Why does China blanket ban all sex and violence from entertainment instead of creating a rating system like in other countries (Japan, Korea, America, Europe etc)?

I really don’t know.

The most common explanation given is that by banning all sex and violence from entertainment, that keeps Chinese society stable and safe and lowers the crime rate and thats why China is so safe.

But is that really the reason? Or is it more culture-related? Let’s look at the world map here

We can see from the statistics here that the violent crime rate does not seem to be related to whether a country has sex/violence banned in entertainment or not – Japan in fact has the world’s lowest violent crime rate and it even has legal pornography!

You can see that violent crime is first and foremost related to the economy – poor economic countries tend to have higher crime rates.

A lot of the safer countries – Canada, most of Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan – have rating systems for their entertainment and sex/violence in entertainment is not banned merely restricted.

So I am not totally sure why the CCP thinks censoring ALL sex/violence in entertainment is a good idea because like the link says – it hurts their entertainment industry and their ability to export their movies or games. Japan meanwhile – the largest video game exporting country in the world. Wonder why that is. Could it be because of all the sexy characters?


What are some of the most underrated movies?

Here are some of my favorite movies that I feel like flew under the radar

What’s up Tiger Lily (1966)

One of the most unique movies I think, and Woody Allen’s directorial debut, this movie took a Japanese spy thriller and dubbed it entirely in English except with different words and sentences to make it into a comedy. and its really funny!

More American Graffiti (1979)

Not as well known as the first one, and definitely not *as* good, but it’s not a bad film either, it explores the lives of the main characters from the first movie (except for Richard Dreyfuss’ character since he wasn’t in this one) and I definitely recommend it for fans of the first film.

Airplane II (1982)

Another movie that isn’t quite as popular as the first one, but trust me it’s 90% as funny as the first one. If you loved Airplane! you will love Airplane II.

Grandma’s Boy (2005)

Gosh I love this movie. Yes it has alot of toilet humor, but I found it hilarious. It’s one of those good stoner movies. If you liked Harold and Kumar and those kinds of films, this one is a good pick up!

Shanghai Kiss (2007)

Ok I’m biased here too. This is one of the very few movies that shows a relationship between an Asian dude and a white girl – but other than that, it’s also a pre-Crazy Rich Asians film about seeking out Chinese identity for an Chinese American. Really relatable for me.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010)

One of my favorite movies of all time. The humor, the action, the comic book like sequences and editing… this movie is perfection. Chris Evans and Brie Larson are in this film (before they became bigger stars). I also might be biased because I’m Canadian.


Which are good sex movies to watch?

f you do a quick youtube search for Korean movies 18+ you will get a surprising number of results. For such a “conservative” society, they sure have a lot of sexy movies. I think they might even outnumber Japanese. (Of course China bans anything remotely sexual so you wont find any there). Japan is renowned for its large porn industry, but since porn is banned in Korea I am guessing they make it up with these movies instead.

They have ones involving lesbians (아까씨), high school / middle aged man fantasies (은교), teacher-student romances (Love Lesson), ones with manipulative women (Temptation of Eve), Mystery / Romance ones ( 욕망의 독: 중독), Joseon dynasty set pieces (The Concubine), more young girl-old man love pieces (욕망의 꽃), and truly Japanese-esque fetish movies; Boy falling in love with his mother? check. Banging flight attendants (complete with Asiana style uniforms)? check. Jealous ex’s raping the main characters? check. young women forced to do sexual favors for old men? check. Main character getting drunk and taken to love motels by random guys? check

Truly, it is quite surprising just how many there are and I think its partly a result of a repressed society (same reason why Japanese porn is so weird I guess?) One FYI I want to mention is that while cleavage is apparently perfectly fine to show in Korea, the parts “down under” are definitely not and you won’t see those explicitly.