Are Michelin restaurants highly overrated/hyped?

overrated? No. Overhyped? Perhaps.

I think in general fine dining is overhyped or at the very least not a very good value – you are paying more and generally getting less food, its just packaged and served very nicely – is that worth the extra 4x-5x premium over a regular restaurant? not sure. Not for me, at least.

First of all I find taste so subjective, that’s why I always take Yelp reviews with a grain of salt, because what someone else finds delicious, I might find revolting. There’s been cases where I found a bowl of $2 instant ramen more delicious than a $40 meal I paid for at some fancy restaurant. Yes, its true.

Secondly, Michelin restaurants are based on reputation as much as anything else, and it’s been widely reported that Michelin inspectors are biased towards certain chefs or certain types of cuisine.

I can speak to my experience as I go back to Korea every year – a country with so many great restaurants – I know some places in Gangnam and Yeoksam where they serve the best Hanwoo beef brisket ever, and a place in Gwanganli, Busan where its the best pork belly I’ve ever tasted. These are hole in the wall establishments that many Michelin inspectors have never been to. They were a little more expensive compared to a typical Korean restaurant on the street – but much cheaper than a typical fine dining restaurant in a Western country. The service was also phenomenal. All these restaurants put the Michelin starred restaurants and expensive fancy restaurants (yes even Korean ones) I’ve been to in US/Canada to shame.
Costs a fraction of the price, not Michelin starred, and the service was also superior.

Go to China, you’ll eat way better food than any fancy high end Chinese restaurant you’ll find in the States. Same for Thailand, or Vietnam, or Taiwan etc.

And oh yeah, NO TIP for any of these places (despite the fantastic service) because its Asia, and tipping is not a thing there, thankfully. (this applies to everything in Asia btw, get your hair cut and massaged by two beautiful women, they give you a contact card and escort you out the door for $20, no tip necessary)

Except for Japan, which contains the most Michelin starred restaurants, it seems that non Western countries generally do not get Michelin inspectors even going there, which is what I mean by saying that Michelin restaurants are inherently biased to certain places. That doesn’t mean those restaurants serve the best cuisine of their kind.

I’m just speaking from my personal experience – yes Michelin restaurants are generally very good, but they are neither the best restaurants I’ve been to, and far from the best value, especially when taking into consideration non Western cuisine. You’re much better off going to a hole in the wall / mom and pop shop in that native country for those cuisines.

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Who are the top ten most overrated players in NBA history?

Good question here’s my list

  1. Kobe Bryant – undoubtedly the most overrated player of all time. I have a very detailed explanation as to why here Tong Zou’s answer to Why does everyone have Kobe Bryant top 5 all time? I have him top 12 for sure, maybe even top 10 A lot of fans put him #2 all time – some even put him #1 all time as the GOAT over Jordan (yes unbelievably)
  2. Allen Iverson – one of the worst shooters to ever be a superstar, Iverson gets most of his popularity from his ‘toughness’ and the ‘hiphop’ attitude he brought to the game
  3. Isiah Thomas – surprising? don’t be. Isiah gets way too much credit for leading the Bad Boy Pistons to 2 championships – but he wasn’t a great shooter, didn’t play defense as well as any of his teammates, and only led the league in assists once. Despite this, a lot of fans put him in their top 5 PGs all time. The Pistons were a great team Isiah was just one cog in their engine but because he was their leader people give Isiah mostly all the credit – Dumars/Rodman/Aguirre/Mahorn/Laimbeer/Johnson had a lot to do with their success too
  4. Carmelo Anthony – is he one of the greatest offensive players ever? perhaps. He is perhaps fairly rated now but most of his career he was overrated. A ball hog that only served to drag the team down, it’s no wonder that every team he’s ever been on gets worse with him playing
  5. Kyrie Irving – Kyrie is a top 25 PG don’t get me wrong – but some fans consistently put him as one of the top 3 PGs in the game when really he is most definitely not better than Curry, CP3 or Dame. Or Westbrook for that matter.

What do the players I cite all have in common? they were all “flashy” players (also called the ‘eye test’ by ignorant fans to justify their high ranking i.e you don’t know how great __ is because you never saw him play! the eye test you fool!). Flashy players tend to be overrated because of the excitement they bring on court leads fans to believe that they are better than they actually are. This is the reason why people think Kobe is better than Duncan. He’s not. But because he played in a bigger market, had ‘flashier’/’skilled’ moves, he gets ranked higher.

People also tend to overrate players for ‘toughness’ this is not related to any stat or award – but I guess we want our players to be like gladiators or something they gotta tough out any injury! any player who dares try to limp off the court and get medical attention is a pussy! this is an argument used by male fans often insecure about their masculinity so they project it onto NBA players

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What do you think of LeBron James? Is he not overrated?

Not at all. He gets an unfair amount of hate it seems for needing a superteam to win. Well tell me how many players have won anything by themselves? Turns out you need good teammates to win something. Jordan needed Pippen. Magic needed Kareem. Bird needed McHale. You can’t win with nothing. The fact that Lebron took his team to the Finals in 2007 pretty much by himself is impressive enough. The fact that the Cavs gave him absolutely nothing to work with forced him to switch to another team. I don’t there’s anything wrong with that. Would you rather he have 0 rings but stayed on one team?

What’s more is that people hate on him for being TOO good! its true – he goes to the Finals every year – because he’s clearly the best player on the East, and takes whatever team he goes to the Finals. Tell me this if Kobe switched to the East and took his team to the Finals every year would you be hating on him the same way people hate on Lebron? Its not sensible to me. Then people hate on his Finals record, because they need to pick something to hate on. Ok, if Lebron goes to the West, his Finals record would ironically be better! Why? because you would need a better team in the West to go to the Finals with – meaning he would win the Finals more often than he would in the East – giving him a better Finals record. So people are basically hating on him for being too good and taking his team to the Finals ever year. He’s been the underdog almost every time – the fact that he won 3 out of 8 Finals trips is actually quite impressive given that the best player he’s ever played with is 2011 Wade (Wade declined after 2011).
BTW – did you know the 80s Western Conference was just as weak as the Eastern conference is now? Magic and Kareem basically cruised to the playoffs every year – funny how no one ever gives them the same flak Lebron gets. AND they got swept twice as well! No one brings that up either.

His stats are remarkable – 27/7/7 over 14 years of play. his PER and Win shares are among the highest in NBA history. He is a top 5 player all time no question. The fact that he gets hated on so much is frankly ridiculous.