Why don’t internet chat rooms exist anymore like in the 90s?

They still sorta exist but its pretty much in the form of applications and games now. Any multiplayer online game is essentially a chat room. Matchmaking lobbies have always been chat rooms. VR apps like Big Screen, Altspace, Sansar, VRChat, Facebook Spaces are all virtual chat rooms. One of the first avatar based chat rooms I used was Habbo Hotel and that’s still there, remarkably! And Second Life is also still there. So is mIRC and other IRC clients. Discord and Telegram can also be used to find ‘chat rooms’.

But the same kind of chat rooms, the ones that used to exist on random websites on the internet i.e Yahoo Chat, Java applets that had chat rooms, etc those are mostly gone, and that’s a shame. I made some of my first online friends using online chat rooms (I think it was a website called iSketch).

I think the reason random websites with chat rooms no longer exist is I think as an online population we’ve gotten more cautious than we did before. In the 1990s and early 2000s the internet held a sense of wonder for most people, and we went to various websites, we didn’t care so much about security, we wanted to meet and discover new people, talking to strangers online was kind of cool! the popular phrase A/S/L came about because we were all meeting random people online. I remember when webmasters and webmistresses would just leave their AIM/MSN handle on their contact page, and I would add them randomly and start talking to them. Imagine that! It was definitely a more innocent time.

And then social media came. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc and with that we shifted the way we used the internet. Talking to strangers was now a ‘dangerous’ activity because we don’t know who they might be, they might be a pedophile, they might be a stalker, etc. We only talk to friends and people we trust now! 

Another problem is these chat rooms were often filled with spambots. That made it very annoying to use these rooms sometimes as these bots would have to be manually kicked by the host of the room (who is sometimes afk).

And that’s kind of sad. That sense of wonder and discovery that the early internet brought has largely disappeared as people became more wary of meeting people they didn’t know online. Can you imagine in today’s world giving people your age/sex/location? that used to be such a common thing at one time.

RIP internet chat rooms.

Yahoo Chat

SharedTalk by Rosetta Stone (I remember using this in 2014 before they shut down)

Java Chat applets (used to be everywhere on early websites)


What horrible video game trend just won’t go away?

Online multiplayer

this is the worst video game trend. Here’s what you needed to play a game with 3 friends back in 1997:

-An N64


-A copy of Goldeneye 007

-4 controllers

That’s it! And you had split screen multiplayer and a LAN party was born. Super Smash Bros? Sure. Halo 2? Good times. Call of Duty 2? Oh yeah thats the stuff.

Now in 2018 here’s what you need to play a game of Battlefield / COD / Destiny / etc with 3 friends:

-4 PS4s/Xboxes/PCs

-4 TVs/Monitors

-4 copies of Battlefield/COD/Destiny/etc

-4 controllers/keyboard sets

-4 subscriptions to Xbox Live / PS Plus for consoles


See how much more expensive that is?

And its not only that. We can’t play in the same room anymore. Well unless they lug over their system + TV. Why is playing split screen in the same room important when you can do online chat? Well, how about not dealing with latency issues? How about sharing the same physical space as each other so you can see each other’s reactions in real time? How about grabbing a bite to eat while gaming? How about sleepovers and LAN parties? How about not being forced to pay for microtransactions and DLCs just to play the same game as each other at the same level?

Yup, all that is gone now (save for a few Nintendo games, thank god)… online multiplayer killed off all of that and forced us to pay more money in addition to that.

That’s why me and my friends mostly stick to pre-2005 games whenever they come over to my place. All my post 2005 games (except Nintendo games) I don’t bother with the multiplayer at all.

Note: I’m talking about removing local multiplayer in favor of online multiplayer, not saying all online multiplayer should go away


Hacking and Duping in Ragnarok Online eAthena RC5 servers

This is a tutorial I made five years ago and although it may be a bit outdated, for archival purposes I want to post it here (and anyone still using eAthena RC5 or below can still use these hacks).

For many of these tricks, you are going to need:
1) A Ragnarok Online server running eAthena RC5 or older
2) One or more Sakray clients that can connect
3) WPE Pro packet sniffer

Trading non-existent items

OK here’s how to make it so that you are trading a non-existent item:
1. OK I’m assuming you know how wpe works, so open that up, target your client and start recording.
2. type @storage and move whatever item you’re selling into the storage. Stop recording, and take the item out.
3. A person wants to buy your item, so deal with him and put your item into the window, and press ok (it is assumed that the other person will press OK and trade).
4. send the packets that you’ve recorded, and your item should be in the storage now.
5. trade with the person (they still see the item), and you should now have your item in the storage and the other person with nothing while you still get what the other person traded.

Note: This will theoretically work with the kafra storage in the official servers, so just record the packets you used to open up the kafra storage.

Duping Items

Okay this method is almost like the thread I posted a while back…except it’s almost as easy as roproxy.
Things you need: 2 clients/accounts, 3 or more stackable items,wpe filter.

Step 1: target your client with wpe, go on ur account and have 3 or more stackable items in your inventory.
Step 2: start recording, use @storage or the kafra storage and put x items in (where x is however items you want to dupe minus one).
Step 3: Stop recording and take those items out.
Step 4: Log in with ur other account and deal your first char. Have your first char put all of the items into the window and press ok.
Step 5: Resent the packets that you’ve recorded. You can choose to send all of them, or use my way, it faster:
Just send the packet that make your character say @storage, and the packet that comes right before the long code (usually the long code is near the bottom).
Step 6: Complete the trade.
Now your first char should have the items in his/her storage, and the second char should have the items u traded.

That’s it! 2 clients, 3 items and 2 packets is all u need.

Another guide on duping items

Well, i was messing around with wpe and found a way of duping stackable items.
You need a cart and another person for this, however.

Step 1:
Go on your account and select a char that has a cart. Also make sure that you have 3 or more of a stackable item.
Step 2:
Start up wpe, target ur client, and start recording. Put all but 1 of the item in your cart. stop recording and take them out.
Notice how I’ve put 6 in my cart, leaving 1 in my inventory:

Step 3:
Go on another account (or have another person) and deal ur first char.
With your first char, put ALL of the items into the window and press ok. Let your second char do the same:

Step 4:
Send the packets that you’ve recorded. They should look something like this:

Step 5:
Now you should have gotten all but 1 of the item in your cart. Then press trade:

Step 6:
Your second char should now have the items that you’ve traded, and your first char should have all but 1 of the items in the cart:

This was tested on a server that ran eAthena RC5, if someone could further confirm this for me, that would be appreciated.