Why is baseball popular in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan?

Baseball is very popular in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea but not other Asian countries. Why is that?

If I had to guess, it’s probably because during early 20th century when baseball was the most dominant sport in America, Japan got caught up in it – at this time Japan was militarily the most dominant country in Asia. They were influenced by global trends and baseball was a global trend at the time. To this day, Japan boasts the best professional league outside the MLB.

South Korea and Taiwan were colonies of Japan at that time and they too got caught up in the baseball trend. Remember, Koreans and Taiwanese were forced to speak Japanese during that time.

Baseball wasn’t popular in China because during that time China was very fragmented. The Qing Dynasty had collapsed just decades earlier and China under the ROC was fragmented among various regional warlords all vying for control, and Manchuria was under Japanese control at the time. Most Chinese were impoverished and illiterate at the time. Except for Shanghai which was considered the ‘Paris of the East’ at the time, the other parts of China wasn’t a good time for Chinese people (hence why Communism became popular) and they hardly had any leisure time to preoccupy themselves with baseball  (which required substantial equipment, team + setup to play, compared with basketball or other sports).

Basketball became popular in China because of Yao Ming; when he joined the NBA he brought along a billion fans with him. Taiwanese also watched Yao Ming as one of their own.

Basketball is not as popular in Japan and Korea because they didn’t have any star player in the NBA. On the other hand – Japan and Korea have professional players in the MLB – Ichiro Suzuki and Ryu Hyun-Jin respectively, whereas China has none – and that is another reason why baseball isn’t as popular in China.


Why are the Western, Korean and Japanese culture so popular but not the Chinese culture?

The CCP is more concerned with expanding their economic progress than nurturing their entertainment industry for soft power.

Western culture – Hollywood

Korean culture – Kpop

Japanese culture – anime

Chinese culture- Wuxia

Ok, so Wuxia isn’t exactly something… that’s widely promoted to foreigners or anything. It also lacks the modern day cultural elements because its tied to Ancient Chinese culture- something that no longer exists. The CCP also makes no effort at all to promote any of its entertainment to Western or other Asian audiences at all – they focus on the large domestic market.

That’s why Chinese culture isn’t as ‘popular’ – the government simply doesn’t see it as a top priority to push its soft power, given its large domestic market.

General Music

Guitar pickup makers / manufacturers

I’m a huge guitar geek, since I first started playing guitar at 15 so.. its natural for me to care about “guitar tone”, or the sound that the guitar makes. Most guitarists are very picky about their tone, and what kind of sound they can get out of their guitar. For me, I like very beautiful, smooth sounds, so I’ve always searched for the best tone. Of course the thing that affects tone the most is the amplifier. A tube amplifier especially makes a huge difference. Followed by guitar pedals, then the type of guitar itself, then guitar pickups.

Of course, for guitar pickups, a lot of people believe that handwound guitar pickups, just like hand-wired guitar amps/pedals, produce better sound. And I’ve done a lot of research in my 10 years of guitar playing so I’ve gathered the guitar pickup makers in one place here so that its easy to find :). I personally use a set of Rumpelstiltskin pickups in my Fender Stratocaster:


Big / medium sized pickup makers
Seymour Duncan
EMG Pickups
Lace Music
Fralin Pickups
Bare Knuckle Pickups
TV Jones pickups
Harmonic Design pickups
Gemini pickups
Tonerider pickups

Small or independent pickup winders
Smits Pickups
SD Pickups
Lollar pickups
Joe Barden pickups
OC Duff pickups
Kinman pickups
Amalfitano Pickups
Skatterbrane Pickups
Klein Pickups
Porter Pickups
Harrison pickups
BG Pups
Bill Lawrence pickups
Throbak pickups
High order pickups
JWP Pickups
Voodoo Pickups
Bullock Guitar Pickups
Reilander pickups
Arnsparger Pickups
Curtis Novak pickups
SK guitar pickups
J S Moore guitar pickups
Rumpelstiltskin pickups
Rock monkey pickups
Cats whisker pickups
Wolfetone pickups
Shed pickups
Don Mare pickups
JC Vintage pickups
Electric City Pickups