Basketball videos and 3DS vs Vita in retrospect

I’ve been on a basketball video roll recently, making some rants worthy of being an ESPN analyst.




In these videos, I give my commentary on the ESPN greatest players rank, which I felt ranked older players too low, and modern players too high. As well as my thoughts on the most underrated players of all time (50s players and ABA players), debate about Russell/Wilt, talk about the next 20 players that should be part of the NBA anniversary team, and the All-NBA players I would choose for each decade (1950s to 2010s).

Also, I did a popular video on New Nintendo 3DS vs PS Vita slim comparison


In this video I said that 3DS was favored because it had better games. Well, after owning both consoles for about a year now, I can say that both have fairly addictive games, but I’ve played my PS Vita more, due to its larger cache of Japanese RPGs and Visual Novels, which I prefer to Mario/Zelda/Pokemon/etc games. The Vita is really underrated, because it has a fair amount of good games, alot of them recent. Here’s my favorite games on each console:

New Nintendo 3DS: Codename STEAM, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (I love the whole Fire Emblem series, it has the best story of out any tactical RPG), Yokai Watch, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

PS Vita: Steins;Gate (absolutely one of my favorite stories of all time), Persona 4 Dancing All Night (surprisingly good story), Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Xblaze: Code Embryo, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Akiba’s trip: Dead and undressed

There’s just way more variety in the Vita games than 3DS games, which tends to stick to the usual Nintendo suspects: Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon (now Story of Seasons), etc

so yeah.. I might do a retrospective video, but Vita actually wins it for me. If I was forced to choose between Fire Emblem (my favorite Nintendo series) and Steins;Gate or Persona 4, it would be difficult but I would still go with Persona/Steins Gate. And yes, I know Persona Q exists on the 3DS, its just not the same as Persona 4 Golden / Dancing all night on the Vita.

Top 100 greatest NBA players & greatest NBA players of each team

Alright guys here’s my updated list of top 100 greatest NBA players, which I took into account stats and rankings from my awards list:

