If you won 1 billion in the lottery, what would you do?

Interesting question, I heard that there was a single winner of the $1.6 billion Mega Million lottery today. After taxes and taking the lump sum that’s roughly $600 million dollars. That won’t get you into the $1 billion club but that’s a lot of money. Now what I would do is actually very similar to […]

Is the USA truly the best country to live in? If not what country is? (In terms of most advanced)

This answer might be a bit biased but in my opinion, CANADA is. -Canada is one of the safest countries in the world -Canada has universal healthcare and relatively affordable education -As long as you avoid Vancouver and Toronto, the housing is relatively affordable as well -Canadians are very polite and friendly people -Canada is […]

Which place is better to live in, China or Taiwan?

The answer Annie gave is very biased I think, so let me give a more unbiased answer: it depends what you are looking for. Taiwan has more GDP per capit than China. People on average earn more money, its a more “free” country, very developed infrastructure, you are allowed to visit any website, you are allowed […]