What are the craziest things you’ve heard conservatives say?

Disclaimer: I consider myself a conservative, but NOT the American type of conservative i.e Republicans who are conservative in name only. I am a Canadian conservative. I find Republicans absolutely repulsive though since they pretend to be conservative when in reality they are just batshit crazy and lack common sense. They also think that you are a RINO (Republican in name only) if you don’t support Trump (who isn’t a conservative and flip flops on his issues minute by minute and wasn’t Repub until 2015) and/or assume you a liberal if you don’t like Trump (hint: MANY people don’t like Trump not just liberals).

Here’s some of the stupid things they say:

“why don’t we ban alcohol/smoking/cars too because they kill more people a year than guns”

“Gun control doesn’t work. Chicago has the highest murder rates and its LIBERAL. so it doesn’t work”

“Poor people don’t deserve to live and are feeding off the system”

“illegal immigrants are voting by the millions. Dead people are voting by the millions!”

“Obama created ISIS, Obama is a muslim threatening to destroy our country”

“Trump has the guts to nuke North Korea. Obama was a whiny apologist Kenyan muslim who made America look weak. MAGA!”

“after all the TERRIBLE Obama years, finally Trump is making America great again and our jobs are coming back!”

“Hillary killed four Americans in Benghazi she is a blood thirsty murderer”

“Now we have a President (Trump) that respects our troops! and a true Christian!”

“(in response to seeing Trump’s polls): Fake polls, you guys said Hillary would win too how’d that work out for ya?”

“You fake news outlets and whiny libtards are just butthurt about Hillary losing the election! go cry in your corner snowflakes!”

“Trump is going to make sure our country is on the right track again and stop bowing down to the global elite (George Soros, Rothchilds etc)”

“The Democrats are taking advantage of black people and illegal immigrants! they are destroying our country! that’s why Trump is great!”

“If you dont like Trump then get the hell out of our country!”

[insert crazy conspiracy theory about Hillary/Obama here]

To be sure, I hear these kind of comments fairly often. These are not conservative comments. They are comments made by IDIOTS acting like 5 year olds who are not educated or ignorant to some degree. They are comments made by paranoid conspiracy theorists. These are the modern Republicans today. Very sad.


JFK was not a conservative

Nope, he would be considered a centrist today in the mold of Bill Clinton.

Let’s debunk a lot of reasons why JFK is ironically loved by conservatives these days. Now some things were true. He was against affirmative action and signed an executive order not to discriminate. Let’s get that out of the way. Now here’s some other talking points I would love to refute.

-JFK was against abortion

Not true… but I can’t say he was for it either. He didn’t have an official statement on this subject.

-JFK loved to lower taxes

Taxes on the highest earners were 91% throughout the 1950s. Take any modern day Democrat today, heck even Bernie Sanders might be on board with lowering those taxes. That was a ridiculously high rate. These days we cannot say that JFK would approve of lowering the already low 35% on the highest earners, even more.

-JFK supported gun rights

The NRA wasn’t a political lobby until the mid 1970s, and the whole reason they became a political lobby was because they were against the Gun Control Act of 1968 – Wikipedia which was ironically passed so that Americans wouldn’t be able to assassinated a president like JFK so easily. Furthermore, the first modern mass shooting happened at the University of Texas 3 years after JFK died. If JFK was in today’s age with all the mass shootings happening all the time, there’s no doubt that he would have been a gun control supporter.

-JFK was tough on communism

Most people were. Who supported the Soviets back then? Certainly not the Democrats back then nor the Republicans back then. Who authorized the Korean War and sent troops to Korea to push back the communists back to China? That’s right, a Democrat!! (Harry Truman).

Today, the Democrats are against Russia and continue to be against communism. I’m not sure where the stance of ‘Democrats are communists or sympathize with communists’ angle comes from, but I’m pretty sure Obama and Clinton and every Democrat today decries Mao and Stalin just like every Republican. This is a made up angle made to create a false partisan division and turn Republicans and Democrats against each other. The Democrats promote *democratic socialism* which is entirely different from communism.

Also, JFK was more likely to withdraw troops from Vietnam than increase them. He told NBC in Sept 1963 “it’s their war, it’s their responsibility to win it or lose it” doesn’t sound like a guy who was the ‘military hawk’ conservatives think he is.

-JFK was against relying on public welfare

This is just totally false. Do people not know that JFK was pushing for universal healthcare before his death?? LBJ passed the Medicare and Medicaid act after JFK’s death as a way of fulfilling (well not fully) JFK’s vision.

“We are behind every country, pretty nearly, in the matter of medical care for our citizens”

JFK was motivated to make the ‘healthcare’ speech at Madison Square Garden in 1962 after his father had a stroke was paralyzed; JFK was obviously able to pay for his medical bills but he was appalled that the average American would have gone bankrupt. We have the same problem to this day.

So no, JFK was not a conservative though a lot of Republicans today would like to think so.


Religious tolerance, Fanaticism, Political beliefs, other thoughts

My political beliefs

“Don’t you ever forget, that Republican economic policy caused the national debt to quadruple in the 12 years before I became president, and double in the 8 years after I left office.” – Bill Clinton

A lot of people at my work have been surprised that I “liked” Mitt Romney on Facebook, believing that I was somehow a typical liberal Canadian. A bit of history about my political beliefs – I’m a strongly opinionated person – I became a conservative once I started working and participating more in church activities. The strongest reasons why I am a political conservative is because I believe in fiscal conservatism, and being a Christian. Therefore the core foundations of the Republican party – supporting small business, free enterprise, personal freedom and liberties, lower taxes, a strong national defense, reducing the deficit, cutting spending, upholding strong family values – those are what I believe in.

