World End Syndrome Review (for Nintendo Switch) + other visual novel reviews

Platform: Nintendo SwitchDeveloper: Arc System WorksRelease: May 21, 2019Price: $60 USD So soon after I just reviewed Our World is Ended, another visual novel comes out for the Switch, this time one from the Guilty Gear/Blazblue Devs.  So just for the record here’s my verdict of some past visual novels that I didn’t write a […]

Review of [Our World Is Ended] (for Nintendo Switch)

Platform: Nintendo SwitchDeveloper: Red EntertainmentRelease: Apr 18, 2019Price: $60 USD I just finished playing Our World is Ended and I would like to give my ending impressions of it. Plot First off, there’s about 16 chapters and the total game takes around 20 hours to finish. The plot is sci-fi / mystery and deals with […]

Is all the hate towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi warranted or is it just people who don’t like that their theories about the movie didn’t come true?

It’s warranted, it’s not just because their theories didn’t come true. Let’s set aside Snoke for a moment, because all the hate to that character was mainly because of people’s theories not being true. Let’s also throw away the whole ‘Luke turned into an old grump’ thing as well since although disappointing for fans, is […]