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  • Who are the greatest basketball players by position?

    I actually made a ranking of the greatest players by position calculated by the combination of average stats + career totals + advanced analytics + accolades and awards and here’s the results of that for position. Keep in mind these are not in order, just by tier. Top 20 in your position all time generally […]

  • Who do you think is the best WWE wrestler ever?

    I’m also going to include WCW in my answer since they were absorbed by WWE and I think it’s only fair to add wrestlers from that promotion too (I do the same for ABA players in my NBA players ranking to be fair). This is my personal list HM: Chris Jericho – 6x World Champ […]

  • Where would ABA players rank if we counted their achievements as part of NBA?

    As a fan of basketball history, one of the things I’ve always been a bit annoyed about is how the NBA excludes ABA awards and records. After all, the NBA has incorporated the BAA (the predecessor of the NBA) and their records into the NBA, but then when the ABA merged with the NBA, the […]

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