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What NBA team has inducted the most players into the Hall of Fame?

Boston Celtics have the most HOFers with (23)

Ed Macauley

Bob Cousy

Tom Heinsohn

Frank Ramsey

Satch Sanders

Sam Jones

KC Jones

Bill Sharman

Bill Russell

John Havlicek

Bailey Howell

Dave Cowens

Jo Jo White

Tiny Archibald

Larry Bird

Kevin McHale

Robert Parish

Dennis Johnson

Paul Pierce (future HOFer)

Kevin Garnett (future HOFer)

Ray Allen

Rajon Rondo (future HOFer)

Kyrie Irving (future HOFer)

Also other HOFers who played briefly with the Celtics:

Bill Walton

Pete Maravich

Dominique Wilkins


Minneapolis /LA Lakers is second place with (17)

George Mikan

Jim Pollard

Slater Martin

Clyde Lovelette

Vern Mikkelsen

Elgin Baylor

Jerry West

Wilt Chamberlain

Gail Goodrich

Jamaal Wilkes

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Bob McAdoo

Magic Johnson

James Worthy

Kobe Bryant (future HOFer)


Pau Gasol (future HOFer)

Also other HOFers who played briefly with the Lakers:

Spencer Haywood

Gary Payton

Karl Malone

Dwight Howard

Steve Nash

Lebron James

Who is statistically/overall the better basketball player, Kobe or LeBron?

Lebron James.

PPG: Lebron (27.2) > Kobe (25.0)

RPG: Lebron (7.4) > Kobe (5.2)

APG: Lebron (7.2) > Kobe (4.7)

SPG: Lebron (1.6) > Kobe (1.4)

BPG: Lebron (0.8) > Kobe (0.5)

FG%: Lebron (50%) > Kobe (44%)

3PT%: Lebron (34%) > Kobe (33%)

FT%: Kobe (83%) > Lebron (73%)

Playoffs PPG: Lebron (28.9) > Kobe (25.6)

Playoffs RPG: Lebron (8.9) > Kobe (5.1)

Playoffs APG: Lebron (7.1) > Kobe (4.7)

Playoffs SPG: Lebron (1.8) > Kobe (1.4)

Playoffs BPG: Lebron (1.0) > Kobe (0.7)

True shooting %: Lebron (58%) > Kobe (55%)

Win Shares: Lebron (226) > Kobe (172)

PER: Lebron (27.6) > Kobe (22.9)

VORP: Lebron (130) > Kobe (72)

Win Shares per 48: Lebron (0.23) > Kobe (0.17)

Kobe cannot win any statistical comparison with Lebron.. Kobe fans have to resort to either the ring argument or ‘mamba mentality/killer instinct’ argument to place him over Lebron.

and we can also take a look at the awards

MVPs: Lebron (4) > Kobe (1)

Finals MVPs: Lebron (3) > Kobe (2)

Rings: Kobe (5) > Lebron (3)

All-Star: Kobe (18) > Lebron (15)

All-NBA: Lebron (14) > Kobe (13)

All-Defensive: Kobe (12 ) > Lebron (6)

Rookie of the Year: Lebron (1) > Kobe (0)

Scoring Titles: Kobe (2) > Lebron (1)

Which professional sports team had the greatest era of unchallenged dominance?

New York Yankees (1921–1964)

20 World Series titles and 29 AL pennants in 44 years. Never has another professional sports team been so dominant. The Yankees won almost half of all the World Series titles during this 4 decade dominance. Legendary players such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle etc played for the team during this dominant time.

Boston Celtics (1957–1969)

13 seasons. 11 Championships (8 won in a row). 12 Finals. This coincides also with Bill Russell’s career, which started and ended at the exact same times. No other NBA team has been so dominant. Only lost one Finals during this remarkable span. No other player in professional sports history has as many rings as Bill Russell. In addition to Russell, this legendary dynasty contained such HOFers as Bob Cousy, Tom Heinsohn, Bill Sharman, Sam Jones, and John Havlicek.

Montreal Canadiens (1953–1979)

During this 27 year period, the Canadiens won a remarkable 16 Stanley Cups, almost 60% of the time! Such legendary NHL players as Maurice “Rocket” Richard, Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, Ken Dryden, Guy Lafleur played for the Canadiens during this time.

Green Bay Packers (1961–1967)

5 Super Bowl wins in 7 years. Not quite as long a period of dominance as the other teams I mentioned but as dominant an NFL team as you can get. They had such notable HOFers as Bart Starr, Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung.