Which country is better for men, China or Korea?

South Korea is for a number of reasons. Yes the men have to do mandatory military service there for 2 years but its a small price to pay for a number of advantages:

  1. Korea’s a more ‘traditional’ country where women especially in the southern parts like Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do and Jeju-do, do most or all of the housework, cooking and child-bearing. Many mothers in these parts specifically raise their daughters to expect to take on these burdens after marriage. In China, the husband and wife usually share household duties. Housewives are common in Korea, but almost unheard of in China.
  2. China has a gender imbalance. 20–30 million more men than women which has caused the side effect of having somewhat spoiled women. Korean men still outnumber women but the ratio is not as bad and in cities like Seoul there is actually more women than men (partly due to a portion of men being stationed for the military), this means men don’t have to compete as much for the women.
  3. Going with the ‘less independent’ theme, Korea is home to the OECD’s highest gender pay gap, the women make on average 30% less than the men do! China on the other hand (they are not part of the OECD) has one of the smallest gender pay gaps, even better than the USA! Percentage wise, there are way more Chinese female CEOs than Korean female CEOs. In Korea, the job most women aspire to is to be a flight attendant – think about that. A job that requires you to be pretty and subservient. Hardly a Chinese girl’s dream job – they want to start their own businesses. See the difference? So Korea is better for men, because less independent/less money = harder to divorce = men have more advantage.
  4. More eye candy for men. For better or worse, Chinese women seem to dress like American women, more casually, whereas Korean women wear more feminine outfits. Yes, I know most Korean women probably dress for themselves not for men, but still you can’t ignore that it is better eye candy for the men. The Korean school uniforms are way better looking than Chinese school uniforms and a lot of women wear short skirts and dresses even in the winter. And you can’t forget about the pool parties and outdoor festivals in the summer. Bikinis everywhere lol.

  1. The justice system is more favorable to men than women. Police don’t care about domestic disputes at all, so men can often get away with doing anything to his wife. As another example, there was a case of a woman taking nude pics of a male art model and spreading it around – she was sentenced to 2 years in jail. Meanwhile, in another case a guy was spreading nude pics of his ex-gf / revenge porn and guess what, he gets a $2000 fine. No jailtime.
  2. Korea is also more open about sex, and while prostitution exists in a legal grey area in both countries, Korea is more tolerant about it than China is. Adult sex shops are everywhere. Motels are everywhere. Korea has the second most prostitutes per capita in the world right next to Philippines. I don’t have the specific statistics, but it wouldn’t surprise me to know that Korean men cheat more on average than Chinese men do. The society just makes it so much easier to. And while porn is banned in both countries, Korea at least has sexy movies. Remember when Tang Wei was blacklisted from China for those sex scenes in Lust, Caution? Kim Tae-ri started her career doing lesbian sex scenes in The Handmaiden.

Or how about The Concubine so many of these steamy Joseon-era movies that China wouldn’t dare make.

This is a plus for men, because obviously men need to relieve themselves more than women do, and the more open a country is about it, the better for them.


Do Chinese men, in general, prefer typical Chinese girls or do they like women with different assets and features?

Chinese women are pretty varied in terms of features and ‘assets’. Xinjiang girls, Manchurian girls, Guangdong girls, Hong Kong girls, Sichuan girls, Beijing/Tianjin girls, Jiangnan girls, etc can all be very different. If you are talking about nationality, most of my Chinese friends would be open to Korean, Taiwanese, and maybe Vietnamese girls as well. But probably not Japanese as a matter of principle.

Taiwanese girl:

Korean girl:

Vietnamese girl:

These other nationalities (yes I know Taiwan is not technically a “country” but they are ROC nationality) are close enough to Chinese beauty standards and have similar cultural values (they are all Confucian based) that I think most Chinese guys would be open to dating them as well 🙂


Why can’t men accept that they do not face sexism?

I think I’ll give a simple example of sexism that we see everyday that people might not be aware of.

These are female jeans. Nothing special right? Did you know that jeans were originally invented for cowboys and miners? i.e for men? They weren’t widely worn by women until relatively recently. Now they are commonplace. In fact, women weren’t wearing trousers/pants very often until fairly recently. We are more used to seeing this:

(it was more conservative back then) but my point is dresses and skirts are exclusively for women. They were designed for women and they are exclusively worn by women (drag queens and trans not excepting).

The thing is, if a guy tried to wear women’s clothing i.e a dress or skirt, he would be ridiculed. but girls wear men’s clothing all the time i.e blazers, jeans, pants etc.

If you go to any department store or any clothing store, you will realize almost 80% of the store is dedicated to women, and 20% is for men and/or kids. I’ve always found this to be quite sexist. (not saying that I want to wear a dress, I’m just pointing out)

Why do women have such a wide variety of clothes to wear? Why can’t men have the same? Women have almost so much more choices than guys its crazy. For me, when I go outside I am limited in choosing what to wear. For girls they could wear a dress, or they could wear pants. They could wear flats or they could wear heels.

It frustrates me that men have so little choice in what to wear. And society frowns upon men who wear more crazy outfits, but for women its “chic” and “stylish”. You see this sexism everyday in most cultures in the world actually, and no one complains about it.

Society does not look down on femininity as a weakness for women. It’s only a weakness if a guy is found to be feminine. Because society expects guys to be “masculine” whatever connotations that implies. Femininity is actually a positive trait for women and men often prefer feminine women to masculine women. How many guys prefer girls wear dresses/skirts compared to guys who wear pants/jeans? How many guys prefer slim women to muscular women? Women are only able to dress masculine and remain attractive so long so as they still have some feminine traits i.e long hair. If a woman tries to become masculine i.e cut their hair really short then its seen as a negative and she would be assumed to be a lesbian by some men. Feminine is a positive trait for women and a negative trait for men. Conversely, Masculine is a positive trait for men and a negative trait for women.