My thoughts on Trump supporters

I’ve now unfollowed all the major news outlets on Facebook like CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Economist, TIME, BBC etc because 90% of the news now is reporting about things that Donald Trump did, and because of the nature of his politics, they tend to be very divisive and a lot of arguing and bickering ensues. I’m tired of it, but I would like to say something about my time feuding with all these people, in particular Trump supporters. And by no means am I saying every Trump voter is like this or that some Hillary supporters aren’t like this, but I have seen a sizeable portion of them with the following traits:

1) They don’t believe in the mainstream media, but they like to make up their own facts and believe fake stories from the right wing media.

They call all the news that are negative to Trump “fake news”. Now, I’m not saying that the mainstream media isn’t biased. They are, but by no means are they fake. Their stories, even though they have a liberal spin on them, are certainly derived from actual events that happened. On the other hand, Trump supporters actually believe fake news and spread this misinformation to people online.

Some examples are, they like to believe that Obama is a Muslim or born in another country (disproven), that Obama ruined the economy (false, he improved it by alot), that Obamacare raised healthcare premiums (false, its been increasing long before Obamacare), that Obama caused race relations to worsen (false, thats not under Obama’s control), that socialism = communism (that would mean that North Korea == Canada), they like to believe millions of illegals and dead people voted in the election (no evidence), they like to believe Bill Clinton was a rapist (untrue), and in response to the refugee ban, say that Obama and Jimmy Carter did the same thing (they didn’t and numerous videos have explained why Trump’s ban is different). And often, they say these things without giving a shred of evidence or proof at all. At least a liberal biased outlet like Vox, backs up their statements with hard sources and statistics. So does The Young Turks, who is liberal leaning, but criticize the Democrats often, they also back up their statements with stats and hard facts. Trump supporters never back up their statements, and cite that mainstream media doesn’t cover these allegations.
You know the reason why mainstream media didn’t cover them? because they’re not true. They are fake stories.
So its ironic that they call the mainstream media “fake”, yet believe their own fake stories.

Another thing is the polls. They don’t believe in any mainstream media polling after the election because the election polls were off. Well, first off, the election polls were actually correct in the national vote count where Clinton won by 2%. Secondly, I know they are uneducated, but there’s a difference between predictive polls and current polling. Predictive polls like election pols try to predict the future, and anytime you try to guess the future there’s a chance you could be wrong. Current polling and stats on the other hand, like the unemployment numbers, and approval rating of the President, are polling people RIGHT NOW, so they are entirely different than predictive polls. They aren’t predicting the future; this is what the data is like right now. They can’t seem to understand that difference.

2) They think its an us vs them mentality. Everyone who is against Trump and for Obama must be a liberal. And they make up names like “libtard” and “snowflake” to make themselves feel better. They are massive hypocrites and literally if Trump does the exact same thing that they hated Obama for doing, they would praise Trump for it. Its insane.

Seriously, whats with all the name calling? Are they in grade school or something? Oh you’re a “libtard” hahaha. Seriously grow up. “Snowflake” is especially annoying because people from both sides get triggered, not just liberals. They like to say stuff like ‘haha we won you lost go to your little safe space and cry your liberal tears’ like what is this? A civil war between blue states and red states? between left wing America and right wing America? all these people are doing is dividing the country more and more. And secondly, the world is not black and white. Its not you either support Trump or you support Obama / Hillary. There’s lots of people like me who are independents or libertarians that support neither. For example, I am against government spending, I am for state’s rights, I am for lowering the debt, I am for capital punishment, but at the same time, I support raising taxes on the rich, I’m against war, and I’m against guns. This stance would make Trump supporters spin their head because they are so used to this idea that everyone must be either a Democrat or Republican, either extreme left wing or extreme right wing.

