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  • What exactly did Jimi Hendrix do, technically, that separated him from his rivals?

    Well let me know which one of his rivals was doing these things: Opening up the Monterey Pop Festival with a rendition of Killing Floor that was twice as fast as the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ARliZIZDhg ^ this is the not the actual performance but it can be seen in the Live at Monterey DVD Setting his […]

  • What is the most overrated thing?

    Oh boy here goes… I’ll list stuff I find overrated and stuff I find underrated. As most people who know me I am very opinionated: Overrated Films: -Citizen Kane (doesn’t stand up as well as other films of its era like Mr Smith or Casablanca) -Terminator 2 (the characters and storyline is just ok, and […]

  • What is wrong with our society today?

    A considerable amount of people suffer from hive mentality, have narrow minded beliefs and lack critical thinking skills I do a lot of social media, I’m on Youtube, Twitter, Quora, Instagram and Facebook a lot, and I’ve noticed about the majority of people is that they are very prone to believing falsehoods, or they are […]