What’s the best team that did not win (or almost win) the NBA Champions?

My top 10 teams that were never NBA champions: 2016 Golden State Warriors – 73–9 (all time record): HOFers – Steph Curry, (possibly) Klay Thompson, (possibly) Draymond Green 1973 Boston Celtics – 68–14 (franchise record): HOFers – Dave Cowens, John Havlicek, Jo Jo White 2007 Dallas Mavericks – 67–15 (franchise record): HOFers – Dirk Nowitzki […]

Which pre-1980 NBA player would be the most likely to make an All-Star game in today’s era?

The players most likely to have a game that will translate well into today’s NBA.. Wilt Chamberlain – because he was basically Shaq with better defense and thus could dominate probably anyone today Bill Russell / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – well we KNOW Kareem can play in the 80s because he did and was an all star up […]

If you made a 13-man NBA team based on players from each decade, which team would win?

Ok so here’s my teams. In order to get the most variety I’m gonna put in 2 restrictions: -Can’t have 2 of the same players. I.e I have to choose between 70s Kareem and 80s Kareem but not both -the player must have played at least 5 years in that decade to be considered i.e […]