Furthermore, they keep saying stuff like “liberalism is a mental disease”, “liberals are retarded haha” etc. Now I am not a liberal, but I would like to point out the fact that some of the smartest people in the country are liberals. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, scientists, engineers, economists, academics, scholars, Nobel laureates, Hollywood, etc those guys are mostly liberal. Yet a majority of Trump’s voters are uneducated. Hmm. The irony here is stunning. Calling people that have traveled the world, associated with many people globally and have got masters and PhD degrees, learning about the history of the country and calling what they have a ‘mental disorder’ when you yourself probably have never traveled outside America, didn’t go to college or university, and believe in right wing conspiracy theories. I wonder, who is the one who has the ‘mental disorder’ in this case?

3) They have little understanding of how the world works and that’s part of the reason why they dislike the ‘elites’ and immigrants

I reckon that most Trump supporters have not bothered to travel outside of America, or made a real effort to understand the global economy or how it works. The world does not function the same way it did back in the 1950s. The global economy is now interdependent on each other, which makes it unfeasible to isolate the US from everyone else. The world has evolved a lot since the 1950s. Japan and Europe have rebuilt themselves. China has become a developed country. Its just impossible to go back to that time when America was at the top of the world. For example, manufacturing used to be mostly based in the US. Now its been outsourced mostly to China and Mexico and other countries. Its easy to blame the global elites or immigrants for taking away your jobs and enriching themselves but the real truth is that Americans have to keep up. I mean aren’t Republicans the ones who keep saying to do things on your own, make yourself rich and prosperous without government welfare or intervention?

That’s what immigrants do. They try to find the American dream just like so many other people. Then once they make it big and make lots of money, now ironically the same party which supported getting rich on your own is now against them. Hollywood and Silicon Valley are full of “rich elites” but the thing is they were once the same people as them, they just worked hard to get there. Ronald Reagan and John Wayne, too huge conservative icons, were from Hollywood. Lots of immigrants came on H1B visas which are now being hated on by Trump supporters, those same people founded Google, Yahoo, Intel, eBay, among others.

The point is you shouldn’t blame immigrants or Muslims for all your problems, when the truth is that there has been a technological shift in the industry. And as we moved on from agriculture into a service economy into an IT based economy, you gotta change with the times or risk being left behind. Those jobs from China and India aren’t coming back unless we depress wages by a lot and re-create a lot of the infrastructure that we had back in the 1950s. If we don’t, and we try to make things in America again, guess what? The price of all your goods will go up by at least double. You can’t keep blaming immigrants and global elites for your troubles when you are the one that should be re-educating yourself and getting a new skill set.
Lots of Trump supporters believe in global conspiracy theories, like the NWO, Bilderberg group, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral commission etc who they see as a group of elites trying to take over the world. Do you know where conspiracy theories come from? They come from people who don’t know what’s going on so they assume the worst. So the global elites, the people who have money and power, have the ability to influence things going on in the world, and so they meet and try to decide what is best for society.

Notice that most of these conspiracy theories popped up after WWII. After WWII, people in higher up positions decided that we shouldn’t have another war like this and we need to have a way for peace and understanding. The thing is – those groups that people like to point out that is taking over the world are probably more responsible for keeping us from having another world war. But because its a closed meeting, people just like to assume the worst from them. I don’t think it’s like that. Trump’s victory probably upset that group, which Trump supporters want to believe is a good thing, but I don’t think it is. I think it causes a lot of instability and uncertainty with the world. And if people bothered to study history, they would know that before WWII happened and the United Nations was created, there was constant instability in the world. Much more than today. So its not really a good idea to go back to that time.


Thoughts on Trump’s election and supporters, Electoral College, the future

(this is for a vlog I’m doing)

I haven’t talked extensively about politics on my vlog videos, but I finally want to speak up about my thoughts on Donald Trump, the 2016 election, the electoral college, his supporters, and the future.

