2017: Year in Review

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays once again. And once again, I feel that 2017 has gone by way too fast lol. Perhaps its because I spent most of this year at home and not really going outside and meeting new people and making friends like I did when I lived in Korea..

-Saved and invested a lot. Made back all my gambling losses (and then some!) with cryptocurrency this year. The rise of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies this year has been truly astounding and imo a once in a lifetime event. Doubled my net worth this year.
-Finally made a Korean gf! and one that has lasted so far, the longest out of all my relationships. My previous longest relationship lasted 2 months. This one has been 3 months and counting! Yes it is a long distance relationship. I got to visit her in Korea for Christmas, we unfortunately only got to spend 4 days together, but it was an amazing 4 days and I can’t wait until the next time I see her (which might not be until next May).
-Went back to Korea twice this year, both times to meet a girl…

-I could have made more with crypto-currency. A lot more. But who could have expected Bitcoin to rise up 900%+ this year, or Litecoin to go up 7000% or Ripple to gain 10000%? And so on and so forth.. heck investing in ANY top 10 crypto coin this year could have made you rich. I was too timid at the beginning of the year, didn’t hold long enough, and lost my chance at becoming a millionaire. Oh well.
-Absolute boring-ness this year. Didn’t go out much. Didn’t make many friends. Work was just so-so. I was quietly dying on the inside this whole year.
-Donald Trump. Yeah I hate him. In San Francisco, who doesn’t? I’m no liberal but even as a conservative I can’t stand the guy. Especially when he’s threatening North Korea (and by extension the safe being of South Korea) all the time!
-6 times going back and forth between Canada-US border to get my TN visa processed. 6 times getting harassed at the border and getting treated like a criminal! this is partly the reason why I don’t want to get a new US job.

2017 is a year that won’t go down as one of my more exciting years. This year was all about making money and saving money. Granted, I did do a lot of that. Due to the great performance of both the stock market and cryptocurrencies, I doubled my net worth this year. I also tried my best not to spend *as* much as last year. 2015 and 2016 I bought countless electronics and gadgets. I think this year I bought one new laptop (Thinkpad TP25), 2 new watches (Frederique Constant Moonphase and Orient Star GMT), and some phones (BlackBerry KeyOne, Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, Google Pixel 2) as well obviously games and stuff but those were the only things I bought at full retail price. Last year was far worse (I bought 3 new laptops in Dec 2016 alone!).

So yeah I know I have to do more. My best friend in SF is my idol; he not only made tons of gains by holding onto his Litecoin / Ripple holdings, but he’s always frugal and never buys anything unless he absolutely needs it. Would be nice to be like that.
Aside from that, not much else has happened this year. San Francisco is becoming a wasteland. More and more homeless people. Higher and higher prices. Less Koreans/Japanese/Taiwanese/Internationals in exchange for the only race that seems interested in staying here which are mainland Chinese. And some mainland Chinese are alright, but its no secret that I don’t get along with the majority of them. I find most of them pretentious, materialistic, and overly ignorant / prideful.

The main purpose of this year really, is to gear up for the monumental changes to my life that will happen next year. I’ve already prepared for it. At a certain point in time next year, I will sell my apartment, leave the USA, and finally after 7 years of living here, and the first time really ever in my life, give myself some freedom, with no obligation to study or work. No more TN visa hassles. Just meet my girlfriend (which I also have big plans for next year, if it all works out with her), travel to different countries, and settle back down in Canada. Big changes are happening next year, and partly the reason why 2017 *had* to be a boring, stable year is because this was a preparation year meant to save up money and gear up for next year. And in that sense, I felt that this year was a success.

Back in SF, Hollywoods problem with Asians and issues with modern feminists

Ok so first off, I’m back in SF, so I finally got a chance to review some really cool gadgets (videos below). I finally got to sell alot of my excess gadgets (though not all of them). Including my beloved Honda PCX which I had to sell because I wasn’t staying in SF long term, and it was taking up money parking it and keeping it in storage. Just before I sold it though, I took a few nice videos with it.

