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What should be the top 3-5 criteria that an NBA player should meet to be considered as a plausible candidate for GOAT (greatest Of All Time) by you?

  1. Championships. This is the main reason why Bill Russell is in the GOAT convo and a big reason why Jordan and Kareem is in it as well.
  2. Stats This is the main reason why Wilt Chamberlain is in the GOAT convo, and a big reason why Jordan (#1 in PPG), Kareem (#1 in total points) and Lebron (top 10 in points and assists) is in it as well.
  3. Awards MVPs, scoring titles, rebounding titles, assist titles, Finals MVPs, All-NBA, All-Defensive, unlike championships are individual awards and all count when talking about the GOAT convo. Russell/Wilt/Jordan/Lebron/Kareem all have plenty in this category.

The top 5 GOAT candidates for me are: Jordan (obviously), Wilt, Kareem, Lebron, Russell

here are why some other great players are usually not in the GOAT convo:

Larry Bird – has the championships and awards but stats are below the top 5 (doesnt lead in any category)

Magic Johnson – has the championships and awards, and has the stats (top 5 in assists, highest APG). Magic is in the GOAT convo by alot of people and was in my top 5 before Lebron won his 3rd championship in 2016.

Kobe Bryant – has the championships, but does not do better than Jordan in anything (except total points where he is ahead by only one spot), and also lacks the awards compared to top 5.

Tim Duncan – has the championships and awards and top 10 in rebounds but stats are lacking compared to top 5.

Hakeem Olajuwon – has the stats, top 10 in blocks and steals, but lacks in championships and awards compared to top 5.

Bob Cousy – has the championships, but lacks in awards and stats compared to top 5.

Shaq – has the championships, top 10 in points but awards/stats are below the top 5

Dr J – has the championships and awards but stats are below the top 5 (doesnt lead any category)

Jerry West – has the stats but lacks the awards and championships (no MVP, only 1 ring)

Oscar Robertson – has the stats but lacks the awards and championships (1 mvp, 1 ring)

Would Wilt Chamberlain dominate the NBA today?


43 year old Wilt blocked every shot against Magic, Bernard King, James Worthy, Byron Scott and AC Green. I would share this video to every one of those stupid millenial kids these days that think Wilt was a scrub who couldn’t play against todays players and who think Shaq or Kobe are the greatest ever.

He was a physical freak of nature that could play in any era.

However, I don’t think he’ll be averaging 50 points and 23 rebounds a game mainly because the pace of the game has slowed down, and he wouldn’t be playing 45 minutes a game like he was before. I think he could probably average something like 30/15 a game though, Shaq has done that before and Wilt is not so different than a Shaq who cares a little more about defense and conditioning.

So yeah – he would be Shaq who is better at defense and cares more about his conditioning and that means he could most definitely dominate today.

Magic is the best Laker of all time, period

Yeah so now that Kobe’s retiring people are actually debating about whether Kobe, who led the Lakers only 11 out of his 18 years (the rest as a sidekick), and who wanted to be traded from the Lakers at one point, and who captained 4 out of the 6 worst Laker teams of all time, actually is the greatest Laker over Magic! unbelievable. Let me refute this one.

Magic is the greatest Laker of all time, period.
-People on the internet seem to argue that Kobe is the greatest Laker, even tho Magic is clearly the greatest Laker ever.
-Magic had 2 more MVPs, 1 more FMVP, shot 52%, while averaging 20/7/11. Kobe has only 1 MVP, 2 FMVP, shot 45% while averaging 25/5/5. The only thing Kobe is better at is volume shooting. Magic even has a higher FT % than Kobe, with 85%, and Kobe has 83%. This despite Magic being 6’9 and taller people having a harder time shooting FTs.
-Magic/Kareem brought the Lakers to 9 Finals while Kobe only brought the Lakers to 7 Finals. They both brought 5 rings to the Lakers, but Magic did them all while being the leader of his team, while Kobe was a sidekick for his first 3 rings. You would never start a team with Kobe over Magic. If you do, you don’t deserve to talk about basketball anymore.
-here are more arguments people make on the internet for Kobe: Magic played with a better team. Kobe didn’t so he’s better. This argument doesn’t make any sense. How does playing with a better team make someone less great? Maybe Magic was the reason why his teammates were better. Kobe on the other hand played with Shaq in his prime (Magic never played with prime Kareem), and having Gasol, Bynum and Lamar and Fisher those weren’t bad teammates either. He also played with Karl Malone and Gary Payton one year as well, as well as Nash and Howard one year. Kobe was the reason why the Shaqkobe Lakers couldn’t stay together and thats they couldn’t win any more championships. PLUS Magic had those MVPs during the 80s which validate his individual greatness. So this argument that having a better team DOESNT make that person any less great. Period.
-Another argument that Kobe fans make: Magic said that Kobe was the greatest Laker so he must be the greatest Laker. Umm, since when did someone’s opinion make it fact? This plus the fact that Magic and Jerry West are known to be humble unselfish players, unlike Kobe, so would they ever say themselves as the greatest Laker? No of course not, they want to help Kobe out, so they said. It would be rude to say themselves as the greatest, when a current Hall of Famer is playing for the franchise and needs to make the Lakers more money. So that argument is stupid as well. The irony is that when I point out that when Jason Kidd said that Lebron was underrated and better than Kobe, Kobe fans said that just because he said it doesn’t make it true. Talk about a double standard!
-Finally, how can Magic not be the greatest Laker when he’s ranked in the top 5 of most people’s greatest players lists. I’m not talking about current generation Laker fans who would probably rank Kobe right below Jordan, I’m talking about basketball experts who usually put Magic in the top 5 of all players along with Kareem, Russell, Wilt, Bird and Jordan in some order. Magic is always ranked in the top 5. Kobe however is usually ranked in the lower 5 of the top 10, almost always beneath Magic, so how can Kobe be the greatest Laker when Magic is the greater player?