What is the difference between the communism Marx wanted and the communism of China under Mao?

Marxism is very different from Maosim, Stalinism or Leninism. Basically Marxism has never really been successfully implemented.

Capitalism = a few who are incredibly rich, and the majority are poor

Marxism = no one is incredibly rich, majority is decently wealthy (he thought that the vast amount of wealth the top 1% had could be evenly distributed to everyone)

In practice communism (Leninism/Stalinism/Maoism) = a dictatorship where a handful of people control the wealth and power, and majority is poor.

So that’s the difference. Marx never intended communism to be autocratic but it always turn into a personality-cult led dictatorship in practice. Marx had great ideas but only in theory. It’s that theory that got Chinese people interested in communism. Mao promised wealth for everyone – at a time when most Chinese were illiterate and impoverished. And in a way he did, after inventing Simplified Chinese most Chinese could now read and write, and all Chinese had free education, housing and healthcare. But compared to American style capitalism the average Chinese was still poor, and Mao was basically a dictator.

In a Marxist system, Mao would not be a dictator and the average middle class Chinese would be much more wealthier than they actually were during the 50s/60s/70s. But its impossible to implement because humans are greedy and humans want power and absolute power corrupts absolutely – which Mao found out. During the 1950s Mao actually cared about the welfare of the people, but as time went on during the 60s/70s he got corrupted by power and refused to relinquish it.


Why are people still supporting the Democratic party?

I’m an independent, I’m liberal on some issues, conservative on others. The Republican party USED to be a good party that actually aligned with conservative values, but sometime after Ronald Reagan it started drifting from those conservative values (like being fiscally conservative and small government) and started drifting towards the extreme right, and becoming completely crazy.

The Democratic party has some huge problems as well, for one thing I am solidly against SJWs, political correctness and extreme feminism that is going on today. I am also against illegal immigration.

But if only going with those two choices, I’m going to choose the lesser of two evils. Right now unfortunately the Republican party has been taken over by hateful ignorant bigots who think they are more patriotic than everyone else and resorts to name calling like ‘libtards’ if you don’t agree with them, while the Democratic party has more open minded people that are actually willing to engage in a decent conversation so despite not being a liberal, I know which one I am leaning towards.


Why do so many people love China’s government?

I think you gotta see it from Chinese point of view not from Westerner’s point of view.

For Chinese people, their lives improved dramatically from the Cultural Revolution days to now. My parents couldn’t go to university, couldn’t own a TV, had to carry red books with them all the time. That was the time that they grew up in.

Now, China is modernizing, just a few years ago they didn’t even have 3G networks now they have full LTE networks everywhere, bullet trains, skyscrapers everywhere, smartphones everywhere etc so the economy improved a lot for the middle class.

Now as Westerners think, there are problems with the Chinese government, mainly lack of freedom + censorship.

Here’s the thing: Chinese people don’t value freedom as much as Westerners do. They value stability more.
-We think not being able to access Facebook, Google, Youtube, Wikipedia etc is hard to live with. Chinese people don’t really miss it – they have their own domestic competitors WeChat, Baidu, Youku, Zhihu etc and since most Chinese cannot speak English well, its unlikely many Chinese would use foreign websites even if they had access to it. The Chinese that do speak English well, are usually tech savvy enough to use a VPN, so it’s not a problem for them.
-We think censoring sex/violence in entertainment is too extreme. Chinese people are fine living without a rating system because they think it will corrupt the youth (not saying this is true, but that’s what they believe)
-How about having political opinions online censored? Well there’s an easy solution, just don’t talk about politics. As far as I’ve noticed, talking about politics and religion almost always leads to fights and arguments in Western countries anyways.
-We put a huge premium on privacy online, as Facebook has gotten into troubles about these days. Chinese people don’t care – they know their government spies on them, but they don’t care. As long as you aren’t doing anything bad, you don’t have a problem.

So there you have it, Chinese people like the economic progress and they are fine with censorship in the name of stability.