As of today, who had the better career: LeBron or Kobe?

Lebron James. You see people are now having GOAT arguments online about MJ vs Lebron. Did you ever see people debating about MJ vs Kobe for the GOAT? No, of course not, MJ was superior to Kobe in every way so that argument never happened. Now, personally I think MJ is still the unquestioned GOAT, […]

Which person has had the most positions and done most for the NBA?

Well theres a few key people I would say in NBA history who are very important George Mikan – for being the first NBA superstar Red Auerbach – for drafting Bill Russell and starting the Celtics dynasty and for a good few decades the best NBA coach there was Wilt Chamberlain – caused a bunch […]

Who is the most unselfish NBA player ever?

Well, here’s my all time unselfish NBA players team PG: Magic Johnson Magic is one of the greatest team players ever, successfully playing with 4 other HOFers during his career without ever asserting his ego. Magic could make any teammate better. SG: Jerry West West successfully played with Wilt Chamberlain, Gail Goodrich and Elgin Baylor […]