Which country has the most beautiful women?

It’s going to depend on your preference isn’t it?
For me I’m going to talk about from the preference of an Asian-American since that’s what I am. For me, I’m attracted to Asian girls and from my experience traveling around Asia (I’ve been to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia) – I’m going to say **South Korea **has the highest proportion of beautiful women on average.

Walking around Seoul:

Waterbomb Festival:

Walkerhill Bikini Pool party:

Ultra music festival:

You can easily see how many beautiful girls are in plain sight just walking around. Most people think this is because Korean girls do a lot of plastic surgery, and they’d be wrong. A lot of the Chinese tourists come to Korea to do plastic surgery thinking they can be as pretty as Korean girls but they completely miss the point.
**What makes Korean women the most beautiful imo is their attention to makeup, fashion style and their feminine personality. **Focusing on whether or not they did plastic surgery completely misses the point; most of them are beautiful on the inside and outside regardless.


What strikes first time visitors as special or unusual when they arrive in Seoul?

  1. Lots of beautiful girls. Almost all korean girls wear makeup and dress up very well.
  2. Fast process for everything. Never needed anything mailed to me like in the US. Same day procedures for almost everything
  3. Subway is probably the best in the world
  4. Airport is also probably the best in the world
  5. Streets are dirty at night but all of it gets cleaned up by the morning
  6. cheap alcohol and people drink all the way until early morning
  7. Koreans are better at English than other Asians in general
  8. Coffee shops are everywhere. why is coffee so much more popular in Korea than tea? no idea
  9. super fast internet but they use internet explorer, oh the irony
  10. You need a massive deposit if you want to live in a place in Korea. I’m talking like $5–10k. This is surprising because in the US you usually only need 2–3 months worth of rent.
  11. It’s not as expensive as other Asian megacities. Rent in Seoul can be $300–$400 , which i think is cheaper than Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, HK or Singapore.
  12. The winters are not as cold as I expected. the coldest it gets is about -15 degrees in Dec/Jan but the average temperature is around -5 to -10 usually. that’s not so bad. I was born in northeast china and lived in Toronto so I thought it would be similar but was pleasantly surprised. You also see women walking around in very thin stockings (god bless them) as if the cold didn’t even exist at all.

Is Shanghai better than Seoul? Why?

both great cities! Shanghai is my favorite city in China, it’s definitely the most modern Chinese city. Comparing the two – Shanghai is more diverse and cosmopolitan, it’s also the bigger city of the two (24 million vs 10 million).

Both places are very expensive to live in, but Shanghai is slightly more unaffordable for the locals I think. You will definitely find more Koreans working in Shanghai then Chinese working in Seoul. Shanghai has the most english speaking Chinese in China, and Seoul has the most english speaking Koreans in Korea, I mean they are the biggest cities of their respective countries.

Both have great metro systems, and great nightlife, and skyscrapers but Shanghai has more modern looking ones because it developed later.

You can’t really go wrong with either for travelling or living as an expat it just depends what you want. Shanghai will definitely give you more variety in terms of food, people, etc Seoul just like the rest of Korea you will find people conform to one standard, one look, one style and stick to it. For me, that’s great I like Korean style, but for others I can see why they think Seoul lacks diversity compared to Tokyo or Shanghai.