What NBA players that are playing currently look like future basketball Hall of Famers?

100% will get in Lebron James Steph Curry Russell Westbrook James Harden Dirk Nowitzki Kevin Durant Dwayne Wade Pau Gasol Tony Parker Dwight Howard Chris Paul Carmelo Anthony Might get in on second ballot Vince Carter Chris Bosh Derrick Rose Rajon Rondo Might not get in right now but good chance in the future Blake […]

If all NBA players were judged by their best season, what would the new greatest of all time list look like?

Let me take a crack at this. I’m just gonna focus on the statistical best seasons. First lets get the ridiculous 1962 seasons out of the way where 4 all time players peaked at the same time.. 1962 Wilt Chamberlain – 50.4 PPG / 25.7 RPG / 2.4 APG 1962 Oscar Robertson – 30.8 PPG […]

Who was the best defensive player in NBA history?

Probably Bill Russell. The man was so intimidating on defense that opposing teams would settle for low percentage shots farther and farther from the basket because they knew Russell was waiting in the interior waiting to block any shots near the rim. The guy would have averaged 10+ blocks a game had they been counted […]