First off, I was just as surprised as anyone when Trump won the election. I just couldn’t believe how wrong everyone was, even the statistical based had Trump’s chances at only 30% and other sites had his chances at only 10%. It was just unbelievable, that not only did he win, but he won with states that haven’t voted Republican in 3 decades, like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

I thought, just like most political pundits, that the demographic shift that had gained the US more blacks, latinos, asians etc would permanently alter the future, and that Republicans didn’t have a chance to win the presidency again. Furthermore, Trump was just scandal after scandal. Not releasing his tax returns, bragging about sexual assault, I guess none of that mattered in the end because what happened was that Obama’s coalition just didn’t come out for Hillary. Hillary just didn’t have the charisma or energy that Obama had. And white working voters hated Hillary enough that it didn’t matter. People wanted change and they wanted it badly, and they voted in the first president in US History that has never had any political or military experience before.

Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million. This highlights a problem with the electoral college – it gives small states way too much power. This has happened now 5 times in American history. In 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000 and now 2016. Each time, the Democrat won the popular vote but the Republican won the election. The thing is Republicans are the party of rural voters – which means they benefit the most from the electoral college, which gives small states disproportionate power. Wyoming for example, has 3 electoral votes. California, which has 76x the population of Wyoming, only has 55 electoral votes. Yeah 55 seems like a lot, but its only 18x more votes than Wyoming. It should be 76x more votes than Wyoming. California SHOULD have 228 votes, not 55. Now people in favor of the electoral college say that this prevents the big cities from ruling the small towns, and candidates will only campaign in New York and California, but tell me, do candidates campaign very fairly right now? Right now, only a handful of battleground states, like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado etc matter right now. Those states always swing the election, so candidates forget about the other states, both solid red and solid blue states get ignored. Furthermore I just don’t think voters in Ohio or Florida should matter that much more than voters in California or Texas. Its not equal, and its different than democratic elections in every other country, which is always based on popular vote, not some weird outdated system like the electoral college. So thats my thoughts regarding that.

I want to make clear that I’m not a liberal, and I lean conservative. I’ve been a registered Canadian conservative since 2010. But in the US, because its so far right of other developed countries, I wouldn’t consider myself a Republican, I am an independent or even Libertarian if anything. I’m not a Trump or Hillary supporter. Part of the reason I like South Korea so much is because it is one of the most socially conservative countries in Asia. I am pretty sick of people blaming Obama for everything. People forget that its Congress that makes and passes bills and Obama merely signs them. So its not all the Democrats and Obama’s fault for everything, since Congress was split between both parties for most of Obama’s term.

Now, as a conservative I believe in the core principles of lower spending, and traditional values. I hate SJWs and the progressive movement. I do not care for same sex marriage or abortion or gender equality or illegal immigration or wasteful spending. I’m not in support of any of those things. But some of the current Republican party’s stances are against my logic (this is probably what makes me lean Libertarian). I am against heavy defense spending. I have no idea why we need to spend so much money on defense, more than the next 27 countries combined. I am against tax cuts for the rich. Now I know this is a core “conservative” political stance, but after studying US history and majoring in Economics (I am a double major), I know for sure that tax cuts for the rich are a bad idea. It only serves to increase the deficit and increase the gap between the rich and the poor. And has no effects on creating jobs at all.

The evidence is clear; in the 1950s and 1960s the US GDP was growing more than 5% annually a sustained rate we have not really achieved since. In those decades the top bracket of marginal tax on earners was 90%. I’m not kidding. It was really 90%. JFK lowered it to around 70%. But basically until Reagan cut the taxes heavily for the upper class, the top bracket for earners was very very high. But the US economy was good back then. We all want to return to the economy of the 1950s and 1960s because it really was that good. Now, I know the 1970s was a period of ‘stagflation’ and you might think Reagan’s tax cuts had a lot to do with getting the economy back on track in the 1980s, but it was actually the work of Paul Volcker, probably the most brilliant Fed Reserve chairman in recent memory. His actions ended the stagflation (high unemployment + inflation) of the 1970s by raising interest rates, which long term helped the economy to improve.