My beloved Honda PCX
At Twin Peaks with my scooter

Now, onto some controversial topics I want to talk about. Ghost In the Shell, one of the most renowned Japanese Animes, has been adapted into a movie, and surprise surprise, Hollywood decides to cast a white actor. This is not the first time Hollywood has done this of course, they’ve done it with countless movies from Dragonball Evo to Avatar the Last Airbender to 21 to Aloha (with Emma stone playing an Asian), and now with Scarlett Johansson playing the character in a Japanese adapted film. Now, I realize people make excuses such as oh the character wasn’t written as an Asian person etc but why couldn’t they have cast an Asian still?

Hollywood seems to be getting more and more criticism for not casting women, blacks, etc why is Asian any different? It seems not casting Asians, or whitewashing Asian roles doesn’t seem to be criticized as much. Why? If Asian actors never get experience playing a lead, how can Asians ever get a lead role? It seems Hollywood just has something against Asians and lead roles, period. Its a vicious cycle.
Now, no one seems to care that Nick Fury is played by a black person in the movies, even though the original character was white in the comics. Imagine if an Asian person played Nick Fury in the movies. Shouldn’t make a difference since they both diverge from the comics, but I’m willing to bet people will have more issue with an Asian actor than a black actor playing the role.

For proof of this I’ve found this popular comment on Facebook that was a comment on John Cho’s article showing why Asians can definitely be romantic leads. This one got over 50 upvotes when I saw it:

Complaining about the lack of Asian lead characters in North American films is like going to India, China or Korea and complaining that they should be starring white people in their films.

This is the reason why Americans still can’t accept Asians in movies. They think we are perpetual foreigners. They think we can’t play romantic leads. They always make excuses to justify the discrimination whenever it happens like this comment. The reason why there’s no white characters in Korean dramas or Bollywood films is simple: how many white people are living in Korea or India compared to how many Asians are living in the US (hint its over 15 million).

Somewhat related to discrimination, another topic that I want to talk about (again) is feminism, in particular in the USA.
I’ve already talked about this alot, but I want to re-address this because it comes up more and more frequently these days.

I’d be following my news feed and my favorite channels IGN, Wired, Verge, TIME, Economist, etc and these feminist articles would be polluting my feed, like what the heck, what does TechCrunch or PC Gamer have to do with feminism? Well it all started 2 years ago in 2014 because of this controversy called Gamergate and along with the whole Reddit Ellen Pao fiasco that happened, “feminist” issues have suddenly started permeating everything from gaming articles to politics. So its everywhere now.

Why do I want to talk about this? Because I’m bothered and frustrated by it. Now, I am in full support of women’s rights, and I am not a misogynist, I don’t hate women or anything. Its just that I think the “modern day” feminists take issues with so many small trivial nonsensical things that have never really been an issue before and then complain about it to get recognition. What am I talking about here?
this article that TIME published and I commented on perfectly sums it up. The word feminist is becoming corrupted these days because it is used by women who aren’t really feminists, but rather just women who like to whine and complain about under-representation and other things and delight in hating on men and calling all guys sexists and misogynists (this is a good example). Emma Watson has become the poster child for going a bit too far, that under-representation of women and womens rights are two separate issues.
Don’t believe me? One such women called me out on Facebook with this message:

Quite equal? Really? How many members of the US government are female as opposed to male? How many times has there been actual legislature proposed by women to regulate what men do with their bodies? How many women CEOS are out there floating around in the world today as opposed to men and are you really trying to suggest that the ” glass ceiling” in that corporate world doesn’t exist? Equal…just like equal pay for equal work right?

Is that why young girls all over the world are murdered simply for going to school and are subject to arranged marriages? Spoken like a true chauvanist…things are ” quite equal,” simply because in I get to vote and can drive a car just like men folk do

This is exactly what I was talking about. And let me explain my reasoning here more in depth:

So called “feminists” these days like to complain that they are under-represented or over-sexualized or treated in a different manner in everything from movies to video games. These feminists like to think of themselves as exactly equal to men in every way, including wanting to serve in the military forces, even though being exactly the same as men would ruin the fabric of what makes men and women different.
Historically men and women have played different roles in society, and now that gap is closing, but to think that men and women must be exactly the same is nonsense. What makes men and women attracted to each other is the fact that they are biologically and behaviorally different. If they were the same, there would be less and less attraction between each gender.

