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Can you name all the players in the NBA who averaged 30 plus points in a season?



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Wilt Chamberlain

Walt Bellamy


Karl Malone

Bob McAdoo

Bob Pettit

Spencer Haywood (ABA)

Dan Issel (ABA)


Kevin Durant

Lebron James

Elgin Baylor

Adrian Dantley

Bernard King

Dominique Wilkins

Jack Twyman

Julius Erving (ABA)

Connie Hawkins (ABA)


Michael Jordan

Jerry West

Tracy McGrady

James Harden

Dwayne Wade

Kobe Bryant

World B Free

Allen Iverson

George Gervin

Pete Maravich


Stephen Curry

Oscar Robertson

Tiny Archibald

Russell Westbrook

Wilt Chamberlain has the highest season average (50 pts/game) while Michael Jordan scored 30 or more points in the most seasons (8 seasons)

What is the most clutch play in NBA history?

1965 – John Havlicek steals the ball! Havlicek stole the ball – Wikipedia

1970 -Jerry West launched a shot from beyond half court to send the game to overtime in Game 3 against the Knicks (3 point shots didn’t exist in NBA at that time)

1974 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made a clutch skyhook in Game 6 to send the game into overtime against the Celtics.

1976 – Game 5 with the triple overtime. 1976 NBA Finals – Wikipedia so many things happened in that play you have to read the wiki to find out

1987 – Larry Bird famously steals an inbounds pass from Isiah Thomas in Game 5 of the Semifinals, and passes it to Dennis Johnson who seals the win

1987 – Magic Johnson with his ‘baby skyhook’ in the closing moments of Game 4 of the Finals, winning it against the Celtics

1998 – Michael Jordan’s famous push off of Byron Russell and steal off of Karl Malone to hit that last shot in Game 6 of the Finals versus the Jazz

2000 – Game 7, the Lakers comeback against the Trailblazers in the Semifinals ended with a clutch alley oop pass from Kobe to Shaq

2007 – Lebron James carries the Cavs past the Pistons in Game 5 of the Semifinals, scoring the last 29 out of 30 points

2013 – Ray Allen hits a clutch shot to send the game into overtime against the Spurs in Game 6 of the Finals

2016 – Lebron James with a game saving block on Andre Iguodala in Game 7 of the Finals along with Kyrie’s clutch 3 pointer to seal the game against the Warriors

Who’s better right now Russell Westbrook or James Harden?

Wow! Two really close players here. Let’s take a look. I have Russell Westbrook as a top 10 PG and James Harden as a top 10 SG all time.

Scoring: Harden. Westbrook is a great scorer but Harden scores really effortlessly, he’s also better both at FTs and from 3PT range.

Rebounding: Westbrook.

Assists: tied. When Harden plays the PG position in the D’Antoni system he can average 10–12 assists a game. Westbrook can average a triple double so he can also average over 10 assists a game.

Shooting: Harden. His TS% is higher, and as I mentioned is a better FT and 3PT shooter than Westbrook.

Defense: tied. neither are great defenders, none have ever been all-defensive and both average around 2 steals a game.

Awards: tied. 1 MVP and multiple All-NBA teams for both. Neither have any rings.

I would take Harden slightly over Westbrook just because of his ability to exploit the game for points using free throws. Westbrook will get you that triple double but he mostly makes the rest of your team worse while doing so. Harden seems to elevate his teammates more than Westbrook does.