Minor update on life, decklist for Hearthstone/Magic, DOS game reviews

Wow, I can’t believe its June already. I feel like I havent done that much this year, compared to previous years. I think thats because I traveled alot and hung out alot with my friends in 2012 (lots of trips and events) and 2013 (lots of house parties and clubbing) and to a lesser degree 2014 as well, but this year I’m more or less alone in Korea. Even though I have friends here, they are usually too busy to hang out, and I haven’t traveled outside of Seoul yet. Some tourist I am, and I’ve been here 6 months already. I should definitely travel soon, else I feel like I’m not doing much with my time constantly staying at home and working.

I went back to San Francisco and Toronto in April and last month, so I got to see all my good friends again. One of my good friends has a baby already and it made me feel so old when I visited him. Am I that much closer to getting married and being a father? Well first I have to find a girlfriend, which is a neverending source of grief for me, so maybe I don’t have to worry about it, but then again maybe I should since I just turned 27 years old a few days ago. Dang. I miss my 24 and 25 year old life, traveling and house parties and clubbing and stuff (see previous post about regrets on not preserving that time better). Oh well, life has to move on I guess.

So yeah these days I’ve been staying at home and playing games. I modded Fallout New Vegas (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/) and I definitely recommend the Weapon mods, High res texture mods, Nevada skies weather mod, EVE lighting mod, Project Nevada, more Perks and Mission Mojave rebalance mod. It brings FNV to 2015 standards.

On another note I’ve been uploading ALOT of youtube videos for dos games and playing Hearthstone a lot more, and conversely Magic the Gathering a lot less. I’ve made a page for it because the Magic list is more or less set, since I don’t play it as much anymore. And I plan to move some of my korean teaching articles over to this site to unify it, since I don’t write any more articles for that site. Sounds good? I want this blog to be the hub for all my projects.

Hearthstone decklist: http://www.blueisme.com/media/hearthstone-decklist/

Magic decklist: http://www.blueisme.com/media/magic-the-gathering-decklist/

And here are some of the old game playthroughs I’ve uploaded, some of them I haven’t played in as much as 12 years. I also hope to do a video on Diablo 3 Reaper of souls, Starcraft 2 Legacy of void, and Dungeon defenders 2 soon as I played alot of those with my friends.















Hearthstone decklist

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I am a big fan of Magic the Gathering. But these days it seems Wizards of the Coast just keeps releasing more and more sets that kind of dilute the power of Magic cards. More and more cards seem overpowered or strictly superior to the older cards, that annoy me.

Recently, I found an online-only card game, called Hearthstone, which is very similar to Magic, except that its free to play, every card can be gotten for free (with enough grinding), and its very simple to play. Basically, they took Magic’s principles, kept the fun strategy and interaction and mana restraints, but eliminated the complicated stuff like tapping to attack, blocking, mana pools, turn phases, etc.

In Hearthstone, every player starts out with 3/4 cards and 30 life, has a maximum of 30 cards in a deck and 2 copies of any card, draws a card every turn, gains mana every turn, has a maximum of 10 mana, and only one turn phase in which they can do everything. All creatures (minions they are called) must wait a turn before attacking, and can either attack the player directly or another minion, just like Magic. Every player has a special hero ability that can be used once per turn for 2 mana. And the goal is to reduce the opponent’s life to 0. That’s it. They basically distilled Magic’s rules down while still keeping it fun, which is great.

That said, I’ve been playing Hearthstone a lot these days, and these are the decks I currently use online. As with Magic having 5 colors, Hearthstone has 9 classes you can play as with special cards available with each class.

Mech Mage
This is a Mage deck that uses Mechs and an aggro playstyle to win the game.

//22 common/basic
2x Frostbolt
2x Snowchugger
2x Fireball
2x Clockwork Gnome
2x Cogmaster
2x Annoy-o-Tron
2x Mechwarper
2x Harvest Golem
2x Spider Tank
2x Tinkertown Technician
2x Piloted Shredder
2x Polymorph
//2 rare
2x Goblin Blastmage
//5 legendary
1x Loatheb
1x Dr. Boom
1x Archmage Antonidas
1x The Black Knight
Midrange Paladin
This Paladin deck uses a ramp strategy which balances the cost of the cards in a normal distribution across the deck, going from small threats early game to big threats late game.

//1-2 cost
1x Equality
1x Ironbeak Owl
2x Knife Juggler
2x Shielded Minibot
//3 cost
1x Big Game Hunter
2x Muster for Battle
2x Aldor Peacekeeper
1x Mind Control Tech
//4-5 cost
2x Piloted Shredder
2x Sludge Belcher
2x Truesilver Champion
2x Consecration
1x Loatheb
1x Harrison Jones
1x Antique Healbot
2x Quartermaster
//6+ cost
1x Tirion Fordring
1x Sylvanas Windrunner
1x Emperor Thaurissan
1x Dr. Boom
1x Lay on Hands
Fatigue Rogue
The goal of this Rogue deck is to run the opponent out of cards so that they have no options, and therefore lose the game eventually due to fatigue.