So, I live in South Korea, where women are actually treated much differently than men are. They are told to put on makeup all the time, because its “manners”. They have the highest gender wage gap inequality in the OECD. They often have to be housewives, to cook and clean, and look pretty for the men on all occasions. They have to get plastic surgery to get a better chance of finding a job. This is a country where feminism is actually needed. There are not many feminists in Korea, due to it being a patriarchal society, but it is definitely more needed here than in the USA. Women in the USA are already equal to men, rights wise, in pretty much every way. In fact, I implore you to name a profession or position where women are not allowed to do.
This is a good example of something that would never happen in South Korea. Women don’t complain about wearing high heels all day, and even if they do the company would probably fire them. Thats a huge difference.

Women in the USA are empowered enough to do anything they want, from serving in the military (not possible in a lot of other countries like Korea), to playing football/hockey (again in other countries, not possible), to becoming the front runner to be President of the United States (Hillary Clinton obviously). The USA is an equal opportunity country and anyone can be anything they want.
The supposed “lack of representation” in certain industries which is what modern day feminists complain about, is because men are traditionally trained to do those fields, like being an engineer for example, or being a soldier, or movie director, etc. Traditionally men were trained in those fields. If more women were trained in those fields, if they have enough experience, of course they could do those things.
And this is also the reason why women are potentially underpaid in those fields is because of lack of experience. Since men are traditionally dominant in those fields, it makes sense that they are more experienced, and are thus paid more. Once more women go into those fields, get more experience, then they will be compensated as much. This is true even in Silicon Valley with female CEOs of Oracle, AMD, Yahoo just to name a few. They are paid more than other employees, as you would expect.

Women are overly sexualized? Well how about guys needing to look buff and muscular? Its the exact same thing. Cherry picking positions where men were traditionally dominant? How about I pick a position like nurse or customer service where traditionally women were preferred over men. Is that being sexist to men? The “wage gap” between men and women in America is because of the same reason – guys generally have more experience in those fields, and thus are paid accordingly. Again, if women (like Marissa Meyer for example) have experience in those fields then they are paid accordingly as well.

So my point is, modern day feminists who complain about these issues aren’t really “feminists”. Because under-representation in a field has nothing to do with women’s rights. If women weren’t allowed to work in those fields, then thats a women’s right issue. However, thats not the case. Its just a matter of breaking tradition and getting more women trained in those fields, thats it.

And I also like how that girl called me out as a “chauvinist” like a true modern day feminist who just assumes that every guy who doesn’t agree with their views must hate women. Indeed.

What’s really ironic about these men-hating feminists is that, men were originally the reason why women got rights in the first place. Indeed, I know about the suffragists and the women pioneers, and not to take anything away from them, but it was true that men were in charge of everything back in the day. For most of history, men have been in charge, so in order for a woman to petition for and receive rights, that woman must have, at some point, convinced some men in a position of power to give them those rights. Which means that, at some point, men must have sympathized with those women pioneers and helped them get those rights, the rights to vote, the right to have abortion, etc all those rights were achieved with the help of men. I mean, how could they have not? Women didn’t have any power back then like people said. So its ironic that us men are now being hated on and called misogynists so readily these days.

I would also like to add this additional comment by a feminist here

The reason why women are stuck with uncomfortable, inconvenient and dysfunctional wardrobe/makeup/hair elements is because in our patriarchal society women’s value is a lot closer tied to her looks rather than her intelligence. Girls and women spend millions of hours more in their lifetime on maintaining their appearance instead of developing their careers, inventing things or earning money. Trust me, if it was found acceptable by society every woman would love to wake up with short hair, skip makeup and heels, put comfortable flat shoes on and non-tight pants with functional pockets and still be considered attractive and/or professional.

This is really revealing of the personality of American feminists – they think they can speak for every girl in the world and they think their opinion is always the best and right one. First of all, Western countries are no longer “patriarchal” and I would love to see evidence that it still is. Secondly, perhaps girls and women like to care about their appearance and wear skirts and heels because it makes them feel more like a woman? And since when are they forced to wear those outfits anyways? This isn’t the 1950s anymore. In the US these days, women can wear whatever they want and they won’t be ostracized for it. Again, I feel like there’s a cultural difference here because in Korea, almost every girl is wearing skirts/heels/makeup, whether they really like to or not. But they’re not complaining.