Reagan undid all that work by appointing Alan Greenspan, a very controversial Fed Chairman because he deregulated the markets, including the market for subprime mortgages and derivatives, factors that would lead to the Great Recession 2 decades later. During all this time, the Reagan and Bush tax cuts would only increase the deficit and cause larger gaps between the rich and poor. The middle class as a result, is shrinking. Part of the reason why we have such a large national debt is because of tax cuts – it quadrupled under Reagan and doubled again under Bush.

Which brings us to Trump supporters, who I don’t really understand, but maybe thats because a large majority of them are uneducated (70% of Americans never graduated college or went to college). See the average American, and I assume a lot of whom voted for Trump, are selfish and only really care about themselves and their family. They only care about what affects them. During the last decade, we have seen technological change everything shifting to a service based economy, and less and less blue collar jobs. Soon almost all blue collar jobs will be automated or replaced by robots some people say. This causes a lot of anger in the midwest especially since they are manufacturing reliant. They lose their coal jobs, and they blame the sitting president, Obama, since he’s the most visible figure in the government, even if he has nothing to do with them losing their jobs.

Furthermore, they see foreigners and illegal immigrants as a source of the problem as well, potential threats to them and the American economy. These people are who Trump especially resonated with. Now these people also see government in general as a bad thing, because the government seems to be apathetic to their struggles, so they elect Trump because they want an outsider. They see Washington run by corrupt elites who want to serve themselves. They don’t believe the mainstream media because they think they are all left wing biased and run by liberals. A lot of them believe in conspiracy theories, like illegal immigrants voting in the millions for example, they believe all this crap, even if there’s no evidence or proof of all these things. They blame Obama and Democrats and liberals for everything, some of them may even think Obama is a muslim and out to destroy America. They thought Hillary Clinton was Satan reincarnated basically. And even today, with proof and testimony from leading Democrats AND Republicans, the CIA and FBI (both politically neutral entities), that Russia and Putin hacked the US election system, they don’t trust or believe it. They think its all fake liberal news. The US economy steadily gaining back jobs (175k this month), and the unemployment rate staying around 4.9% (down from a high of 10% in Oct 2009), the stock market at all time highs, all that and they think its some fake liberal data created to help Obama’s legacy.

I mean, I think these people are insane, I don’t have any other way to say it. Maybe not all Trump supporters but a substantial amount of them. I read through their Facebook comments a lot and it just doesn’t make any sense. Basically to them they think that ALL news thats bad to Trump or positive to Obama must be “spun” by the media, and anything that contradicts their bubble must be wrong. They are living in their own crazy conspiracy fueled world, and thats kind of concerning. Trump has so far, appointed lots of millionaires and billionaires to his cabinet, most of whom don’t know anything about the department they are running, has praised Putin many times (remember when the Soviet Union was the bad guy?), refused to attend security briefings (yet has time to tweet about SNL and the Apprentice), threatened to leave mutually beneficial alliances like NATO and trade deals like NAFTA, casually talked about raising the number of nukes (are we still in the Cold War?) and has had his daughter sit in on meetings with foreign leaders (potential conflicts of interest), and given no press conferences on top of that.

This makes the future extremely uncertain, especially since he has flip flopped on his issues numerous times. And his supporters don’t seem to care, or they are caught up with being happy that Obama is leaving. Ok – well don’t you care about what Trump will do the next 4 years? Aren’t you guys even a little bit curious what Trump will do? Its not like he elaborated on any of his policies during his campaign so… yeah, I am a little concerned, and more concerned that Trump supporters seem to be NOT concerned at all. Even if you like Donald Trump, and I think he does personally care about America, I even read his book “How to Fix Crippled America” and I do believe he cares a lot about America. The problem is – you should be worried about what his plans are, or at least the fact he doesn’t seem to have any plans or given any specifics. This lack of transparency should concern even the most ardent Trump supporter.

