What makes Michael Jordan the best in the history of basketball?

I would revise it to mean history of NBA, not basketball. And even then I don’t think its that clear cut. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time (GOAT) to most people because he’s a winner (6 championships, no losses in the finals), he’s super competitive, he has 5 MVPs (most out of any […]

Top 100 NBA players of all time

I love playing NBA 2K12, mostly because it contains a game mode that lets you play the top 15 greatest NBA players of all time (though I question why they put Patrick Ewing as one of the top 15). And you know how much I love ranking things. I rank NBA players, I rank Magic […]

Top 15 Greatest NBA Teams of all time

Continuing on from where I left off, even more important than individual players, is the team as a whole. After all, a team with no superstars but plays cohesively (2013 Nuggets) will beat a team with superstars that don’t play cohesively (see 2013 Lakers as an example). But ideally, a dominant team is one that […]