So far, two billion dollars has been pledged to restore Notre Dame Cathedral. Some people say there are more important ways that money could be used to improve people’s lives. Which side of the issue is right?

It’s a little big frustrating for me, personally.

Not so long ago, I lost my life savings in a crypto currency exchange scam. Software Engineer Loses Life Savings in Quadriga Imbroglio in fact this is the first article you will see when my name is Googled. over $500k I lost.

And yes, while I do admit errors of judgment, this wasn’t the typical investment loss where you ‘only invest what you can afford to lose’ in this case I was trying to get my money from Canada back to the US and I was seeking a way to do it without paying commission. So what was a “clever” move I thought at the time – why not use crypto currency to do it? – turned out to be a disaster.

I only kept bitcoin in my account for less than 30 seconds. I sold it immediately to CAD (Canadian Dollars) and asked to withdraw my money to my bank account. QuadrigaCX (the crypto exchange) kept lying to me telling me oh you’ll get your money within a few weeks after this CIBC lawsuit is done. and I believed them. I kept waiting, and waiting. Until BAM Jan 31 comes along – and they declare they have been insolvent for a long time.… they scammed me and over 100k other users.

What does that have to do with the Notre Dame Cathedral issue? Well on Binance, they had a donation fundraiser for it.

Now there’s no problem with this – except that I figured, since the crypto community apparently have millions to donate to the wealthy Catholic Church who already have billions of dollars in donations already – maybe they could spare a couple grand for the QCX users who lost their money in the crypto exchange scam?


No sympathy at all. Apparently the crypto community sees us QCX victims as ‘since we put our money in a crypto exchange, we deserve to lose it all’. That’s kind of ironic considering these comments are from the Binance community who themselves use a crypto exchange to hold their coins.

r/Buttcoin – Butter loses life savings of $420,000 USD while trying to convert it to Canadian Dollars using QuadrigaCX

^There’s an entire Reddit thread devoted to making fun of me and my losses.

My faith in humanity decreases everyday. These are the assholes who will apparently save a burning building but NOT save the people inside the burning building. That’s the sad reality. Now I understand how homeless people must feel – these wealthy patrons donating millions of dollars to charities but will not spare a single cent for the humans they see suffering in front of them. Shows you just how cruel reality is.

Edit: it seems that some people missed the point of this post. I was asking for a donation. I wasn’t forcing people to give me money. I wasn’t trying to feel entitled to any of their money. I don’t expect others to bail me out of a stupid investment decision. Do not victim blame please. (Thats why I disabled comments on my youtube video about this because everyone blamed me, the victim. I always find it funny that when a big organization asks for money people are ok with it, but when I ask for money I am being selfish and greedy. What the heck?)
The point of this post is to highlight the hypocrisy of people who feel like they are being all Good Samaritans helping rebuild the cathedral or donating to some charity and then as soon as an actual person (not organization) needs help they turn their back on them and wont even spare a single penny. That’s all. And sure it’s their money and they can do whatever they want with it, but don’t talk about yourself as if you are such a good angel for helping out people in need, donating to all these charities when you know thats a lie. You gave money to big organizations like UNICEF, United Way, Salvation Army etc but when an actual person in need came up to you you turned them away. That’s what I hate.


Why do I keep getting screwed?

Well my worst fears came true. Looks like QuadrigaCX, the exchange I used to transfer my money back from the US to Canada, is going bankrupt and is probably a ponzi scam. Crazy. All sorts of conspiracy theories going on. Also, haven’t been able to sleep well these past few days. Been busy talking to other people on telegram who lost their money + getting lawyers into action, signing affidavits etc.

So basically I sold my beautiful SF apartment for nothing. Just great. Last year I thought I had reached the bottom. Lost $150k of my money to the crypto crash + ICO scams + masternode scams. Broke up with my gf. Forced to sell off my apartment to pay off loans.

Now as if that wasn’t enough, this year I’m having trouble finding a job again, the US probably won’t let me get another job again due to their strict border security and too many past TN visas and of course losing the rest of my money in a ponzi scheme (over $400k).

I’m an idiot. I fell to the same trap I fell in last year. I got too greedy, I was too impatient. Why did I put everything in one place? Why did I transfer all my money over when I never even got a single withdrawal from this exchange yet? I trusted them too much. They were Canada’s oldest exchange, I just never thought it would come to something like this. It’s unbelievable. That’s all my life savings gone because of basically just using the wrong exchange to send my money back. And now I have to deal with a lawsuit that will probably take years, just for me to see pennies on the dollar back.

So yeah, 2018 was not a good year. 2019 so far has been even worse. What’s worse than losing my apartment and 1/3rd of my net worth? well losing the remaining 2/3rds of my net worth of course!

I have really been stressed these days preparing for interviews in Seattle/Vancouver on top of that, but it looks like my plan will all have to be put on hold. Paying back my parents, buying a Vancouver condo, making passive income, renting a place out etc it will take me years and years to make back this money. On top of that, no Korean girl (or any other girl for that matter) will want to date a guy with no money or apartment anymore.

I don’t really know how it could get much worse than this. Most of my Korean/SF friends are busy with their own lives so I haven’t talked to them much. I guess the only solace is that at least I am still alive and breathing, and I’m not brain dead or paralyzed. My family is still there – for now. and that’s really it. Start over anew again just like in 2011, except this time I’m 30 years old, not 23 anymore :/ I suppose this is a life lesson on how I shouldn’t be greedy or materialistic and start cherishing the invaluable things in life.. not money, but rather my friendships and relationships and memories I’ve made over the years.


Looks like I’ve just lost all my money …

So it appears QuadrigaCX, the Canadian crypto exchange I used to transfer my money from the US to Canada, is doing really shady things with that money. Not only is my money taking 3+ months to arrive so far but every time I ask support they have the same excuse and just asking me to wait another 2 weeks every time.

Now recently they announced their CEO passed away last month under mysterious circumstances in India, and haven’t been giving any updates since. I have over $500k+ CAD stuck in that account. They aren’t letting anyone withdraw anything anymore or cancel the withdrawals that went out before. This really isn’t good. As if losing $170k in crypto last year wasn’t enough – this time it just feels unfair.

At least last year it was definitely my fault for taking on so much risk – taking out 3 loans, investing in shady ICO scams and masternode scams – that’s all my fault for taking on so much risk, but this is just crazy. QuadrigaCX operated for over 5 years as Canada’s (formerly before this fiasco) biggest crypto exchange. I already had an account with them before in 2017 so I just decided to use them to move my US money over back to Canada – I thought I was being clever avoiding the bank’s commission fees and getting a 6% premium on top of that – and now as it turns out, I might have just lost the rest of my money too. For picking the wrong exchange and for trying to get my money back to Canada after selling my SF apartment. Unbelievably, my luck keeps getting worse.

This is so unfair. I wasn’t even trying to invest in anything this time! Now on top of that, I am also actively interviewing for jobs around Seattle as well – so lately I’ve been quite stressed.

Imagine having all your life savings tied up in a shady crypto exchange that might go bankrupt at anytime – and having to focus on doing coding exercises on top of that. And then I’ll have to deal with getting another visa after that which is always a hassle.

I really hope that I get my money back, hoping and praying everyday that it isn’t a scam. Everyday I go on reddit and twitter to check if there’s any updates from QuadrigaCX and so far nothing. I wonder if I’ll have to get a lawyer and contact the RCMP about this eventually. Hope it doesn’t come to that.