Also want to mention something I didn’t mention in the video: I am not a supporter of gun rights (I made another vlog about this before) for several reasons but it comes down to it causes more problems than it solves, and I trust trained cops to use guns more than I trust the average citizen. But I AM a supporter of capital punishment. I don’t understand why we dont just kill those f*ckers like Charles Manson or that Dylan Roof guy or that guy who did the Aurora shooting. They’re so obviously guilty, just shoot them and get it over with, whats up with the year-long trials and stuff and then putting them into prison wasting taxpayer money on that garbage?

Also, I do believe Donald Trump cares about America, and the media twists his words around a lot, but I don’t think he has concrete plans for fixing America. I looked at his tax plans – for most people it doesn’t change from the current tax plan – only if you are making over $400k-$500k a year then you get a tax break – and I’ve already explained why tax cuts for the rich don’t work. He wants to bring jobs back to America by taxing companies who outsource jobs overseas – but bringing jobs back would increase the price of goods (at least double them) due to higher labor costs in USA. This would make Chinese companies even more competitive due to their lower labor costs and lower price points. I think people would want to buy cheaper products more than they pay double and buy American products

That’s all I have to say about this topic for now, but let me know your comments and feedback.


Religious tolerance, Fanaticism, Political beliefs, other thoughts

My political beliefs

“Don’t you ever forget, that Republican economic policy caused the national debt to quadruple in the 12 years before I became president, and double in the 8 years after I left office.” – Bill Clinton

A lot of people at my work have been surprised that I “liked” Mitt Romney on Facebook, believing that I was somehow a typical liberal Canadian. A bit of history about my political beliefs – I’m a strongly opinionated person – I became a conservative once I started working and participating more in church activities. The strongest reasons why I am a political conservative is because I believe in fiscal conservatism, and being a Christian. Therefore the core foundations of the Republican party – supporting small business, free enterprise, personal freedom and liberties, lower taxes, a strong national defense, reducing the deficit, cutting spending, upholding strong family values – those are what I believe in.

So why do I seem like an Obama supporter? Because ironically enough, Obama’s policies come closer to these foundations than the modern Republican party does! The modern Democratic party is essentially the Republican party of old (Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower). The modern Republican party today is some extreme right wing mutation of Reagan’s policies that are too extreme for even Reagan to support if he were alive! The modern Republican party cuts taxes too much, spends too much on defense, and too intolerant of religious freedom. They added to the deficit instead of reducing it. The national debt quadrupled in the 12 years before Bill Clinton took office, and doubled again in the 8 years after Clinton left office (Thanks to Reagan and both Bushes). That’s not fiscal conservatism at all!

Which is why I’m supporting Obama this election. I liked Romney before when he was the moderate governor of MA, instead of the crazy right winger now. I’m a moderate Republican, which is kind of rare these days.

Religious beliefs

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” – Luke 9:23-24

That brings me to my religious beliefs. I’m a Christian, but not strongly slanted to any denomination. What kind of Christian am I? My beliefs most closely align with Catholics and Presbyterians, but what I think is the most important is the core belief in the Bible, the scriptures, the Gospel, the Lord Jesus Christ, and adhering to the good points in the Bible. The Bible isn’t all good, but it does teach us some good things to live by, which I think is important.
A person is not kind, nice, smart, etc based on the virtue of being a Christian, but rather based on the virtue of that person’s personality, but if one takes all the good things taught by the Bible to heart, then it could enhance that person’s virtues. At least that’s my belief anyway. A lot of people say they are “Christian” but frequently commit sin in their lives, which is not being faithful. How many Christians murder? lie? cheat? steal? Probably a larger amount than you would think.

I’m gonna rant now about one of the things I dislike about overly religious, which is intolerance. I have a friend who’s currently dating a girlfriend who’s strongly believes in Adventism. So Adventism isn’t a normal Protestant belief, it’s more of a cult, similar to Scientology, Jehovah’s Witness, Church of Latter Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ Scientist, among others.