I feel like this idea that every girl wants to dress like a guy, or be “comfortable” like men, and do things men can do like serve in the army etc is being shoved down our throats when really, its only a small (and vocal) part of the female population that actually wants that. Most women that I know, wants to feel like a woman, dress like a woman, and behave like a woman because you know… they’re a woman. They’re not being forced to, they’re not being oppressed, thats just the opinion of a small group of women who like to complain about pretty much everything.

Anyways I hope I’ve made my point. American feminists complaining about these issues really need to take a step back and do some research on whether their complaining is justified, at least in comparison to other countries in the world.

And now… for some videos

More thoughts on current feminist movement and Korea fan obsession

Its interesting that even after I talked about how feminism seems to be undergoing a kind of movement these days, it just keeps on coming. Facebook made the little icon of a friend request ‘equal’, The dismissal of Ellen Pao is thought to be a ‘misogynist’ move, and things that i have no right to have feminism injected into it inevitably does,“realistic” barbie doll, “manterruptions”, sexist technology, and FIFA players have to be women too, and this as well (yes everything is done in the hopes of appeasing feminists these days). And the reason why Finland has such a great education system is because they have more women running the show.
Oh yeah, and the worst thing about the movie Pixels, is apparently that its misogynist. So getting a woman in return for being a hero is now ‘misogyny’? thats news to me. I mean, yeah Adam Sandler movies are crap, but still… should Super Mario Bros be misogynistic because that one you are saving a damsel in distress right? Basically every movie and game where the woman is not in a position of power (most of them) is now retroactively misogynist. Crazy. Maybe its a reflection of the times. Another example would be Duke Nukem Forever getting criticism for ‘misogyny’ even though that character was acceptable back in the mid 90s. The US Media also feels fit to point its politically correct-tuned nose at other countries.

Not every country in the world has to be politically correct like the US, people just can’t seem to accept that and just blatantly think the “progressive society” in the US, where people can get sued for complimenting a woman in the wrong way, and getting offended at every little thing is the “right” way / best way, and that other countries should follow the US. I for one, hope that Korea never gets the feminist bug and political correct BS like the US does. Its one of the things I love about Korea the most, the fact that women here are totally fine with being complimented, looking beautiful, being housewives, etc and not worrying about gender equality or something.

I’m convinced that third wave feminism is nothing short of complete bullsh*t and when they only thing u take from an Apple presentation is the amount of women there, making the next Star Wars director a gender issue, and making companies actually devote money to combating diversity, then we have a problem. This blog actually gets it right. Third wave feminism is toxic and unnecessary as most of women in the Western world had their rights already with the first and second waves. Mario saving the princess is not something you should be complaining about when other women in the world don’t even have the choice to marry or show their skin or have any first/second wave rights. The reason why Ronda Rousey is so popular these days is because she’s tough and strong, exactly what feminists want in a woman these days.

Look, I realize that across the world women doesn’t have equal rights as men, but do we really need to raise the feminist flag everywhere and anywhere these days? There have been lots of female characters in video games and movies, and tv shows, and cartoons and basically everywhere since the 70s when the second feminist movement occured, yet people are still finding something to complain about. I don’t get it. I realize that Asians are not treated as fairly as whites in the majority of the world, that Asians aren’t well represented in Hollywood or video games or in other media, but I don’t go around complaining about it all the time. Just enjoy the movies and enjoy the games! Its not about some social political issue, cmon.

I think people online vastly overuse the term ‘misogynist’. It means someone who strongly hates women and do hate crimes, sexually assault, stalk, slander, etc targeting specifically women. If your manager mistreats you and he happens to be a guy and you happen to be a girl, that is not misogyny, but many people are just overusing this word now because of the feminist movement going on these days. Its come to mean that whenever a guy disgrees with a girl about what she thinks women should be like, then that’s misogyny. A show without any females? Misogyny! A movie that has the guy speak more lines than the girl? Misogyny! Facebook friend icon shows the guy in front of the girl? Misogyny! How dare superheroes be mostly men? Misogyny! How about no female Transformers and no female Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mario saving the helpless princess? That all must be changed in the name of female equality! Nintendo must be misogynists! Seriously though, this is how ridiculous it is when you misuse this term.

