Why do Koreans like plastic surgery?

Super competitive culture especially on appearance. Unlike China and America, Korea doesn’t have multiple standards of beauty. They have ONE standard. Why is that? Because they are a single race country with a limited gene pool that also happens to be really small, that’s why. Now combine that with a super stressful culture where everyone […]

What are some misconceptions that foreigners have about Koreans that are not true?

That South Korean women all had plastic surgery and are not as naturally beautiful as other girls. I’ve heard this comment SO many times. It’s actually the first thing people tell me when I mention Korean women are pretty. “Yeah but they had plastic surgery” “yeah but they aren’t naturally beautiful” etc https://www.seoultouchup.com/kor… First off, it’s not true […]

the truth about plastic surgery rumors…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WMebV5qt3s This story is so sad. Some of you may have heard of a story that had a photo of this beautiful girl and handsome guy married but their kids looked ‘ugly’ and it was designed to spread the nonsense that if you married a woman who had plastic surgery then your kids could possibly […]