What would be the greatest starting 5 in NBA history?

I’m going for the most unselfish team here Magic Johnson. Highest average assists in NBA history. Most decorated PG ever. Team leader. Jerry West. The reason why I don’t put MJ or Kobe here is because I want the most unselfish team. I don’t want any ball hogs or egos on this team. West is perfect. He […]

Why does LeBron have a bad NBA Finals record despite the fact that he seems to get there every year easily enough?

Kind of the reverse of Michael Jordan and Kobe/Shaq, I think. Lebron breezes to the Finals every year because the teams in the East aren’t that tough – but his Finals opponents have been formidable. The 2014 Spurs and 2017 Warriors are two of the best teams in NBA history. Jordan/Kobe had a much tougher […]

Would Wilt Chamberlain dominate the NBA today?

Absolutely. 43 year old Wilt blocked every shot against Magic, Bernard King, James Worthy, Byron Scott and AC Green. I would share this video to every one of those stupid millenial kids these days that think Wilt was a scrub who couldn’t play against todays players and who think Shaq or Kobe are the greatest […]