//18 common/basic
2x Backstab
2x Deadly Poison
2x Eviscerate
2x Sap
2x Gang Up
2x Shadowstep
2x Antique Healbot
2x Vanish
1x Fan of Knives
1x Youthful Brewmaster
//8 rare
1x Blade Flurry
2x Coldlight Oracle
2x Deathlord
2x Azure Drake
1x Sludge Belcher
//2 epic
2x Preparation
//2 legendary
1x Bloodmage Thalnos
1x King Mukla
Warlock Zoo
2x Power Overwhelming
2x Abusive Sergeant
2x Flame Imp
2x Leper Gnome
2x Voidwalker
2x Young Dragonhawk
2x Annoy-o-Tron
2x Dire Wolf Alpha
2x Haunted Creeper
2x Knife Juggler
2x Nerubian Egg
2x Arcane Golem
2x Imp-losion
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
2x Piloted Shredder

Here are some of my decks in action…





Magic the gathering: Top 15 most efficient 3 mana creatures ever

I love 3 drops – because the 3 mana spot is the most coveted and competitive in a deck – and the games most efficient creatures come at the 2 and 3 mana spot. Many times I had to exclude a good creature because there was simply a better one in its place. These are creatures you can put into pretty much any deck, and they will work for you. Most of these creatures are white, or green, or both, consistent with that color being well known for efficient creatures. So without further ado, here’s the 15 best 3 mana creatures in my opinion (I’m going to exclude legendary creatures since these are creatures you want to include more than 1 of in your deck, sorry Vendilion Clique and Geist of Saint Traft):

1. Eternal Witness
I would put this chick in every green deck I have. She’s that good. Whenever she comes out, I get a card back, ANY card. So amazing, and hard to pick anyone over her. The only problem is the double green in her cost.

2. Kitchen Finks
This is another card I would just put in every deck I have. It is all around goodness. A 3/2 creature for 3 mana, that gains a total of 4 life and its easy to cast, and comes back to live again after it dies once. So efficient and so good.

3. Vampire Nighthawk
Here’s a good definition of efficient. A 2/3 for three mana, decent. Then add on three abilities: flying, lifelink and deathtouch, and you have a winner.

4. Phyrexian Crusader
A 2/2 for 3 mana, is boring, but this guy has four abilities on top of that. First strike, Infect, and protection from red and white. Now that’s good stuff.

5. Mirran Crusader
Like Phyrexian Crusader, its a 2/2 for 3 mana, but it only has 3 abilities. However, those three being double strike, protection from green and black, are quite good abilities, and enough for me to put it in the top 5.

6. Knight of the Reliquary
It’s also a 2/2 for 3 mana, but has the unique ability of growing whenever you have a land in your graveyard. With all those fetch lands out there, and mill decks, as well as this knights ability to fix mana at will, it becomes one of the best creatures in green/white. It has the rare ability to match Tarmogoyf and Scavenging Ooze in growth at a similar low mana investment, which is amazing.

7. Ohran Viper
This is one of the most elegant creatures ever designed. You attack with it – if they don’t block it, you draw a card. Else, if they do block it – their creature dies. It’s a win win situation for you. And it’s a 1/3, so it has reasonable toughness.

8. Troll Ascetic
Troll Ascetic can single handedly win games if your opponent has nothing to deal with it. It’s an untargetable regenerating beast, that will stay on the field until your opponent finds some way of dealing with it. But it is one of the hardest creatures to deal with in the game.

9. Fiendslayer Paladin
First Strike, Lifelink, can’t be targeted by red or black spells. That’s essentially 4 abilities on one creature, the definition of efficient.

10. Shadowmage Infiltrator
The card designed by Jon Finkel, one of the greatest MTG players of all time. It’s simple and elegant. 3 toughness is decent, he draws a card whenever he deals damage, and he has fear to help facilitate drawing a card. Like Ohran viper, simple and elegant.

11. Boros Reckoner
The strength of this card is that its so versatile. Its a 3/3 that can shoot back for however much damage it is dealt, often giving substantial card advantage when it dies. In addition, it can get first strike if you don’t want it to die.

12. Hypnotic Specter
This is the original and still the best specter. 3 mana, has flying, and makes the opponent discard a card randomly when it deals damage. This makes it one of the best black three drops ever.

13. Silverblade Paladin
This creature gives two creatures double strike when it hits play. That essentially ups your firepower by double by being in play. Thus, paired with the aforementioned Shadowmage or Ohran Viper, or Nighthawk, makes you gain double the benefit.

14. Loxodon Smiter
First of all, this is three mana for a 4/4. That’s right, a freaking 4/4. Not long ago, we were talking about how Blastoderms and Loxodon Hierarchs were efficient for their cost. Well this is one better. On top of that, it’s uncounterable and undiscardable, great against blue and black mages.

15. Woolly Thoctar
It’s a 5/4 for 3 mana. nuff said.

Honorable mentions:

Mystic Crusader (if you have threshold)
Boggart Ram-gang
Stillmoon Cavalier
Rhox War Monk
Paladin en-vec
Sprouting Thrinax
Cold-Eyed Selkie
Augury Adept
Doomed Necromancer
Royal Assassin
Blade Splicer
Boon Satyr
Trygon Predator (sideboard)
Witchstalker (sideboard)
Great Sable Stag (sideboard)
Fulminator Mage (sideboard)

Mirri, Cat Warrior
Brimaz, King of Oreskos
Geist of Saint Traft
Vendilion Clique
Doran, the Siege Tower
Jenara, Asura of War
Edric, Spymaster of Trest
Kira, Great Glass-Spinner
Varolz, the Scar-Striped