghai better than Seoul? Why?

both great cities! Shanghai is my favorite city in China, it’s definitely the most modern Chinese city. Comparing the two – Shanghai is more diverse and cosmopolitan, it’s also the bigger city of the two (24 million vs 10 million).

Both places are very expensive to live in, but Shanghai is slightly more unaffordable for the locals I think. You will definitely find more Koreans working in Shanghai then Chinese working in Seoul. Shanghai has the most english speaking Chinese in China, and Seoul has the most english speaking Koreans in Korea, I mean they are the biggest cities of their respective countries.

Both have great metro systems, and great nightlife, and skyscrapers but Shanghai has more modern looking ones because it developed later.

You can’t really go wrong with either for travelling or living as an expat it just depends what you want. Shanghai will definitely give you more variety in terms of food, people, etc Seoul just like the rest of Korea you will find people conform to one standard, one look, one style and stick to it. For me, that’s great I like Korean style, but for others I can see why they think Seoul lacks diversity compared to Tokyo or Shanghai.


Which city is more technologically advanced, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, or Tokyo?

I’ve been to all of these cities. Umm its a close one, they are all WAY more advanced technologically than any US cities. Public transportation, etc are all vastly superior. They are all cities well known for high technology.

I will say probably Tokyo is still #1 – it’s been probably the most technologically advanced city in the world since Japan rebuilt in the 1960s and has kept that crown since the 1980s when Japan went tech crazy. Want to know how convenient it is there? You can order a bowl of ramen using a vending machine – not instant ramen – actual ramen!

Seoul and Shanghai are close. Seoul used to be the more advanced one but Shanghai has rapidly caught up in the last few years. I would put those two at a tie.

Taipei just cannot compete with these other cities because they are megacities. Taipei is not a megacity – it’s population is only 2.6 million – similar in size to Toronto or Chicago. that means its just a world class city but not a mega city. In comparison, Shanghai has a population of 24 million, Tokyo with 12 million and Seoul 10 million people. Not comparable. It’s got great tech too – but due to its smaller size really cannot compete. Hong Kong and Singapore would probably beat Taipei here.

Edit: City comparison is vague, but I’m going to go by population density, global influence, etc here’s what I would roughly rank each city

Megacity tier (super alpha cities) – these are the most influential cities in the world and amongst the most populated

New York City, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Moscow, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, etc

Alpha tier – these are world class cities leading their respective countries that are on just a tier lower than the mega city tier

Istanbul, Paris, Toronto, Los Angeles, Taipei, Singapore, Rio de Janiero, Mexico City, Madrid, Cairo, Rome, Berlin, Chicago, Sydney, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Delhi, Jakarta etc

Beta tier – these are cities that very populated and strong economically but on a tier below the alpha tier

Vancouver, San Francisco, Hangzhou, Barcelona, Tianjin, Busan, Osaka, Houston, Melbourne etc

Taipei is in the alpha tier but not megacity tier.

General Politics

Lack of Asian representation in US media (Movies, Music, Video Games)

Like the title says, there is a lack of Asian representation in American media (TV, Movies, Music, Video games, etc), and while it doesn’t especially bother me, it does annoy me that when Asians do appear in media, it usually reinforces negative stereotypes. For example, Asian men are usually depicted as shy and nerdy, or some martial arts master (thanks Bruce Lee), while Asian women are usually the love target for a Caucasian protagonist (see: Charlie’s Angels, Limitless, Karate Kid II, Last Samurai, the Social Network, Dragonball Evolution, the Hangover, Shanghai Knights, etc). That is if Asians are depicted at all.

Its odd to me, considering that L.A has probably one of the highest concentrations of Asians in America, and being home to Hollywood and the entertainment industry, you’d think Asians would get better representation or have more roles in blockbuster films and/or TV sitcoms. Same thing in music. While some successful singers in Asia have gotten some roles in Hollywood films (Jay Chou, Rain) or debuted in US (BoA, Wondergirls, Se7en), the fact remains that there are no popular mainstream Asian American singers either, which is pretty sad considering how many undiscovered musicians there are on Youtube (mostly Asian musicians).

This extends to the realm of video games as well. How many times have you seen a video game being set in New York City, or Los Angeles, versus in Asia? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a video game with an Asian protagonist, set in an Asian city? I keep thinking how derivative it is to keep using cities like NYC as a backdrop, when there are cities in Asia (Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai) which are much bigger and more diverse. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to have a Grand Theft Auto: Shanghai edition?  It makes me sad that there are so much natural scenery / history in Asia and video game developers are ignoring all that to “appeal” more to American audiences.

And I think thats what it all comes down to. The reason why Asians aren’t portrayed as much, is ultimately because they constitute only 5% of the American population. And the people in charge who make the decisions decide that whatever movie, artist or game is coming out, must be fit for consumption by the primary American audience (composed of Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic Americans). But I think, as Asians become more prominent and make up more of the population, they (the people in charge) will eventually have to concede that they will have to cater to them more. Which is a good thing, because it makes the US more heterogeneous and more diverse as a nation.  I just wish they would stop trying to remake Asian titles into American ones by casting White actors (see Dragonball Evolution,The Last Airbender, My Sassy Girl). It just doesn’t work.

P.S: One movie I really do recommend is Shanghai Kiss. About a Chinese protagonist suffering from an identity crisis. Breaks all the stereotypes. Really wish they could make more of these kinds of films. Too bad it isn’t widely known.