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  • My search for a gaming laptop has finally ended + UMPC collection

    Ever since I moved to Korea, I’ve been missing my PS3/PS4 and all the gaming sessions I used to have with my friends back in SF. Here, everyone is busy and no one has time to just come over and play a few games. So I’ve been left to my PC games. Unfortunately my main […]

  • Gadgets in Korea (May 2015)

    Here’s my tech gadgets as of present (Apr 2015): Computers Lenovo Thinkpad X240 The Thinkpad X240 is my ultraportable/business/everyday use laptop when I need to study or travel. 20 hours of battery life. MIL-STD spec tested, spill resistant keyboard, fingerprint reader, 4G LTE capable, etc its the ultimate portable notebook. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRZ3VYaiuJk Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14 […]

  • Coolest and Most interesting PCs of the past decade

    Yup! It’s another gadget article! This time we’re gonna look at the coolest computers that have come out over the past decade (2004-2014), as PCs come in many different shapes and sizes. Of particular interest to me are PCs that are quirky or unique in some way, as Handheld PCs and Ultra Mobile PCs interest […]