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  • Which country has the most beautiful women?

    It’s going to depend on your preference isn’t it?For me I’m going to talk about from the preference of an Asian-American since that’s what I am. For me, I’m attracted to Asian girls and from my experience traveling around Asia (I’ve been to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia) – I’m going to say […]

  • What strikes first time visitors as special or unusual when they arrive in Seoul?

    Lots of beautiful girls. Almost all korean girls wear makeup and dress up very well. Fast process for everything. Never needed anything mailed to me like in the US. Same day procedures for almost everything Subway is probably the best in the world Airport is also probably the best in the world Streets are dirty […]

  • Is Shanghai better than Seoul? Why?

    both great cities! Shanghai is my favorite city in China, it’s definitely the most modern Chinese city. Comparing the two – Shanghai is more diverse and cosmopolitan, it’s also the bigger city of the two (24 million vs 10 million). Both places are very expensive to live in, but Shanghai is slightly more unaffordable for […]