Top 100 greatest players

1. Michael Jordan – 6x Champion, 5x MVP
2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 6x Champion, 6x MVP
3. Wilt Chamberlain – 4x MVP, 11x Rebounding leader
4. Magic Johnson – 5x Champion, 3x MVP
5. Lebron James – 3x Champion, 4x MVP
6. Bill Russell – 11x Champion, 5x MVP
7. Tim Duncan – 5x Champion, 2x MVP
8. Larry Bird – 3x Champion, 3x MVP
9. Kobe Bryant – 5x Champion, 1x MVP
10. Jerry West – 12x All-NBA, 1x Finals MVP
11. Oscar Robertson – 1x MVP, 6x Assists leader
12. Shaquille O’Neal – 4x Champion, 1x MVP
13. Hakeem Olajuwon – 2x Champion, 1x MVP
14. Julius Erving – 3x Champion, 4x MVP
15. Moses Malone – 3x MVP, 6x Rebounding leader
16. John Havlicek – 8x Champion, 11x All-NBA
17. Karl Malone – 2x MVP, 13x All-NBA
18. Elgin Baylor – 10x All-NBA, 11x All-Star
19. Bob Pettit – 2x MVP, 10x All-NBA
20. Bob Cousy – 6x Champion, 8x Assists leader
21. Charles Barkley – 1x MVP, 10x All-NBA
22. John Stockton – 8x All-NBA, 9x Assists leader
23. Kevin Garnett – 1x MVP, 4x Rebounding leader
24. Rick Barry – 2x Champion, 10x All-NBA
25. David Robinson – 2x Champion, 1x MVP
26. Dirk Nowitzki – 1x MVP, 9x All-NBA
27. Dwyane Wade – 3x Champion, 5x All-NBA
28. Isiah Thomas – 2x Champion, 5x All-NBA
29. Kevin Durant – 1x MVP, 4x Scoring leader
30. Allen Iverson – 1x MVP, 4x Scoring leader
31. Jason Kidd – 6x All-NBA, 5x Assists leader
32. Chris Paul – 7x All-NBA, 4x Assists leader
33. Steve Nash – 2x MVP, 5x Assists leader
34. Willis Reed – 2x Champion, 1x MVP
35. Bill Walton – 2x Champion, 1x MVP
36. George Gervin – 9x All-NBA, 4x Scoring leader
37. Elvin Hayes – 1x Champion, 6x All-NBA
38. George Mikan – 5x Champion, 5x Scoring leader
39. Artis Gilmore – 1x Champion, 1x MVP
40. Dolph Schayes – 1x Champion, 12x All-NBA
41. Mel Daniels – 3x Champion, 2x MVP
42. Stephen Curry – 1x Champion, 2x MVP
43. Clyde Drexler – 1x Champion, 10x All-Star
44. Walt Frazier – 2x Champion, 6x All-NBA
45. Scottie Pippen – 6x Champion, 5x All-NBA
46. Dwight Howard – 6x All-NBA, 5x Rebounding leader
47. Sam Jones – 10x Champion, 3x All-NBA, 5x All-Star
48. Dave Cowens – 2x Champion, 1x MVP
49. Paul Arizin – 1x Champion, 2x Scoring leader
50. Patrick Ewing – 7x All-NBA, 11x All-Star
51. Paul Pierce – 1x Champion, 1x Finals MVP
52. Wes Unseld – 1x Champion, 1x MVP
53. Kevin McHale – 3x Champion, 7x All-Star
54. Bob McAdoo – 2x Champion, 1x MVP
55. Dominique Wilkins – 5x All-NBA, 9x All-Star
56. Billy Cunningham – 1x Champion, 1x MVP
57. Tiny Archibald – 1x Champion, 5x All-NBA
58. Jerry Lucas – 1x Champion, 5x All-NBA
59. Tom Heinsohn – 8x Champion, 4x All-NBA
60. Neil Johnston – 5x All-NBA, 3x Scoring leader
61. George McGinnis – 2x Champion, 1x MVP
62. Connie Hawkins – 1x Champion, 1x MVP
63. Dan Issel – 1x Champion, 5x All-ABA
64. Spencer Haywood – 1x Champion, 1x MVP
65. Bill Sharman – 4x Champion, 5x All-NBA
66. Hal Greer – 1x Champion, 7x All-NBA
67. Carmelo Anthony – 2x All-NBA, 9x All-Star
68. Russell Westbrook – 5x All-NBA, 5x All-Star
69. Roger Brown – 3x Champion, 3x All-NBA
70. Nate Thurmond – 7x All-Star
71. Gary Payton – 7x All-NBA, 9x All-Star
72. James Worthy – 3x Champion, 1x Finals MVP
73. Chris Webber – 4x All-NBA, 5x All-Star
74. Dennis Johnson – 3x Champion, 1x Finals MVP
75. Adrian Dantley – 2x Scoring leader, 6x All-Star
76. Alex English – 3x All-NBA, 8x All-Star
77. Pete Maravich – 4x All-NBA, 5x All-Star
78. Pau Gasol – 2x Champion, 6x All-Star
79. Dennis Rodman – 5x Champion, 7x Rebounding leader
80. Tracy McGrady – 5x All-NBA, 2x Scoring leader
81. Robert Parish – 4x Champion, 9x All-Star
82. Dave Debusschere – 2x Champion, 8x All-Star
83. David Thompson – 3x All-NBA, 5x All-Star
84. Jo Jo White – 2x Champion, 1x Finals MVP
85. Dave Bing – 3x All-NBA, 7x All-Star
86. Bob Lanier – 8x All-Star
87. Bernard King – 3x All-NBA, 4x All-Star
88. Ray Allen – 2x Champion, 10x All-Star
89. Alonzo Mourning – 1x Champion, 7x All-Star
90. Reggie Miller – 5x All-Star
91. Tony Parker – 4x Champion, 1x Finals MVP
92. Jim Pollard – 5x Champion, 4x All-NBA
93. Ed MacCauley – 1x Champion, 4x All-NBA
94. Zelmo Beaty – 1x Champion, 1x Finals MVP
95. Vern Mikkelsen – 4x Champion, 4x All-NBA
96. Lenny Wilkins – 9x All-Star, 1x Assists leader
97. Dikembe Mutombo – 2x Blocks leader, 8x All-Star
98. Vince Carter – 8x All-Star
99. Grant Hill – 5x All-NBA, 7x All-Star
100. Sidney Moncrief – 5x All-NBA, 5x All-Star


Greatest players for each NBA team
Boston Celtics – Bill Russell
Brooklyn Nets – Jason Kidd (New York Nets)
New York Knicks – Willis Reed
Philadelphia 76ers – Wilt Chamberlain
Toronto Raptors – Vince Carter
Dallas Mavericks – Dirk Nowitzki
Houston Rockets – Hakeem Olajuwon
Memphis Grizzlies – Pau Gasol
New Orleans Pelicans – Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets)
San Antonio Spurs – Tim Duncan
Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan
Cleveland Cavaliers – Lebron James
Detroit Pistons – Isiah Thomas
Indiana Pacers – Mel Daniels
Milwaukee Bucks – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Denver Nuggets – Alex English
Minnesota Timberwolves – Kevin Garnett
Oklahoma City Thunder – Kevin Durant
Portland Trail Blazers – Bill Walton
Utah Jazz – Karl Malone
Atlanta Hawks – Bob Pettit (St Louis Hawks)
Charlotte Hornets – Alonzo Mourning
Miami Heat – Dwyane Wade
Orlando Magic – Dwight Howard
Washington Wizards – Wes Unseld (Baltimore Bullets)
Golden State Warriors – Rick Barry
Los Angeles Clippers – Bob McAdoo (Buffalo Braves)
Los Angeles Lakers – Magic Johnson
Phoenix Suns – Steve Nash
Sacramento Kings – Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati Royals)

ABA players are underrated, top 10 underrated basketball players

Another basketball post! yay! In this post I want to talk about just how underrated ABA players.