And the reddit CEO (Ellen Pao) that got fired – cmon, could the firing be because she was banning subreddits and freezing employees salaries due to her own personal social-political motivations? I doubt that all the hate that she got was because she was a woman. Sure, they called her mean names. So what, there are lots of trolls on the internet. People troll others all the time on the internet, man or woman. It wouldn’t have been different if it was a guy. Sure, girls out there feel that she was treated worse than that of a guy, but where’s your proof of that? Do we think women are more sensitive so they have to be treated more ‘nicely’? I don’t understand. We have seen proof of men CEOs resigning in similar situations, such as Brenden Eich as former Mozilla chief. Similar protests have happened against men as well. Feminists also like to complain that the tech industry is dominated by males, but currently (as of Aug 2015) huge tech companies like Yahoo, HP and AMD are headed by female CEOs. No one ever seems to mention this fact.

Let’s Face it – if anything, men are perceived by society to be ‘stronger’ so they can ‘handle’ more tougher attacks. I don’t think anyone would go around crying about it if it was a guy and he got torched on reddit, because hey its a guy! he can handle the tough attacks! if it’s a girl – oh no, it must be misogynist. Sorry, but I don’t have much pity for a woman who was arguably unqualified to be Reddit CEO in the first place, who makes a lot more money than most people on earth, who has an education and great rights compared to most women on earth, I don’t count her as an example of ‘human misery’.

A study shows that women and men are treated differently when playing video games online.

“The take-home seems to be that, just like bullies, the men most likely to have their position in a hierarchy usurped by a woman turned out to be meaner.”

That makes sense to me, but I don’t think they are ‘bullies’ rather than they are just acting like how males have always acted. Traditionally Males are more dominant, bread winners, etc and we want to be the alpha male. Females are traditionally in a supportive role. Our brains are hard wired this way, thats why so called ‘sexism’ exists in video games. Males and females are treated differently because, well, we are very different. Males and females are *supposed* to be different, thats how our evolution has evolved. So it sucks that so many feminists want us all to be equal when we arent *meant* to be equal. Evolution/God created 2 genders for a reason.

A ‘friend’ of mine argued about this on Facebook and called her ‘suffering’. Please. This ain’t North Korea. Its nowhere close. and ‘fatppl’ hate – I just learned this term recently and although I don’t agree with cyberbullying, I do agree that people shouldn’t be ‘fat and proud’. Yeah – I realize that gays can marry now and this is the era of self expression but cmon! Obesity is a disease, people. That’s like saying, ‘I have Schizophrenia and I’m proud’ or ‘I have AIDS and I’m proud’. It’s not just a matter of appearance – Obesity’s side effects will eventually kill you. So yeah you can be ‘proud’ of being fat – until you suffer a heart attack and die, that is.

Another thing I want to say is that, wow most of the foreigners I met in Korea go into two groups – guys who are here because they want to pick up girls – and girls who are here because they expected some handsome sweet Korean guy from their fantasies. Can we say people are kind of delusional? Korea has great marketing for its stars – other Asian countries just can’t compete.
They are so good at it that a large amount of women across the world falsely believe that since guys on Korean dramas and Korean pop are portrayed as sweet and handsome (cause you know, they were hand picked by people and trained to read scripts), that all Korean guys must be like that as well!
Is there any co-relation at all? That’s like saying every guy in America looks like Brad Pitt and every girl looks like Jessica Alba. Oh, if only that were the case. I live in Korea so I can say, if you are coming to Korea because you expect some Prince Korean Charming – prepare to be disappointed.
There are even cases where a Korean pop star abused his girlfriend and fans are still defending him because oh he can’t possibly be flawed since he is a kpop star and therefore perfect? am I right? Oh you mean kpop stars all had plastic surgery and are normal, regular emotional people, yeah. Ridiculous.

These kind of posts are what I’m talking about. Apparently kpop fans are so obsessed that they routinely stalk, make up rumors, spread lies, and hate on other ‘rival’ kpop stars just for liking a kpop star they want to keep for ‘themselves’! isn’t that ridiculous? Apparently there are certain stars that certain other stars can and cannot date, according to kpop fans. Nevermind that they are you know, actual humans that can make their own dating decisions for themselves. This doesn’t happen to american pop fans trust me.. Taylor Swift can date John Mayer and she’s not gonna receive ‘hate’ or blog comments for it…

That’s all I wanted to rant about today. In other news, I made playlists for my Youtube since I am at 1000+ subscribers, 500+ videos, and almost 5 millions views now.

Guitar videos
Let’s play! videos
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