So you wanna know how insane this church is? Let me list some things the pastor says (from my friend):
1) You aren’t allowed to watch movies, except documentaries
2) You aren’t allowed to listen to secular music, which is most of classical or modern music
3) You aren’t allowed to eat ‘unclean’ food, such as pigs, ducks and fish without scales.
4) You aren’t allowed to do anything on Saturday but pray. And Saturday is the Sabbath, not Sunday.
5) A woman named Ellen White formed Adventism and is considered their prophet. She speaks the absolute TRUTH and anything contradicting her is heresy.
6) Jesus will come back “soon” and annihilate everyone who isn’t an Adventist. There isn’t a hell in Adventism, so everyone just disappears.
7) Other religions, pagans, atheists are satanic and will be annihilated.
8) Other Christians, including Catholics are FALSE Christians (they compromise with the world) and will also be annihilated. The Pope is satanic, and so are nuns, bishops and other Catholic positions.
9) People don’t have assholes in heaven, because people don’t eat or sleep or do anything in heaven other than play harps for Jesus.
10) Even babies will be condemned to annihilation, because of “original sin”
11) An advanced civilization who were homosexuals created Dinosaurs and were wiped out in the Great Flood.
12) Jesus actually descends from the Orion Nebula when he comes back.
13) Anyone who doesn’t love Jesus will be annihilated.
14) Wearing Jewelry, crosses, makeup, etc are prohibited.
15) You cannot have sex until you get married, and you cannot even think sexual thoughts until that time. (How you figure out how to have sex when the time comes is not explained)
16) Being gay is a choice, and you will be annihilated if you are gay.
17) Drinking, Smoking, Gambling, etc are all prohibited.
18) There’s a global conspiracy by the Roman Catholic church and United Nations (NWO) to force Sunday Law (praying on Sundays) on everyone.
19) It’s ok to kill, but not murder. (Killing is god approved, murder isn’t)
20) There is no evolution, God created the world 10,000 years ago, and Modern Science and Technology is because of Satan.
21) All animals were created vegan, until Adam sinned and they all became carnivorous.
22) All US presidents except JFK were 33rd degree freemasons and Freemasons will take over the world.

I’m not making any of this up. This is actually what the church teaches. It’s insanity.

Additional things
In American society, if you are a good sociable person, then you are more highly valued in society than being a smart engineer or scientist. Think about this. The athletes, actors, musicians in America are all rich and famous, while nerds, scientists, inventors, etc are all virtually ignored by the masses. Everyone knows who Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson are, but does the average person know who Dennis Ritchie was? In this society, the jocks are the ones treated with respect, rather than the nerds. And why is being nerdy or geeky considered a bad trait anyways? Being nerdy just means you are passionate about something, that you’re really into a subject. Its not a bad thing, but carries a social stigma with it. And if anything, who contributes more to society? the entertainers and athletes? or the scientists and engineers and inventors? Who causes our society to progress more, though under appreciated as they are? That’s one of the sad truths of reality, unfortunately.

Another update on my Korean studies:
Verb becoming a noun has several different ways. 보다 = To see, to watch. Seeing/Watching = 보는것 = the thing which sees. It can also be 보기. Making “seeing” the topic = 보는것은 (보는건 for short) = 보기는 (보긴 for short). Making “seeing” the subject = 보는것이 (보는게 for short). Making “seeing” the object = 보는걸 / 보길. So:
verb + 는것 / 는거 / 보기 = making verb a noun
verb + 는것은 / 는건 / 기는 / 긴 = making verb a noun and turning it into the topic
verb + 는것이 / 는게 = making verb a noun and turning it into the subject
verb + 는걸 / 보길 = making verb a noun and turning it into the object.

Also, I’ve been watching Vineyard Man recently, a great Korean romantic comedy. I recommend watching it.