Edit: I made a video about the top 10 underrated players here:

For those of you who don’t know, the American Basketball Association or ABA, was founded as an alternative league to the NBA and at that time alot of players who felt that the NBA wasn’t paying them enough or too traditional took to the ABA which had a lot of modern rules like the 3 point range, a colored ball, etc

However, the ABA eventually merged with the NBA in 1976, but the NBA refuses to merge ABA player’s career records with the NBA, which is a disservice to former ABA players who later went to the NBA. As a result, several former great ABA players are underrated by the public both because ABA games were not readily televised back in the day, and because their career totals are not fully accounted for in the NBA.

Some of these great players include:

1. Mel Daniels

Mel Daniels
Mel Daniels

Has anyone ever heard of Mel Daniels? Well before I looked him up I haven’t. Probably the most underrated ABA player ever. He was a 6’9 Center that played for the Indiana Pacers, his awards include:
7 time ABA All Star
3 time ABA champion
2 time ABA MVP
1 time ABA all star game MVP
4 time All ABA first team
ABA Rookie of the Year
and his career averages: 18.4ppg/14.9rpg/1.8apg

Now tell me how someone like that could be forgotten? A 3 time champion and 2 time MVP and averaged 15 rebounds a game?? My awards based ranking places him as the 30th best player of all time (!!), right between Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Arizin.

2. Artis Gilmore

Artis Gilmore
Artis Gilmore

Along with Julius Erving, probably the greatest ABA player of all time. And yet he wasn’t elected to the Hall of Fame until 2011. How is this possible? His awards:
11 time ABA/NBA All Star
3 time ABA champion
1 time ABA Finals MVP
1 time ABA MVP
1 time ABA all star game MVP
5 time All ABA first team
ABA Rookie of the Year
and averaged.. 18.8ppg/12.3rpg/2.4bpg

My awards based ranking places him as the 36th best player of all time (!!), right between Isiah Thomas and Dwight Howard. This guy should be a top 10 center of all time, but its always left out of conversations.

3. George McGinnis

George McGinnis
George McGinnis

He was one of the most important players in the ABA along with Julius Erving, yet he isn’t even in the Hall of Fame yet! How is that possible? His awards:

6 time ABA/NBA All Star
2 time ABA champion
1 time ABA MVP
3 time All ABA first team
and averaged.. 20.2ppg/11.0rpg/3.7apg

How can a former MVP and 2 time champion who averaged 20/11 be forgotten?? My awards based ranking places him as the 39th best player of all time, right between John Stockton and Willis Reed.

4. Rick Barry

Rick Barry
Rick Barry

Rick Barry does get acknowledge as one of the great small forwards, but I think not enough as he deserves. Look at his awards and stats:

12 time ABA/NBA All Star
2 time ABA/NBA champion
1 time NBA Finals MVP
9 time All ABA/NBA First Team
NBA All Star game MVP
NBA Rookie of the Year
1 time NBA scoring champion
and averaged.. 24.8ppg/6.7rpg/4.9apg

Rick Barry doesn’t get the credit he deserves. His stats and awards using my ranking makes him the 19th best player of all time, right between Karl Malone and Elgin Baylor. He has better stats than Kobe Bryant. He averaged 27 points a game in the playoffs. He lead the ABA AND NBA in scoring. He lead the Golden State Warriors to their only championship in 1975 almost by himself. He is one of the greatest players of all time, period, yet gets left off the all time nba fantasy draft. He is hardly ever mentioned by modern players. Most players place Scottie Pippen over him. Why??

5. Connie Hawkins

Connie Hawkins
Connie Hawkins

Connie Hawkins was basically another Julius Erving, except not remembered as much. Why not? He started kind of late in the NBA, due to the NBA banning him for a scandal that he wasn’t a part of, but his awards include:

5 time ABA/NBA All Star
1 time ABA Finals MVP
1 time ABA MVP
3 time All ABA/NBA First Team
and averaged.. 18.7ppg/8.8rpg/4.1apg

My awards based ranking places him as the 41th best player of all time, right between Willis Reed and Chris Paul. Again, no one talks about him or mentions him but the dude averaged 25/12 in the playoffs.

Other forgotten former ABA players include
6. Spencer Haywood, a former ABA MVP, averaged 20/10 yet isn’t in the hall of fame.
7. Roger Brown, an all but forgotten ABA star that averaged 17/6/4 for his career.
8. Billy Cunningham isn’t mentioned that much either, even though he is a former ABA MVP, 21/10 player, and one of the top 50 greatest of all time.
9. David Thompson, a former ABA player who averaged 22/3/4, scored 73 points in a game before, and one of the greatest dunkers of all time, is often forgotten.
10. Dan Issel, a 22/9 ABA player who helped Gilmore win his championship but isn’t mentioned amongst the great power forwards.