So why do I seem like an Obama supporter? Because ironically enough, Obama’s policies come closer to these foundations than the modern Republican party does! The modern Democratic party is essentially the Republican party of old (Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower). The modern Republican party today is some extreme right wing mutation of Reagan’s policies that are too extreme for even Reagan to support if he were alive! The modern Republican party cuts taxes too much, spends too much on defense, and too intolerant of religious freedom. They added to the deficit instead of reducing it. The national debt quadrupled in the 12 years before Bill Clinton took office, and doubled again in the 8 years after Clinton left office (Thanks to Reagan and both Bushes). That’s not fiscal conservatism at all!

Which is why I’m supporting Obama this election. I liked Romney before when he was the moderate governor of MA, instead of the crazy right winger now. I’m a moderate Republican, which is kind of rare these days.

Religious beliefs

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” – Luke 9:23-24

That brings me to my religious beliefs. I’m a Christian, but not strongly slanted to any denomination. What kind of Christian am I? My beliefs most closely align with Catholics and Presbyterians, but what I think is the most important is the core belief in the Bible, the scriptures, the Gospel, the Lord Jesus Christ, and adhering to the good points in the Bible. The Bible isn’t all good, but it does teach us some good things to live by, which I think is important.
A person is not kind, nice, smart, etc based on the virtue of being a Christian, but rather based on the virtue of that person’s personality, but if one takes all the good things taught by the Bible to heart, then it could enhance that person’s virtues. At least that’s my belief anyway. A lot of people say they are “Christian” but frequently commit sin in their lives, which is not being faithful. How many Christians murder? lie? cheat? steal? Probably a larger amount than you would think.

I’m gonna rant now about one of the things I dislike about overly religious, which is intolerance. I have a friend who’s currently dating a girlfriend who’s strongly believes in Adventism. So Adventism isn’t a normal Protestant belief, it’s more of a cult, similar to Scientology, Jehovah’s Witness, Church of Latter Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ Scientist, among others.

So you wanna know how insane this church is? Let me list some things the pastor says (from my friend):
1) You aren’t allowed to watch movies, except documentaries
2) You aren’t allowed to listen to secular music, which is most of classical or modern music
3) You aren’t allowed to eat ‘unclean’ food, such as pigs, ducks and fish without scales.
4) You aren’t allowed to do anything on Saturday but pray. And Saturday is the Sabbath, not Sunday.
5) A woman named Ellen White formed Adventism and is considered their prophet. She speaks the absolute TRUTH and anything contradicting her is heresy.
6) Jesus will come back “soon” and annihilate everyone who isn’t an Adventist. There isn’t a hell in Adventism, so everyone just disappears.
7) Other religions, pagans, atheists are satanic and will be annihilated.
8) Other Christians, including Catholics are FALSE Christians (they compromise with the world) and will also be annihilated. The Pope is satanic, and so are nuns, bishops and other Catholic positions.
9) People don’t have assholes in heaven, because people don’t eat or sleep or do anything in heaven other than play harps for Jesus.
10) Even babies will be condemned to annihilation, because of “original sin”
11) An advanced civilization who were homosexuals created Dinosaurs and were wiped out in the Great Flood.
12) Jesus actually descends from the Orion Nebula when he comes back.
13) Anyone who doesn’t love Jesus will be annihilated.
14) Wearing Jewelry, crosses, makeup, etc are prohibited.
15) You cannot have sex until you get married, and you cannot even think sexual thoughts until that time. (How you figure out how to have sex when the time comes is not explained)
16) Being gay is a choice, and you will be annihilated if you are gay.
17) Drinking, Smoking, Gambling, etc are all prohibited.
18) There’s a global conspiracy by the Roman Catholic church and United Nations (NWO) to force Sunday Law (praying on Sundays) on everyone.
19) It’s ok to kill, but not murder. (Killing is god approved, murder isn’t)
20) There is no evolution, God created the world 10,000 years ago, and Modern Science and Technology is because of Satan.
21) All animals were created vegan, until Adam sinned and they all became carnivorous.
22) All US presidents except JFK were 33rd degree freemasons and Freemasons will take over the world.

I’m not making any of this up. This is actually what the church teaches. It’s insanity.

Additional things
In American society, if you are a good sociable person, then you are more highly valued in society than being a smart engineer or scientist. Think about this. The athletes, actors, musicians in America are all rich and famous, while nerds, scientists, inventors, etc are all virtually ignored by the masses. Everyone knows who Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson are, but does the average person know who Dennis Ritchie was? In this society, the jocks are the ones treated with respect, rather than the nerds. And why is being nerdy or geeky considered a bad trait anyways? Being nerdy just means you are passionate about something, that you’re really into a subject. Its not a bad thing, but carries a social stigma with it. And if anything, who contributes more to society? the entertainers and athletes? or the scientists and engineers and inventors? Who causes our society to progress more, though under appreciated as they are? That’s one of the sad truths of reality, unfortunately.

Another update on my Korean studies:
Verb becoming a noun has several different ways. 보다 = To see, to watch. Seeing/Watching = 보는것 = the thing which sees. It can also be 보기. Making “seeing” the topic = 보는것은 (보는건 for short) = 보기는 (보긴 for short). Making “seeing” the subject = 보는것이 (보는게 for short). Making “seeing” the object = 보는걸 / 보길. So:
verb + 는것 / 는거 / 보기 = making verb a noun
verb + 는것은 / 는건 / 기는 / 긴 = making verb a noun and turning it into the topic
verb + 는것이 / 는게 = making verb a noun and turning it into the subject
verb + 는걸 / 보길 = making verb a noun and turning it into the object.

Also, I’ve been watching Vineyard Man recently, a great Korean romantic comedy. I recommend watching it.