Is all the hate towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi warranted or is it just people who don’t like that their theories about the movie didn’t come true?

It’s warranted, it’s not just because their theories didn’t come true. Let’s set aside Snoke for a moment, because all the hate to that character was mainly because of people’s theories not being true. Let’s also throw away the whole ‘Luke turned into an old grump’ thing as well since although disappointing for fans, is […]

What are your thoughts on the movie Crazy Rich Asians?

I liked it, I guess as a Chinese-Canadian I’m glad to see a Hollywood movie come out that finally portrays Asian men in a positive light. In too many Hollywood movies, Asian girls and Asian men have been portrayed in a dichotomous way with double standards: Asian girls always the hot young beautiful sex fantasy […]

What is the worst defense you’ve seen for ‘The Last Jedi’ being not as bad as people say?

“Leia was shown to be force sensitive in the original trilogy.” My response: Yes, sure but that doesn’t mean she gets powers that even Palpatine and Jedi Knights couldn’t get. Surviving in space is a Thanos-level ability. “Luke changed. People change. He decided to be a hermit because that’s what Yoda and Obi-wan did” My […]