Debunking NBA Myths: Was Jordan ‘rusty’ in 1995?

  1. that Kobe Bryant was robbed of MVPs – I’ve already answered that here.
  2. that Jordan was ‘rusty’ in his 1995 comeback and that’s why he lost to the Orlando Magic

Let me explain the second one. Jordan fans like to imagine that he would win 8 straight championships in a row if he didn’t retire. For 1994 – I agree that with Jordan on the team, they probably would have beaten the Knicks and gone on to beat Hakeem’s Rockets (who only had one other all star in Otis Thorpe) that year and Jordan would have won his 4th NBA championship in 1994 instead of 1996.

However this doesn’t apply to 1995. Because we already know what happened in 1995. Jordan came back late in the season, and then played the entire playoffs and lost to Shaq/Penny’s Magic in 6 games. But Jordan was rusty right? he only played 17 games in the regular season!

Uhh.. nope. Jordan came back pretty much just as strong as he left it and the stats back this up.

In 1995, Jordan performed better in the playoffs than he did in 1996. Crazy right? But he won 72 games in 1996 and he lost to the Magic in 1995! How can that be?

Because Jordan fans don’t want to admit that basketball is a team game. its not based on one individual superstar, even though the NBA is marketed that way. The loss of Horace Grant (ironically, to the Magic) in 1995 left the Bulls without an interior presence to defend Shaq. Horace Grant wasn’t just a role player – he was an all star and the second best player on the team after Pippen in 1994.
In 1996, the Bulls acquired Dennis Rodman and they got the inside presence they needed to beat the Magic that year.

This is the concept that Jordan and Kobe fans don’t understand: it’s not about one individual player putting up massive scoring stats; the rest of your team has to be good as well. Rings are a team achievement and so is MVP in fact; MVPs are always given to the player on a top 3 seeded team (except for Westbrook because he averaged a triple double) so in fact even for MVP which is a so called individual award, having a good team still matters. That’s why Kobe was not robbed of MVP in 2005/2006 – his team wasn’t good enough and that matters in MVP voting.

That’s how Jordan put up better stats in 1995, and still lost. He definitely was not rusty.



If you had a playoffs filled with all time all star NBA teams who would win the championship?i

Ok so personally here would be my all time all star team starters and the seeds:

1st seed: LA Lakers

PG – Magic Johnson 
SG – Kobe Bryant
SF – Elgin Baylor 
PF – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
C – Shaq
Coach: Pat Riley

2nd seed: Boston Celtics

PG – Bob Cousy
SG – Sam Jones
SF – Larry Bird 
PF – Kevin Garnett 
C – Bill Russell 
Coach: Red Auerbach

3rd seed: Golden State Warriors

PG – Stephen Curry 
SG – Klay Thompson
SF – Rick Barry 
PF – Nate Thurmond
C – Wilt Chamberlain
Coach: Steve Kerr

4th seed: Philadelphia 76ers

PG – Allen Iverson
SG – Hal Greer
SF – Julius Erving
PF – Charles Barkley
C – Moses Malone
Coach: Alex Hannum

5th seed: San Antonio Spurs

PG – Tony Parker
SG – George Gervin
SF – Kawhi Leonard 
PF – Tim Duncan 
C – David Robinson
Coach: Gregg Popovich

6th seed: Chicago Bulls

PG – Derrick Rose
SG – Michael Jordan
SF – Scottie Pippen
PF – Bob Love
C – Artis Gilmore
Coach: Phil Jackson

7th seed: Detroit Pistons

PG – Isiah Thomas 
SG – Joe Dumars
SF – Dave Bing
PF – Dennis Rodman
C – Bob Lanier
Coach: Chuck Daly

8th seed: New York Knicks

PG – Walt Frazier
SG – Earl Monroe
SF – Bernard King
PF – Willis Reed
C – Patrick Ewing
Coach: Red Holzman

I think the Lakers and Celtics will eventually end up battling it out, with the Lakers squeaking the win