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  • What can we learn from the news of Sulli (f(x) member)’s death?

    This was indeed a tragedy, and many kpop stars have expressed their feelings about her suicide; and the relation to both mental illness and the effect of cyber-bullying on people’s health. Sulli was only 25 when she died, which makes it even more tragic as she’s the youngest kpop star to die pre-maturely since the […]

  • Does Western media fairly report the news in China?

    No, but Chinese media doesn’t fairly report the news in Western countries either, so it goes both ways. There’s a series of finger pointing by Chinese people and American people each accusing the other of being brainwashed. Truth is there is no neutral media out there, a media, whether owned by the government like in […]

  • Comments on recent news and trends

    I haven’t done a commentary on current or slightly old events for a while now… about time I did this! Maybe I will v-log it as well (also something I haven’t done in a while). Edit: v-logs are here! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtfPZdRCx8s httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo6IVaXZ3rM Tech trends… Hmm. Let me give me opinion on some tech trends. regarding VR, […]