NBA’s most dominant players of all time – ranking

I love to crunch statistics and data – and here I’ve compiled the most dominant single seasons of most NBA superstars, calculated by taking the total of the average number of points per game, rebounds per game and assists per game, since 1977. The reason I chose 1977 is because it was the first year […]

Top 100 NBA players of all time

I love playing NBA 2K12, mostly because it contains a game mode that lets you play the top 15 greatest NBA players of all time (though I question why they put Patrick Ewing as one of the top 15). And you know how much I love ranking things. I rank NBA players, I rank Magic […]

Top 15 Greatest NBA Teams of all time

Continuing on from where I left off, even more important than individual players, is the team as a whole. After all, a team with no superstars but plays cohesively (2013 Nuggets) will beat a team with superstars that don’t play cohesively (see 2013 Lakers as an example). But ideally, a dominant team is one that […]